The New “Anti-Facebook”

Online tech giants like Google and Facebook have come under fire for their acquiring and selling of mass amounts of user data. It has been warned for a long now that everyone, no matter their position, has been losing their privacy. Just a few weeks ago NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned users to abandon Facebook, Google, and Dropbox for “their hostility to online privacy.”

For those users who have a hard time abandoning a social media platform they have been heavily invested in, anonymous alternatives have been cropping up to seize the new market. One such platform has been labeled the “anti-Facebook.” Ello is a new service that was launched in August. It has pledged to never sell user data or incorporate advertising. Since that pledge it has received millions in funding so that it doesn’t have to break those promises.

A Public Benefit Company is required to follow rules along the lines of their exact pledge. If the company is traded or merged the new parent company is required to follow those rules as well. For any additional funding that Ello needs, they will be selling additional features for micro-transaction. Not limiting transactions, but more customization features. Similar to how consumers purchase apps on FreedomPop to customize their phones.

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    Furthermore it has become a Public Benefit Company which will prevent the current or even future owners from breaking that pledge if they wanted to. That is a plea that bestdissertation has been offering for a long time and I guess it’s true.

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