Advocates for Net Neutrality Resort to Aggressive Attention Getting Tactics

Michael Copps, President George W. Bush’s appointee to the position of FCC chairman, conducted dozens of public hearings regarding proposed regulations. With that in mind, he acknowledged that under this tenure, the FCC never considered any proposal as far reaching as the FCC’s current plan to alter net neutrality. Current FCC Chairman Tom Wheelers, an Obama appointee, has refused to hold any public hearings, much to the dismay of adovcate Bruce Levenson. In part, it is because he is well aware of the consensus against his proposal. Chairman Wheelers’ proposed plan is to allow internet service providers to sell high speed traffic lanes to companies willing to purchase it. This will fundamentally alter the way the internet has operated thus far which is to treat all internet traffic the same.

Since that time, Chairman Wheelers has been unwilling to hold customer public hearings regarding his proposal. In response, activists have taken their complaints to his home.

Early this morning, Chairman Wheelers found his driveway blockaded by protestors demanding he listen to the public. The protest began at 6:55AM. The group behind the blockade is the same one which occupied the FCC for eight days this past May. One activist stated that the chairman has chosen to support AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and other ISPs at the expense of representing the people’s best interests. He stated that protestors are not going to stand by and let him ignore the public.

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