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Making A Wikipedia Page That Gets Results

Wikipedia is the ultimate place to be if you’d like to grow your business using a top notch encyclopedia website online. The truth is that Wikipedia is a highly respected website that gets so many views every single day. The best part about being on Wikipedia is the fact that they provide users with free information that is backed up by sources, and so people rely on this site to get real knowledge whenever they need it. Wikipedia is the best site in the world today to get your business out there because of how well respected it is. The site receives millions of users every single day. There are countless people who have grown and succeeded over the years using Wikipedia for their business, and so now it is time for you to start using the site.

Making A Wikipedia Page That Gets Results

The first step to making a Wikipedia page is to have a set of content on the web ready for you to use as sources. You just need for Wikipedia to see that the information about your business is all legitimate and real knowledge for them to see. It pays off to have a professional team helping you out. Get Your Wiki is the ultimate source online to getting top of the line Wikipedia writers for hire to create your wiki page. They have been writing Wikipedia articles for many years, and plenty on free if content has received so much respect because of how well they are all made. With a highly respected to team, you can be sure that Get Your Wiki is the right people to work with.

Creating a Wikipedia page is also benefiting them as a website. They want more and more content updated and added onto the site. Most people don’t realize that Wikipedia is a free platform. The company does not earn money from ads the same way that Facebook, Google, and other platforms do in order to gain millions of dollars online. Donating whatever you can is going to help the company in so many ways, but even just volunteering to offer free content can make a world of difference. Some people need help with gaining that extra professional authority online. It’s all about building your fan base as effectively as possible and knowing how to properly gain that traction online, and Wikipedia is the place to do that to get people’s attention.

Tips On Writing An Article About Yourself or Someone Else On Wikipedia

If you are thinking about writing a Wikipedia article about yourself, a company or someone that you know, it is best to follow the rules outlined to make a Wiki page and use common sense. Playing by the rules and using your good judgement will prevent the article from backfiring against you and will help you avoid trouble later on.

Wikipedia strongly advises that you avoid writing an article about yourself, your company or a friend to promote yourself or to increase your popularity. Remember Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that is based on facts. It is not a bulletin board where you can promote yourself, your products or your company. If you wish to promote yourself or your business there are other channels to do it on. Articles that promote a company, cause or person and do not add any significant value to Wikipedia will be deleted.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Wikipedia is unbiased and has a neutral point of view. It is also collaborative, public and highly visible. Almost anyone can edit an article and post information that you could find offensive or negative about yourself. If you do not want people to find out about your history or prior affairs then do not create an article about yourself. It is highly likely that sooner or later a major scandal or affair you have been involved will find its way to Wikipedia if it has been documented in a reliable source. If the scandal is well documented and comes from a reliable source than there is nothing you can do to delete it. This is because Wikipedia is unbiased and tells two sides of a story, the good, bad and controversial about a person, company or organization.

Creating an Unbiased and Factual Article About Yourself

Just because you are writing about yourself, your own company, or a company you work for doesn’t meet you are excluded from having to document your information with reliable sources. As with any other article, make sure you have can document your achievements, status or company with verifiable sources. Make sure to write in a neutral tone. Describe yourself from the point of view of a stranger who doesn’t know you, but is merely telling the facts about you, your company or friend. Having reliable sources, and keeping the content in the article unbiased is the key to writing a good a article about yourself or a company that you own.

Avoiding Common Wikipedia Editing Mistakes

Wikipedia is one of the most important websites to ever go up on the internet. In fact, Wikipedia is probably one of the most important accomplishments of teamwork based information sharing. The website has become home to a compendium of knowledge that cannot be compared to anything else on the planet. No written word or printed book will ever be as up to date and tacitly informational as Wikipedia is. In order to stay this strongly ahead of the pack the encyclopedia needs the help of as many volunteer editors as possible. Though the workforce is all doing their job pro-bono, it doesn’t mean that expectations are any more slack.

Common Mistakes for Wikipedia Writers on
Wikipedia editors are required to follow a rigid set of rules as laid out in the Wikipedia Manual of Style. The Manual of Style, or MoS, sets the standard for what Wikipedia expects out of its almost countless amount of contributors. From grammar rules to formatting instructions, the MoS is exhaustive and reaches every corner of the editing world. Users are understandably going to have a hard time following every rule or making it through the gigantic document so we decided to point out a few of the most common mistakes for Wikipedia editors.

The Neutral Point of View.
The most common mistake of most newer editors is that they forget they are working on Wikipedia and begin to use their own normal writing voice. This causes their article work to become biased and unusable in the encyclopedia. Wikipedia demands a Neutral Point of View be used at all time. This allows the content to speak for itself without caving to any sorts of biases. The NPOV also stops viewers from making judgement calls about the content due to the way that it is written.

Lack of proper citations.
Wikipedia flourishes because its content is both correct and verified by other unbiased sources. When an editor can’t find appropriate citations, as laid out in the MoS, the articles suffer and all of the content is called into question. Readers use these sources to further their reading and when they are lackluster it makes the entire article lose steam. Proper citations should have longevity, be from reputable locations, and should not be prone to intrinsic biases. A good, proper source, could be considered something from a .gov or a .edu as it will likely be vetted information.

How To Begin Writing An Article For Wikipedia

When you are ready to write an article for Wikipedia you will need to create an account with them. Choose a username and password to create an account and you can submit your piece directly. If you do not want an account your piece will need to go through Articles for Creation for review and publishing.

There are only certain topics Wikipedia will publish. Subjects must be “worthy of notice”. If a topic is worthy of an encyclopedia, then it is suitable for Wikipedia. If you are unsure about the topic you’ve chosen, you can check with the Wikipedia Teahouse to check whether or not your topic is acceptable.

Once you have selected a topic, check Wikipedia to make sure it has not already been covered. Do a search on Wikipedia to see if your topic exists, if it does you are welcome to practice your writing by making constructive edits to improve it. This is also good way to practice your skills before attempting an article on your own.

Before you start to write gather information on your topic from reliable published sources. You will need to make sure the source is stable and can be referred to for years. Do not use sources if you think they will not stay available for reference for generations to come. Good places to find reliable sources are; the library, internet, books and news archives.

Begin creating your article in your user space, organize your thoughts, ask for advice from others on how it looks and sounds and do some initial editing. Many times once your words are in type you will want to rearrange them or add to them and the user space is the perfect place to get your words set up correctly.

Choose a title for your article that will explain in few words what is contained in it. The title should contain words people will use when searching on your topic and will link them to yours. The title should be precise and contain only the words needed that define your article. When your article is ready you will move it to the “live” portion of Wikipedia.

Unacceptable topics:
* Wikipedia will delete any topics that do meet the guidelines.
*Do not advertise; create personal essays or pages about yourself, your friends or your business.
* Do not copy any articles, use controversial articles or topics that concern only a small local audience.