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The Early Music Days of Cassio Audi

If you remember anything about the 1980s then you remember the glory of music. Music was exciting and innovative. Legends like Michael Jackson and Prince dominated the pop scene with Madonna. Of course, music was a great business to be in. The 1980’s is when a popular Brazilian band named Viper hit the scene. With strong influence from the Iron Maidens, Viper went on to produce over five heavy rock albums.

One of the original drummers of the popular band was Cassio Audi. Cassio Audi was a prominent drummer in Viper for over 2 years. He’s best known for his work on The Killera Sword, Projeto SP Metal, and Soldiers of Sunrise albums. Cassio Audi’s style of drumming was likened to the work of Clive Burr from the Iron Maidens around the same time period.

After spending a few years in the well-known Brazilian band, Cassio Audi was succeeded by Sergio Facci. Much of Cassio’s work is well know within heavy metal groups, especially in Brazil. He has been featured on many websites along with his former band Viper. Largely contributed with helping the band get their early start in the heavy metal scene.

After gaining a great following within the 1980s, Cassio ultimately decided to leave the band and pursue a direction in business and finance. Speaking to heavy metal enthusiasts in that area, many would have loved to see Cassio continue expanding the image of Viper instead of leaving the band.

Cassio Audi: A Well Rounded Man

Cassio Audi, a renowned investment manager from Brazil, is known for managing some high return investment funds. He worked with a number of highly floated investment funds and specialized knowledge on various markets and understands better about different sectors. As an investment manager, he takes care of the funds and allocates it to different portfolios such as stocks and other investment options to ensure significant returns. Cassio Audi is very particular in long-term asset creation and also focuses on the other primary investment activities such as real estate, private equity, strategic assets, and asset management.


Interestingly, he has more than two decades of experience in finance and investments and collaborated with start-ups, private equity funds, private and public limited companies, and global corporations. Audi has expertise in converting any investments into highly profitable during the course of time by closely working with it and reading the movements of the market. He also shines with his great interpersonal skills that help him to make a strong relationship with the management and the staff, strong leadership skills, and excellent communication.


Audi started his career with JP Morgan Chase as a Trader and worked with a number of firms such as Dow Chemicals, Gillette, Brookfield Asset Management, Rossi Residential, and GVMI. During his career in various organizations, he held different roles such as CEO, CFO, Finance Director, etc. Audi completed his graduation in Business Administration from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo and also did his MBA in Finance from the Universidade de São Paulo.


Audi also has a story of an early music career. During the 1980s and 90s, he and his friends formed a band called Viper, a Brazilian-based hard rock band formed in the year 1985. Audi was the drummer of the band, and it has released some albums such as Soldiers of Sunrise, Theatre of Fate, Coma Rage, and Evolution along with few singles.

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Josh Verne’s Tips on How to Become Successful in Business and Private Life

Josh Verne is an accomplished businessman who has experience in developing new enterprises, growing them, and selling them making good profits. This business has made Josh increase his wealth immensely. He has earned an excellent reputation from his clients. Josh is currently running as the CEO. Getting to where he is today has not been an easy journey, but his personal characteristics have helped him a lot. He shares some personal traits that have helped him, and they can help you improve your life both in business and even socially. Josh Verne believes that you can not succeed if you are not a good leader. He also encourages people who want to make it in business to follow their passion as it pays a lot in the long run. He teaches people to live a balanced life, and when looking for business opportunities, he advises that one should go for a deal that is going to yield some good returns.

Josh  Verne has always put the interest of his employees before his, and this is how he has been able to excel. When you put others before you, they will be able to be motivated in their work increasing productivity for your business. According to Josh Verne, you will be more successful if you can solve disputes if they arise without favouring any party. For the companies that Josh has worked with, he has been outstanding in service delivery. Josh’s company FlockU has changed lives for students as they can now get the latest news on college life.


Just What Is Capital Anesthesiology Association

If you’re not from around or near the Austin, Texas Area then you may not know what Capital Anesthesiology Association is. Capital Anesthesiology Association is the premier when it comes to anesthesiology services and it’s one of the leading independent practices in the U.S. Every doctor/nurse here is board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified. This gives you a double dose of insurance if you or anyone else should need medical treatment. Creating a pleasant environment that is comfortable is one of the main goals. The other ital. goals is to provide any and all with the highest quality of services.


The Association works as a team to produce the very best results. No other independent practice of anesthesiology can guarantee this as CAA has a resume of success. Austin, Texas and the entire statistical area has benefited from CAA for over 40 years and the organization plays a crucial role in developing the next batch of medical personnel. Dell Medical Center is now being used to educate individuals are interested in this exclusive field of work, which includes paramedics, medical residents, nurse anesthetists, nurses, and medical students.

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The organization also gives back to the community through charitable donations. This is the blueprint of success as CAA is setting new trends, raising the bar higher, and it’s changing the current status quo for the better.

Todd Lubar Knows How to Step Up to The Plate When it Comes to Business Achievement:

It is not every entrepreneur who knows how to properly step up to the plate when presented with a business challenge: Perhaps Todd Lubar recognizes the fact. Lubar just seems to have a wonderful knack of establishing a business and making money. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC.


Todd grew-up attending some very formative prep schools, inspiring a great deal in athletic and academic achievement. He attended the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. and the Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey. He graduated from the University of Syracuse with a B.A, in Communications—in 1995. He maintains permanent residency in Bethesda, MD—with his spouse and 2 children.


Todd Lubar began his financial career after attaining his University degree. He joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. He came in contact with realtors, CPAs, insurance professionals and financial planners, in this position. Lubar acquired knowledge and skill in mortgage banking during his days at Crestar. In 1999, Todd joined the Legacy Financial Group. He provided the company much in way of its growth. His loan volume, at the Maryland office, was $100 million, on an annual basis.


Todd, by 2002, had reasonably acquired the skills, in the lending industry; and was able to successfully launch Legendary Properties, LLC. The company was a residential property development organization. By way of Legendary Properties, LLC—Todd placed his focus on buying, rehabbing, and selling properties. In 2005, Todd served as Sr. Vice President of Charter Funding, a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation.


The mortgage industry, then, was impacted by some economic changes in 2007. During this time, Lubar wisely decided to place his focus on specialization as it pertained to mortgage origination. He eventually launched Legendary Financial LLC.


Legendary Financial LLC provides commercial lending services to investors and corporations—nationwide. Todd used the liquidity provided to him from Legendary Properties as well as his own personal savings in order to fund borrowers who were turned down by traditional banking institutions. He possesses over twelve years of financial experience in way of assessing the financial needs of clients. His knowledgeable financial insights have brought about over 7,000 transactions for the company. He has also appeared on the list of the Top Twenty-five Loan Originators in the U.S.


It is this progressive attitude with regard to businesses initiatives that allow Todd to receive notice and continued business prosperity. During his leisure hours, Todd likes to travel to warm locales such as California, and spend time with his family.

The No Nonsense Career of Maggie Gill

Hard work is just that, hard. And few are willing to go the distance and pay the price for becoming a true leader. That is not the case of Maggie Gill. Ms.Gill has always been a hard working woman who strives to perform at her personal best. With goals such as those, it isn’t a surprise at her success in the health field. Maggie Gill began her journey into this particular field by earning her bachelor’s degree at Florida State University. She continued to excel and completed with honors her MBA at Saint Leo University in Florida. She also completed courses at Wharton School in management and strategic thinking. Ms.Gill received the Tenet Outstanding CFO award three times during her five years incumbency as chief financial officer at Tenet South Florida Health system. During her time with Tenet, she worked at Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables, Fla; Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, Fla.; and North Shore Medical Center in Miami Fla.Maggie Gill continued her career in a new position in 2004 at Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC). She served there in the capacity of vice president of finance/managed care. She was elevated to chief operating officer in 2005. In 2011, she was named president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Memorial Health.


Maggie Gill is a trusted leader of leaders in the health arena. She helps and assists those who are in authority to help others. She currently provides leadership for all of the executives and leading physician at MUMC. She is also directly responsible for handling relation departments, internal audits, financial assistance, science programs, perioperative services, trauma services and many more corporate communications. That is quite a lot of responsibility to be able to affect the medical staff who are over the actual care of everyday patients. Maggie Gill carries out her job duties with such grace and excellence that she is in high demand.


Because of the leadership of Maggie Gill, the Memorial Health Won Seven Health Care Heroes Awards from Georgia Medical Society. The Georgia Medical Society bestowed this honor at their Annual Health Care Heroes Awards ceremony this year. Organizations and individuals nominated heroes in six categories from her Team at Memorial University Medical Center. Everyone was so proud of the winning physicians and Team Members. They have dedicated their careers to improving the well-being of the entire community.And Maggie Gill is leading the pack.



Wengie is the Life Hack Expert

There are not a lot of people that could classify themselves as experts in their twenties. The millions of subscribers that are checking out Wengie, however, would probably say that this young lady – who is still in her twenties – is an expert on life hacks. There is no shortage of information for the life hack videos that are shown. There is a certain amount of energy that goes into creating quality YouTube videos, and Wengie seems to have what it takes.


Her life hacks have become so bountiful that she has created multiple videos that can give people insight on different things that they may need information on. There are life hack videos by Wengie that cover things like getting to sleep when you may have trouble sleeping. She also unveils things like life hack pranks or lazy life hacks. She has life hacks for people that have pets. There are so many different life hacks by Wengie.


The reality is that her life hack expertise is growing, and her ability to convey these types of hacks to other people has made her an internet sensation. She pulls out all of the stops and gives people information about her life through the form of life hacks. People stop and stare because she is such a delightful online personality. She seems to have no secrets, and she is quick to give you information that you need on a plethora of subjects. That is what makes people listen to her.


All of her videos are designed to provide honest assessments of quick life hacks that can totally change the way that you do things. There is a lot of praise for her skills as a life hack expert. She has proven that she has just the right amount of comedic timing and knowledge to deliver content in a fun way. No one can deny that her videos are amusing. Even people that may not be planning to use some of these hacks will still be impressed with the delivery of the content. Wengie is the blueprint for successful video production.

Giving Hope to Low-income Students-Keith Mann

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an animal advocate as well as a financier. Mr. Keith has a broad experience of over 15 years in the financial industry. Keith Mann can be described as an expert in hedge fund compensation practice, hiring as well as staffing policy. Mr. Keith is the co-founder of Dynamics Executive Search. Keith is known to be a go-getter, and after realizing that the hedge fund industry is expanding tremendously, he decided to venture into the hedge fund business in 2009.

Keith Mann is not only a financier and an entrepreneur he is also an animal advocate. He is a leader and always at the top of a movement known as Animal Liberation Front. Keith is not afraid to die while fighting for the rights of animals and in 1999 he was jailed for burning a lorry carrying meat. Keith Mann was raised in Rochdale Greater Manchester by his father who was a caretaker.

Dynamics Executive Search was founded in 2001. The financial institution mainly specializes in the provision as well as the distribution of services and products including hedge fund as well as an alternative investment to their clients all over the world. Dynamics Executive Search has been marvelously expanding since it was established and it serves more than 2000 customers each year. The company is not only recognized as one that offers quality services to its customers, but it was recently named and recognized as one of the largest database investment enterprises in the country. Dynamics Executive Search has collaborated with other alternative investments organizations in other nations including, Europe, United States, and Asia.

Dynamics Executive Search is also involved in community activities, and recently it announced its support for the education sector. It has partnered with uncommon School to distribute scholarships to the professional achievement an award that is meant to recognize the young innovators of the next generation in the business leadership. Keith Mann who is the Chief Executive Officer of Dynamics Executive Search said the firm was more than happy to be in partnership with the uncommon schools and that they are more than glad to offer scholarships to low-income students to enable them to achieve their dreams.

Mann’s Scholarships are only available to senior students who attend Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. The scholarship is available to one senior student who is offered with school fees worth $ 5000 to go to college.

Avi Weisfogel’s Passion for children in need

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has always been extremely concerned about the well being of his patients. As a surgeon and medical facilitator, Dr. Weisfogel has been trained in the art of managing patient wellness. For years, Dr. Weisfogel’s primary goal has been the care of young patients who suffer from traumatic or debilitating conditions that can be cured through surgery. He focuses his effort on countries outside the United States, where it is much more difficult for patients who lack money to attain these surgeries. For the last several years, in fact, Dr. Weisfogel has spent the majority of his time traveling to impoverished areas of the world to provide essential treatments and surgeries to children who would otherwise live a painful life filled with excessive difficulty and heartache.

Dr. Weisfogel developed a passion for traveling the world to initiate these surgeries when he gained knowledge of the condition of the medical system in some undeveloped countries. Dr. Weisfogel learned many years ago that patients in underdeveloped countries often die from diseases that are very preventable and have cures that are readily available in the United States and in other developed nations. People in the developing world also often lack access to medical facilities. In fact, the number of doctors in some developing countries is swiftly declining. Dr. Weisfogel reported that in one of the countries that he visited to perform a needed surgery on a child, there was only one other surgeon who resided in the region. This fact caused several hundreds of families to flock to Dr. Weisfogel when they heard that he was in town and caused him to extend his trip several weeks past what he had initially intended. Dr. Weisfogel immediately recognized the importance of developing a program such as the one he is now operating.

Dr. Weisfogel recently initiated a Go Fund Me account in an effort to financially support the new program he operates. The doctor hopes to instill in children a sense of hope and opportunity by providing them with their much anticipated surgeries. He hopes to leave them feeling that no obstacle is too much for them.


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George Soros: The European Union Has To Stand With Ukraine In Her Time Of Need

The fall in global oil price per barrel has had an indirect effect on the current financial crisis in Russia. For Russia to balance the books, the Kremlin’s exchequer would hope for the price of oil in the international market to be around a hundred dollars, which is a far cry from today’s situation at half the price.

In an nybooks article, the world renown business mogul George Soros argues that this situation has caused had the unintended consequence of making the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia to be more severe to the economy and Putin’s regime. As a part of the US and European governments attempt to prevent Russian annexation of Crimea, they targeted Russian corporations and financial markets hoping to inflict pain on the country’s economy.

As we speak the Russian ruble valued has plummeted by half causing massive inflation, which has caused economic crisis not experienced before under Putin’s leadership. The only reprieve for Russia has been the accumulated money reserves, which has to enable the Russian Treasury to inject the needed hard currency to the economy. The Chinese Central Bank has also come to the rescue of the Russian economy by accepting swaps that are dwindling by the day.

If the Oil prices and the high inflation is not alarming enough, then consider the over a billion-dollar debt that Russia should repay in the coming year. Even though it is unlikely, we can ignore the fact that Moscow can default on its obligations to the international lenders. According to George Soros, a default would precipitate a financial turmoil in the global markets from Hong Kong to New-York, especially to the European zone. Caution should, therefore, be taken to avert that occurrence by cushioning Ukraine from to the incidents in the neighboring Russia.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

Save the New Ukraine

It is crucial for Western powers to assist Ukraine in lowering inflation and enhancing economic growth by buying goods and services from the country. It would also be handy if European multinationals were encouraged to open branches in Ukraine thus inject capital and jobs into the struggling Kiev Economy.

According to George Soros Ukraine, Ukraine urgently needs to strengthen her military. It requires massive budgetary allocations beyond the country’s economy; it is thus important for the international community to extend credit to the country. However, international financial institutions are not structured in a way that is flexible and more accommodating to political cum economic crisis that Ukraine is going through today. The European Union Secretariat and decision making is slow and thus not well suited to extending emergency credit as we require in this situation.

The European Commission must wake to the fact that Moscow is no longer the ally they had in the days gone. The current environment of ultra-conservatism, prosecution of gay people and religious intolerance is incompatible with European ideals. For that reason, the European Union should do all in its power to prevent another Georgia or Ukraine crisis from Occurring in future.

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