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Julie Zuckerberg – Flying High In The Recruitment Sector

Julie Zuckerberg is one of the most inspiring and noted personalities in the field of talent acquisition and recruitment today. She has worked with big names in the industry, such as Citi Group, Hudson, New York Life Insurance and is currently the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. When it comes to academics, she has had a smooth journey of completing graduation in Philosophy at City University of New York-Brooklyn College, before going ahead to study law at one of the most famous law schools in the country – New York Law School. Her academic qualifications and around 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry speaks volume about her career, which has seen an uphill ride to commanding one of the top recruitment positions in globally respected company such as Deutsche Bank.


Julie Zuckerberg started her career on a high note when she joined Hudson back in November 2002. Hudson is one of the bigger names in the staffing and recruitment business, with well over 2,000 employees. As a director of Candidate Placement at Hudson, Julie took on multiple roles and responsibilities, starting from coaching and counseling employees to ensuring compliance and managing legalities in case there are workplace related problems between employer and employee. She was also in charge of hiring temporary contractors, permanent positions, paralegals, attorneys, case managers, and support staff. Julie had an all-encompassing job as a director of candidate placement and was a direct contact point for employees for any information or issues.


In October 2007, Julie Zuckerberg decided to give her career that much needed boost as a young executive and challenged herself by joining Citi Global Functions. It was a challenge because she joined as Executive Recruiter with far more responsibilities than at Hudson, but it showcased her passion for the recruitment and staffing industry, as she championed all the responsibilities assigned to her position with sincerity and diligence. She managed executive level recruiting and devised and deployed different methods for talent acquisition and recruitment, such as social media, direct sourcing, and online search, among others.


After four years of working for Citi Global Functions, she moved on to the different wing of Citi Group, namely Citi Global Consumer Bank as an Executive Recruiter. Most of her role remained same, with some added functions and responsibilities as she joined the senior slab of designations. And, it is worthy of mention here that Julie Zuckerberg managed to rope in one of the most sought after jobs in recruiting business with one of the legendary financial sector companies in the world, in a very short span of time.


However, by 2013, Julie decided to exploit other options in terms of job prospects and joined New York Life Insurance where she worked for mere four months, before joining Deutsche Bank in April 2014 as Talent Acquisition Executive, and in 2015, she was promoted to the position of Talent Acquisition Lead.


Julie Zuckerberg works closely with the senior managers in the company regarding recruitment trends and planning and handles high-level acquisitions, negotiations, international jobs, talent sourcing and ensuring best recruitment practices are followed in the organization. Under her supervision as well as coaching and counseling given by her to employees in the bank, the organization has seen a sustainable decrease in attrition rate. This also induces better performance and productivity because of the recruitment of the right people under her advisory.