Clay Siegall: the Undisputed Genetics Legend, Shares Articles on His Official WordPress Page

Clay Siegall has been posting blogs on his official WordPress page. He posts extensively on different topics, findings, and occurrences that have been well sourced and supported by reputable researchers. Here is a summary of a couple of such blogs.

How to Be a Dog

On 8th June this year, Clay Siegall posted a blog that discussed how people could borrow a leaf from man’s best friend, dog, in order to have a better experience of life. This blog was supported by research by Alexandra Horowitz, a renowned psychologist. The research shows that the smelling sense is not as useless as some people tend to believe. Dogs, unlike humans, value their sense of smell. Dogs have more olfactory receptors than us and are thus enabling them to sniff better than we do. Their respiratory system is made in such a way that they can smell and retain the odor better than humans. That notwithstanding, professors have done research and established that humans, just like dogs, have a high sense of smell. By following what dogs do, therefore, and treating smell as a tool of communication, we can live a more gratifying life.

Environmental Conservation

Another blog was posted on 7th June. The blog was encouraging people to take environmental conservation seriously. Instead of tweeting about their environmental concerns, citizens now have a cloud channel through which they can call relevant authorities to action. Scientists have played a key role in developing this cloud so as to make drinking water clean and available for all. According to development officer at Water Integrity Network, Mr. Umrbek Allakulov, this new development is a huge stride in reaching UN’s 2030 environmental goals.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a researcher, entrepreneur, and scientist. In 1998, he started Seattle Genetics, and he has since been serving as its board chairman, CEO, and president. He focuses his research on finding solutions to cancer-related diseases by developing effective therapies.

With a Ph.D. in genetics, he is sufficiently equipped to take on sensitive research in the field. He provides his insightful guides on boards of several entities, such as Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. and Mirna Therapeutics, Inc.

An Introduction to Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette’s New York range was recently featured by the website, as they released a brand new photo-shoot featuring various models showcasing their lingerie. Various pictures as well as a video can be seen on the website. What is Honey Birdette you ask? Keep reading to find out.

Honey Birdette is an Australia based lingerie manufacturing company that was started in 2006. Honey Birdette’s mission is to “inject a sense of sensuality in the bedroom” and they accomplish this by specializing in various lingerie and clothing items such as bras, stockings, thongs, knickers, suspenders, teddies, bodysuits, robes, and chemises. It also sells non clothing items such as male masturbation toys, female masturbation toys, couples masturbation toys, lubricants, toy chargers, handcuffs and candles. These clothing items and toys help Honey Birdette accomplish their mission by appealing to the senses of sight and touch in a very sexual manner. The lingerie and clothing items are very revealing, which helps women’s partners get in the mood for sexual activity. The toys and various items also help accomplish this mission by making masturbation more pleasureable. Items such as the handcuffs are a staple for the bondage fetish, which involves restraining your partner or being restrained by your partner.

The Honey Birdette website features a black background filled with pictures and videos of their lingerie models. Upon visiting the website you will be prompted to choose your region to facilitate shopping. The site also features the option to use futurepay, a digital wallet app that allows shoppers to buy now and pay later. Honey Birdette also has a Facebook and pinterest page.

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Wine Is Important, But The Traveling Vineyard Explains California Offers So Much More

As one of the fastest growing wine sales companies in the U.S. The Traveling Vineyard sees its Wine Guides often seek out vacation spots where the wine industry can be explored in a way that is enjoyable and will often include a range of activities outside the wine industry to be enjoyed.

The Napa Valley wine producing region of California is one of the most popular portions of the U.S. that allows a visitor to enjoy many different activities, such as a trip to the Round Pond Estates where some of the world’s best olive oil is produced. Tasting olive oil is an activity that offers a different, but often similar experience to the wine tastings offered by The Traveling Vineyard.

There is much more that can be enjoyed in Napa than just the wine tasting opportunities on offer across this portion of California; one activity that can be enjoyed with ease is to take part in the options developed by the Napa Valley Historical Society, who provide tours and talks that give some background to the reasons for the rise of Napa Valley as one of the top wine producers in the world.

Taking a role as a Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard brings with it a career choice that can make a major difference to the quality of life of an individual and their family, which is made possible by the lack of monthly targets required to be met by Wine Guides working with The Traveling Vineyard. In fact, the only monthly fee payable is a small Website maintenance fee paid to keep the profile of each Wine Guide active and up to date on The Traveling Vineyard Website.

Understanding the work of The Traveling Vineyard is easy as the work of every individual is based around securing orders from those attending wine tastings hosted by their friends and guided by a Wine Guide from The Traveling Vineyard; Wine Guides are not even required to purchase stock and instead simply place the orders based on the small number of bottles taken to each tasting for customers to enjoy.

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Avaaz – U.S. based Civic Organization

Avaaz is an organization that was launched in January 2007, and focuses their efforts on global activism and issues involving climate changes. They also work with programs that involve human rights, animal rights, poverty, conflict and corruption. It is considered by many as the largest and most powerful online activist network in the nation. Avaaz was initially co-founded by Res Publica, which is a community of professionals that are dedicated to promoting good government and civil acts. is also an American non-profit group that has helped support Avaaz. They have been supported by Service Employees International Union, which is a founding partner as well. Ricken Patel currently serves as the president of the civic organization and Tom Pravda is the secretary. Tom and Ricken both co-founded the company and work around the clock to provide leadership and outlets supporting the organizational needs.

Avaaz is proud to be managed by a team of campaign workers from over 30 countries. The countries include the UK, India, Lebanon and Brazil. Their form of communication amongst members is via email and online petitions. There are certain cases in which Avaaz will use advertisements for their foundational needs. They also obtain legal advice when necessary or when needed for each campaign. Suggestions for campaigns generally come from the members of Avaaz, and are supplemented with guidance from teams of specialists. If a suggestion is made, an email is sent to Avaaz members so they can evaluate the needs and possibility of launching a successful campaign. Avaaz proudly advances through their campaigns without taking donations or payments of more than $5,000. They tend to rely on the generosity and caring attitude of individual members. Together, they have been able to raise over $20 million in funds and have funded almost all of the staff’s startup costs.

Omar Yunes business

Omar Yunes has created a good brand in the corporate world. He has done so by outshining a good number of entities in the franchise business. Unlike most people who are now participating in that market, he has a long experience. He ventured into the sector when he was 21 years. At first, he was employed by an international firm which was opening its office in Mexico. Since the business was still new in Mexico, he was one of the first Mexican to understand the segment.

Due to his notable performance, he has been able to win a wide range of awards which are globally recognized. Keeping in mind he has been competing with many people who fully understand the market in various regions of this globe, Omar has gained respect among his peer group. Last year he won an award in Italy. Best Franchisee of the World is an award which is globally recognized. The award being offered by the entity is a way of appreciating persons who have facilitate major improvements in the market. This is one of the ways in which the institution is trying to encourage creativity in the segment.
While Omar was there, he met with other people in this division. By so doing they were able to share ideas about the segment and also come up with better infrastructure in which it will make the sector more efficient and reliable to all players. By so doing people adopt efficient technology which is reliable and revolutionary. This is one of the ways in which the firms will be able to meet the needs of a broad range of persons.

He currently has an organization which has been in existence for quite a long span of time. Omar with his team of 400 has been topping the market in Mexico. The entity is now being appreciated in the market. This has played a significant role in determining the returns being realized by the firm. With the good brand it has created in the market, the firm is now recording high returns than ever before.

Rick Smith: Serving Correctional Facilities Through Securus Technology

Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technology, a position that he has held in the company since 2008. For most people, Rick’s appointment did not come as a surprised but one they had longed for. The professional comes with an impressive skillset and educational qualification required to take the company to greater positions in the industry when it comes to the provision of quality services.

Securus Technologies on the other hand is an inmate service provision company headquartered in Dallas, Texas that is popularly known for its wide range of services. The company serves at least a million inmates and two thousand six hundred correctional facilities, public safety organizations and other law enforcers in the wider North American region. Ideally, Rick Smith is responsible for ensuring that all services including technology, communications, analysis, investigation, public information, emergency response, inmate services and incident management are handled with utmost caution and care to guarantee the safety of both the outside community and the incarcerated members. Visit for more info.

As a CEO Rick has been able to serve the company at all levels. Thanks to his educational and industry experience, this he has done without breaking a sweat. Rick is both a trained engineer and business executive. He holds an engineering degree from New York State’s University an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and equally an MBA from RIT. The different position of leadership Rick has served at the different companies he worked for can also be attributed to his success. Rick has been worked as business developer, operations manager, finance officer and a telecommunication expert.

The other function that Mr. Rick Smith is involved with Securus in employee recruitment. With employees playing a key role in the organization, Rick is mandated with the task of deciding which employee makes to the team and who does not. One of the recent additions Mr. Rick has chosen to help with the transformational agenda of the company include, John Bell who joins Securus as the senior Vice President responsible for sales. John’s appointment comes in the wake of the company’s acquisition and development of safety and efficiency products. According to Rick, Bell has enjoys a decorated resume of 35 plus years in sales and has a good track record of helping organization transform their performance and culture into greater success for the company.

Serving the correctional facilities, the inmates and other valuable stakeholder including the government, and still retaining the smile at their face is hard, but one Rick Smith has committed his expertise to achieving. Surely, with the valuable help of his staff the dream is slowing being realized as the company remains unchallenged when it comes to quality service provision. In the next coming years, more is to be expected. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

The Impressive Career Journey of Casio Audi

Before Cassio Audi ventured into business, he was a musician. He is one of the members that founded Viper Rock Band in 1985. In the band, Casio Audi played the drums. The other members of Viper Rock Band were: Pit Passarwll, Andre Machando, Felipe Machando and Yves Passarel.

This team of five were inspired to start Viper Rock Band by Iron Maiden and the British heavy metal music. Cassio Audi played drums in the band from 1985 to 1989 when he left to do business. While at the Viper Rock Band, their demonstration album was The Killer Sword which made them travel the world singing. The album had songs like Princes of Hell, Nightmare, and Killera.

After the Demo album, they now released their first album ever called Soldiers of Sunrise. This album had the songs of the demo album slightly adjusted plus other new songs. This album showed how the five were talented and how they could go far in their career.

Soldiers of Sunrise was given a four-star by Allmusic. This album has been edited and released many times since 1987. In 1989, the group released the second album known as Theatre of Fate. This album was very successful as compared to the first one.

After the release of the second album by Viper Rock band in 1989, Casio Audi left the band and went to the University to pursue a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Universidade Católica de São Paulo. From 1999 to 2000, Casio pursued an MBA in Finance from Universidade de São Paulo.

Since Cassio Audi ventured into business and finance over 23 years ago where he has acquired several business skills. He has worked in private and public Companies at different potions. He has also ventured into real estate business. Audi has a record of shaping businesses that are efficient and make profits.

Find more Cassio Audi with Viper on YouTube.

The Apex Business Leadership by Greg Secker

Greg Secker is known for being an ardent entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a fearless motivational speaker. He was born in 1975 in England. He is an alumnus of the University of Nottingham where pursued a Bachelor in Agricultural and Food Sciences. From an early age, he had passion and commitment to ensure the people around him were better off.


In 2003, he launched a group of companies known as Knowledge to Action Group. The group consists of; Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, Capital Index, FX Capital and the Greg Secker Foundation. The SmartCharts is an IT technology that has made trading more functional, interactive, easy to use and effective in performance. Learn to Trade is a program that allows customers to trade at a single command/click. The capital index determines how the futures, Indices, CFD and Forex are traded or should be controlled. FX Capital provides clients services in the Forex market making trading easy.


Finally, the Greg Secker Foundation is one of his ultimate philanthropic acts of giving back to the society. It focuses on quality education provision, strategic management and supporting the locals through empowerment. Greg Secker has also partnered with other non-profit making organizations such as Early Childhood development, Youth Leadership Summit, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Christmas Basket Brigade among others in improving the lives of neighboring communities. The company has since then expanded with approximately 200,000 people having been taken through the programs and satellite offices in South Africa, Philippines, London and Australia.


Before venturing into private investment, Greg Secker was first employed at the Thomas Cook financial services. Later he made a shift in occupation for foreign exchange at the Virtual Trading Desk. His commitment, hard work, and performance became the stepping stone for his next appointment at the Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President.


About Greg Secker

He is the author of Financial Freedom through Forex, Everything You Need to Know about Success and Trading Your Way to Success. The group of companies under his leadership has been named the ‘Philanthropic 30 Most Caring Companies’ and ‘Best Educator by World Finance Magazine.’ This much-coveted recognition.


Along with this, there have been numerous awards such as the global and finance review awards, Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards and a nomination for National CSR Awards in 2017. This based on Greg corporate leadership and social responsibility. Greg Secker is a much sought after speaker having shared a platform with Tony Blair, Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins among others.


The Deeper Connection is Encouraged by Kabbalah

One of the more attractive aspects of Kabbalah Centre is that they encourage people to engage with the world. Most religions and religious leaders try to tell people to get out of the world. However, when people read the bible, they are met with encouragement to engage people in world and win some over to the faith. One thing about The Kabbalah Centre is that it has a lot of advice that is not expected. However, as with other spiritual disciplines, the advice is for people to become their best selves as long as they are on their planet. They must also do everything they can to achieve self actualization.

One thing that the Kabbalah Centre clears up with people is that it is okay to have earthly desires. Many religious leaders give the impression that all desire is to be denied and that people are to punish themselves for having them. Another message that is sent is that the desires are to be ignored and denied. However, Kabbalah Centre recognizes these desires as a large part of being human. Therefore, the advice is that we accept our desires but be wise. One thing we don’t want is to be destructive. A lot of things we desire are ultimately bad for us.

One thing that the Kabbalah Centre also touches on is a topic that people seem to want to ignore. The topic is fashion. While a lot of people don’t want to put any thought into their clothes and would rather look like everyone else with the hope that they will somehow stand out, the truth is that people are visual. Also, the type of clothes that the individual wears will have some sort of influence on his character. Therefore, even clothing has a spiritual meaning when handled right.

Taking A Loan Against Your Stocks

Most small business people do not realize that in hard times, it is entirely possible to keep your stocks and simply get a loan using them as collateral. Sometimes, things such as international events, a slow market, or natural disasters can temporarily hurt a small or medium-sized business. That is when a loan might be needed. Or, maybe it will be for a long-awaited expansion as well.

Most banks will lend against equities, but there are some catches to it. They will only lend only up to 40% of the value of the equities. Their interest rate on such loans are very, very high. Also, they will ask you to write a proposal describing in detail what your uses for the funds will be. In short, they want a business proposal. It will take a while to fund such a loan, as well. And worst of all, there are government restrictions on the use of some equities as collateral for a loan.

You may as well sell your stocks and get full value of the equities, right? Not quite. There is a better way.

First Equities UK will lend up to 80% of the value of the equities. They are a private lender, not an institutional lender, so they can lend against any equity they choose. Their interest rate is far lower than most conventional loans. They will not ask for you to write a proposal or let them know of your plans for the funds received. The equities, they feel, stand good for the loan, no matter what you want to do with the funds.

And, funding is right away. As you can see, talking to Equities First UK makes sense. You should try Equities First, first!