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Be the “Voice” to Fight Back Against Global Oppression

One organization that has taken the liberty of mobilizing groups of people worldwide to fight for social justice is Avaaz. Avaaz was founded in 2007 by Ricken Patel as the president, along with Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans, and Andrea Woodhouse. Avaaz, translated from Persian meaning “Voice”, is an appropriate name for the organization that’s mission is to empower others to take action against global oppression using their voice.

Avaaz works as a social justice movement that is largely an online activist community connecting people worldwide to discuss issues and work to combat those injustices. Online activism is part of the Internet landscape as more people become aware of social issues worldwide. Because the Internet connects people worldwide, someone in America can fight back against an issue for those living in Russia and vice versa. Avaaz has nearly 45 million members around the world that create online petitions and campaigns.

For example, there are over 2 million members from the U.S., almost 10 million in Brazil, and many more members in 194 countries. Any member can create their own petition by accessing Avaaz will send daily emails to their members to sign petitions they may be interested in, inform members on issues, or alert members on local, national, and global news that are happening currently in the world. Avaaz does not force an agenda and strives to be united on values, so some of the issues that Avaaz tackles is corruption, poverty, and war.

Additionally, Avaaz members have proven that people power can make a difference even if they’re being active online. Many people don’t have time to be an activist outside of their job, family life, or school, so online activism like with Avaaz is a great alternative to speak out, learn, and inform others. Avaaz is also a great tool for getting the conversation started on social issues, teach others, and get other people talking about issues. From here, as people build public concern through conversation on these social issues, the public can change the discourse and ultimately effect change by putting pressure on politicians and government worldwide.



Business in the Cloud: NuoDB and the Evolution of Data Storage

The world of modern business is driven by online data. Information lives in the cloud, and companies that can adapt to this new standard of accessibility will find themselves at the forefront of the market. But making this technological leap can seem an impossible task for many businesses who may have fallen behind in the era of online pioneering. Fortunately getting a step ahead is made intuitive with NuoDB.

NuoDB is essentially an application database that exists online in the cloud. Whether a company seeks to migrate their application to the cloud, modernize an existing cloud application, or even build a new one, the system makes it simple and accessible.

This database is “elastically scalable,” meaning new servers are always being added to support the growing amounts of stored information without sharding or bottlenecking data. In this capacity, NuoDB’s cloud based system proves more reliable and less problematic than the traditional relational database.

Technological advancement perpetuates a constant forward momentum in business, which helps make products faster, safer, and more reliable. But it also forces companies to stay ahead of the curve and keep their business up to date. NuoDB provides a medium in which to do just that.

An Introduction to Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette’s New York range was recently featured by the website, as they released a brand new photo-shoot featuring various models showcasing their lingerie. Various pictures as well as a video can be seen on the website. What is Honey Birdette you ask? Keep reading to find out.

Honey Birdette is an Australia based lingerie manufacturing company that was started in 2006. Honey Birdette’s mission is to “inject a sense of sensuality in the bedroom” and they accomplish this by specializing in various lingerie and clothing items such as bras, stockings, thongs, knickers, suspenders, teddies, bodysuits, robes, and chemises. It also sells non clothing items such as male masturbation toys, female masturbation toys, couples masturbation toys, lubricants, toy chargers, handcuffs and candles. These clothing items and toys help Honey Birdette accomplish their mission by appealing to the senses of sight and touch in a very sexual manner. The lingerie and clothing items are very revealing, which helps women’s partners get in the mood for sexual activity. The toys and various items also help accomplish this mission by making masturbation more pleasureable. Items such as the handcuffs are a staple for the bondage fetish, which involves restraining your partner or being restrained by your partner.

The Honey Birdette website features a black background filled with pictures and videos of their lingerie models. Upon visiting the website you will be prompted to choose your region to facilitate shopping. The site also features the option to use futurepay, a digital wallet app that allows shoppers to buy now and pay later. Honey Birdette also has a Facebook and pinterest page.

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Avaaz – U.S. based Civic Organization

Avaaz is an organization that was launched in January 2007, and focuses their efforts on global activism and issues involving climate changes. They also work with programs that involve human rights, animal rights, poverty, conflict and corruption. It is considered by many as the largest and most powerful online activist network in the nation. Avaaz was initially co-founded by Res Publica, which is a community of professionals that are dedicated to promoting good government and civil acts. is also an American non-profit group that has helped support Avaaz. They have been supported by Service Employees International Union, which is a founding partner as well. Ricken Patel currently serves as the president of the civic organization and Tom Pravda is the secretary. Tom and Ricken both co-founded the company and work around the clock to provide leadership and outlets supporting the organizational needs.

Avaaz is proud to be managed by a team of campaign workers from over 30 countries. The countries include the UK, India, Lebanon and Brazil. Their form of communication amongst members is via email and online petitions. There are certain cases in which Avaaz will use advertisements for their foundational needs. They also obtain legal advice when necessary or when needed for each campaign. Suggestions for campaigns generally come from the members of Avaaz, and are supplemented with guidance from teams of specialists. If a suggestion is made, an email is sent to Avaaz members so they can evaluate the needs and possibility of launching a successful campaign. Avaaz proudly advances through their campaigns without taking donations or payments of more than $5,000. They tend to rely on the generosity and caring attitude of individual members. Together, they have been able to raise over $20 million in funds and have funded almost all of the staff’s startup costs.

Omar Yunes business

Omar Yunes has created a good brand in the corporate world. He has done so by outshining a good number of entities in the franchise business. Unlike most people who are now participating in that market, he has a long experience. He ventured into the sector when he was 21 years. At first, he was employed by an international firm which was opening its office in Mexico. Since the business was still new in Mexico, he was one of the first Mexican to understand the segment.

Due to his notable performance, he has been able to win a wide range of awards which are globally recognized. Keeping in mind he has been competing with many people who fully understand the market in various regions of this globe, Omar has gained respect among his peer group. Last year he won an award in Italy. Best Franchisee of the World is an award which is globally recognized. The award being offered by the entity is a way of appreciating persons who have facilitate major improvements in the market. This is one of the ways in which the institution is trying to encourage creativity in the segment.
While Omar was there, he met with other people in this division. By so doing they were able to share ideas about the segment and also come up with better infrastructure in which it will make the sector more efficient and reliable to all players. By so doing people adopt efficient technology which is reliable and revolutionary. This is one of the ways in which the firms will be able to meet the needs of a broad range of persons.

He currently has an organization which has been in existence for quite a long span of time. Omar with his team of 400 has been topping the market in Mexico. The entity is now being appreciated in the market. This has played a significant role in determining the returns being realized by the firm. With the good brand it has created in the market, the firm is now recording high returns than ever before.

The Impressive Career Journey of Casio Audi

Before Cassio Audi ventured into business, he was a musician. He is one of the members that founded Viper Rock Band in 1985. In the band, Casio Audi played the drums. The other members of Viper Rock Band were: Pit Passarwll, Andre Machando, Felipe Machando and Yves Passarel.

This team of five were inspired to start Viper Rock Band by Iron Maiden and the British heavy metal music. Cassio Audi played drums in the band from 1985 to 1989 when he left to do business. While at the Viper Rock Band, their demonstration album was The Killer Sword which made them travel the world singing. The album had songs like Princes of Hell, Nightmare, and Killera.

After the Demo album, they now released their first album ever called Soldiers of Sunrise. This album had the songs of the demo album slightly adjusted plus other new songs. This album showed how the five were talented and how they could go far in their career.

Soldiers of Sunrise was given a four-star by Allmusic. This album has been edited and released many times since 1987. In 1989, the group released the second album known as Theatre of Fate. This album was very successful as compared to the first one.

After the release of the second album by Viper Rock band in 1989, Casio Audi left the band and went to the University to pursue a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Universidade Católica de São Paulo. From 1999 to 2000, Casio pursued an MBA in Finance from Universidade de São Paulo.

Since Cassio Audi ventured into business and finance over 23 years ago where he has acquired several business skills. He has worked in private and public Companies at different potions. He has also ventured into real estate business. Audi has a record of shaping businesses that are efficient and make profits.

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The Early Music Days of Cassio Audi

If you remember anything about the 1980s then you remember the glory of music. Music was exciting and innovative. Legends like Michael Jackson and Prince dominated the pop scene with Madonna. Of course, music was a great business to be in. The 1980’s is when a popular Brazilian band named Viper hit the scene. With strong influence from the Iron Maidens, Viper went on to produce over five heavy rock albums.

One of the original drummers of the popular band was Cassio Audi. Cassio Audi was a prominent drummer in Viper for over 2 years. He’s best known for his work on The Killera Sword, Projeto SP Metal, and Soldiers of Sunrise albums. Cassio Audi’s style of drumming was likened to the work of Clive Burr from the Iron Maidens around the same time period.

After spending a few years in the well-known Brazilian band, Cassio Audi was succeeded by Sergio Facci. Much of Cassio’s work is well know within heavy metal groups, especially in Brazil. He has been featured on many websites along with his former band Viper. Largely contributed with helping the band get their early start in the heavy metal scene.

After gaining a great following within the 1980s, Cassio ultimately decided to leave the band and pursue a direction in business and finance. Speaking to heavy metal enthusiasts in that area, many would have loved to see Cassio continue expanding the image of Viper instead of leaving the band.

Cassio Audi: A Well Rounded Man

Cassio Audi, a renowned investment manager from Brazil, is known for managing some high return investment funds. He worked with a number of highly floated investment funds and specialized knowledge on various markets and understands better about different sectors. As an investment manager, he takes care of the funds and allocates it to different portfolios such as stocks and other investment options to ensure significant returns. Cassio Audi is very particular in long-term asset creation and also focuses on the other primary investment activities such as real estate, private equity, strategic assets, and asset management.


Interestingly, he has more than two decades of experience in finance and investments and collaborated with start-ups, private equity funds, private and public limited companies, and global corporations. Audi has expertise in converting any investments into highly profitable during the course of time by closely working with it and reading the movements of the market. He also shines with his great interpersonal skills that help him to make a strong relationship with the management and the staff, strong leadership skills, and excellent communication.


Audi started his career with JP Morgan Chase as a Trader and worked with a number of firms such as Dow Chemicals, Gillette, Brookfield Asset Management, Rossi Residential, and GVMI. During his career in various organizations, he held different roles such as CEO, CFO, Finance Director, etc. Audi completed his graduation in Business Administration from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo and also did his MBA in Finance from the Universidade de São Paulo.


Audi also has a story of an early music career. During the 1980s and 90s, he and his friends formed a band called Viper, a Brazilian-based hard rock band formed in the year 1985. Audi was the drummer of the band, and it has released some albums such as Soldiers of Sunrise, Theatre of Fate, Coma Rage, and Evolution along with few singles.

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Josh Verne’s Tips on How to Become Successful in Business and Private Life

Josh Verne is an accomplished businessman who has experience in developing new enterprises, growing them, and selling them making good profits. This business has made Josh increase his wealth immensely. He has earned an excellent reputation from his clients. Josh is currently running as the CEO. Getting to where he is today has not been an easy journey, but his personal characteristics have helped him a lot. He shares some personal traits that have helped him, and they can help you improve your life both in business and even socially. Josh Verne believes that you can not succeed if you are not a good leader. He also encourages people who want to make it in business to follow their passion as it pays a lot in the long run. He teaches people to live a balanced life, and when looking for business opportunities, he advises that one should go for a deal that is going to yield some good returns.

Josh  Verne has always put the interest of his employees before his, and this is how he has been able to excel. When you put others before you, they will be able to be motivated in their work increasing productivity for your business. According to Josh Verne, you will be more successful if you can solve disputes if they arise without favouring any party. For the companies that Josh has worked with, he has been outstanding in service delivery. Josh’s company FlockU has changed lives for students as they can now get the latest news on college life.


Just What Is Capital Anesthesiology Association

If you’re not from around or near the Austin, Texas Area then you may not know what Capital Anesthesiology Association is. Capital Anesthesiology Association is the premier when it comes to anesthesiology services and it’s one of the leading independent practices in the U.S. Every doctor/nurse here is board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified. This gives you a double dose of insurance if you or anyone else should need medical treatment. Creating a pleasant environment that is comfortable is one of the main goals. The other ital. goals is to provide any and all with the highest quality of services.


The Association works as a team to produce the very best results. No other independent practice of anesthesiology can guarantee this as CAA has a resume of success. Austin, Texas and the entire statistical area has benefited from CAA for over 40 years and the organization plays a crucial role in developing the next batch of medical personnel. Dell Medical Center is now being used to educate individuals are interested in this exclusive field of work, which includes paramedics, medical residents, nurse anesthetists, nurses, and medical students.

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The organization also gives back to the community through charitable donations. This is the blueprint of success as CAA is setting new trends, raising the bar higher, and it’s changing the current status quo for the better.