Cosby in the Hot Seat

The famous comedian Bill Cosby has been in the news as of recent, under allegations of sexual abuse amongst a handful of women dating back decades. Claims have been made that Bill Cosby has used drugs to subdue women in order to sexual assault them. Over the last couple months, several women have come forward stating past encounters with the comedian, in what seems to be a predatory pattern of abuse. Now the Associated Press has released a video of Cosby’s reactions to a reporter asking him about the allegations.
Although a woman has come forward with substantial detail regarding her encounter with Bill Cosby, in which she states he tricked her into taking a sedative and touched her inappropriately, he has vehemently denied these accusations. He has recently agreed to go on interview to discuss the matter to back up his denial of these claims, and charges have not been filed as of yet.

However, there is a great deal of media surfacing that points the finger at Bill Cosby for covering up rape allegations and sexual assaults in the past.  Thanks to friend of the site Brad Reifler for sending in the link to the interview.
As with most of these cases, there will need to be a very detailed investigation into the matter, which is currently taking place. Although Mr. Cosby’s public image has been tattered, it’s important not to publicly convict a man until they’ve had their day in court.

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