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Venezuelan Oppositional Leader Murdered

Venezuela’s political turmoil worsened this week after 53-year-old oppositional leader German Mavare was murdered on Thursday. While walking with a woman down the street, according to Jose Manuel Gonzalez, he was robbed of his cellphone then shot by an unknown assailant. The only thing stolen from him was his cellphone, which is considered suspicious since it was an older model with little street value. It contained nothing besides possible contacts or phone numbers that the assailant could have been looking for, so some like Manuel Gonzalez believe that the assailant was after information on the phone. Because of Mavare’s political position in the UNT party, authorities believe that this was not just an ordinary robbery. There were signs that members of a group known to be violent might have been responsible for the murder, but authorities have stated they are using caution during their investigation to be sure that they have all of the information first.