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What Makes Highland Capital A Successful Investment Firm

People have come to terms with the reality that the future is uncertain and have included investment at the top of their priority list. The mushrooming of capital management firms have been witnessed over time due to rise in demand for their services. Highland Capital has not been left out in this race to serve the needs of the investors. In fact, the firm is in operation for the sole purpose of managing its investors’ assets. It has performed excellently to the extent of gaining worldwide recognition for giving its clients advice on how to make sound investment decisions.

Highland Capital was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Its headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas, but also has offices in New York, Singapore, Brazil, and Seoul. It is a certified investment adviser and ranks as one of the most prolific and experienced alternative credit manager in the world. The reputable firm has about $18 billion worth of assets under its powerful arm of management.

Highland Capital streamlines in a number of financial strategies. It is mainly renowned for specializing in credit strategies that encompass managing long-term funds, separate accounts, hedge funds, private equity, and collateral loan obligations. Moreover, it has presently expanded its reach into long and short equities, natural resources, and emerging markets.

The institution’s clients come from diverse backgrounds. Unlike other financial institutions with limitations on who can seek their services, Highland Capital does not alienate any of them. Among their customers are corporations, pension schemes, governments, endowment funds, financial institutions and individuals with high net-worth.

Appreciating the community is not only a requirement but also an obligation to Highland Capital. The firm prides itself in giving back to the community where its employees live and work. It volunteers in community building and donates to charitable organizations both locally and at the national level. To the firm, making a difference in the society is one of the core objectives. The initiative was commenced over a decade ago.

Highland Capital has high-performing affiliates at global levels. It has ventured into the healthcare sector in Asia, which marks a major investment industry with over a 15 years impeccable track record. Besides, it runs other conglomerates in energy, real estate, and financial institutions, which generated a 32% return for its investors in 2016.

Cancer Treatment Center of America Aids In Cancer Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has made it their mission to partner up with NantHealth and Allscripts to enable eviti, a cancer software that allows health plans to provide oncologists with immediate pre-authorization for cancer treatment. Alongside eviti is the Clinical Pathways program, which helps provides treatment options to eliminate guessing from clinicians. CTCA’s Clinical Pathways platform alongside NantHealth’s eviti provides advanced cancer care to improve chemotherapy and ordering process, as well as CTCA’s ability to provide better care for each individual patient.

Established in 1988, by Richard T. Stephenson, who lost his mother to cancer, CTCA has been known to provide a combination of cancer treatments through various technologies and evidence-based support to aid each and every patient. For treatment, the use of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy are implemented to start cancer care, and therapy is provided to eliminate side effects such as pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, and depression. A team of oncologists are always on site to help patients decide on a treatment most suited for them. CTCA understands that all cancers aren’t made the same, so each individual is provided with their own unique care plan to help them reach their treatment goals.
CTCA has grown and developed through the use of state-of-the-art technologies that give precise care to each cancer patient. Old cancer treatments were created for the average cancer patient, excluding all those who were unique. Today, there’s a better understanding of how cancer forms and how to treat those with rare, hard to treat cancers. Experts use personalized treatments to ensure that every patient gets taken care of. CTCA is located in five major metropolitan cities across America: Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

How Neorocore is transforming people`s Health

A vast number of individuals in the United States suffer silently from mental illnesses, and a significant number of them are barely aware of their situation. Major depression is one of the most dangerous diseases in the country that affect most people, especially those that have reached adolescence. Adults are also among the victims that suffer from the disease and women, to be particular, are the principal victims. Besides, a significant number of people suffering from this diseases barely seek help from medical practitioners and choose to suffer in silence due to the stigma associated with the diseases.
The month of May being the mental awareness month, various organizations look forward to making people aware of the serious effects of depression. There are various issues that lead to depression, and in most cases, it develops without any identifiable symptoms. People should, therefore, be conscientious and research issues like family history, divorce, financial problems and many other matters. Family history is also one of the major contributors of depression hence one should be aware of their family history to ensure that they take all the required precautions to avoid falling victims. The disease may also lead one to commit suicide or taking other actions that may put their lives at risk.
Neorocore has played a significant role in providing people with depression issues to deal with their depression issues. The firm offers training to the victims with the aim of assessing their brains to relieve them from the stress they may be experiencing effectively. Neorocore has established in many areas including Florida, Michigan, among other places. Besides, the firm has played a significant role in applied neuroscience and aims at relieving people from the mental stress they go through to help them get some sleep, off from their daily mental struggles.
Besides, Neorocore has always relied on the use of the current technology to conduct their activities and believe that with the unique equipment, they can efficiently take care of their patient’s disease. The firm`s highly experienced team of employees has also taken great care of their patients, and their vast understanding of the severe disease has seen them offer them the best.

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Why Working with Agora Financial Can Build You Lasting Wealth

Agora Financial’s latest video drop consisteted of a fun and interesting saga that followed the path of a dentist named Bob as he moved onto his way to wealth management. Bob, the dentist, is a master of his craft. He knows root canals and fillings and has saved up for years to build a nice little nest egg for himself. Yet, as he nears retirement he doesn’t know exactly how to invest that money and turn it into more money.

The security of wealth is essential in today’s day and age to making sure you have a clear path to retirement and to enjoying the life you have worked for. However, there are many hurdles you need to jump in order to have that financial freedom. The first hurdle is finding the right company to trust with your investment decisions. In the video, Bob does not want to simply turn over his nest egg to an investment broker. These brokers are simply working to earn themselves commission and many of them utilize financial jargon and speak over the heads of their clientele to continue growing their commissions while not putting their clients first.

The video then moves on to explain the offerings of Agora Financial. Agora Financial’s team is stacked with the industry’s top analysts and executives that not only know the investment game, but dedicate their time and efforts to finding new opportunities for their clients. The video details how many top companies may seem like good investment opportunities, but by the time they become household names, the buy in price is too high and it is early investors that win the funds.

Agora Financial sends its employees all over the world to learn about early investment opportunities and to research trends in the financial market. They then bring that knowledge back their website visitors to help “share the wealth,” literally.

Agora Financial offers a huge variety of publications and videos on their website to help people learn about wealth management on their own timeline and terms.

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Boldly Going Forward with Cancer Treatment Centers of America

New technology is crucial for cancer research. Whether it means researching treatment options or trying to find a cure for cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America are working with NantHealth and Allscripts to offer oncologists and nursing staff a new support system that can access workflows stored in the Allscripts Sunrine health record.  This system will build a bridge between the treatment process and the doctor who will not have to spend countless hours trying to figure out which treatment method is the best. The companies working on this system asked oncologists of their input because they have an immense amount of data created over the years.

They also know best what kind of system they find easy to work with. All advisable treatment possibilities are on the list, and it allows doctors offer a quicker and more precise diagnosis. The patients will not have to play a guessing game while they wait.

It is also possible to see the new data trickling in about different studies of cancer and its elimination options. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America standard of care is applied to the system, making the diagnosis safe and efficient.

The most important person in the design is the patient. Their comfort always comes first. Oncologists can now create custom treatment options and compare the different possibilities making it safer for the patient. It is all supported with updated clinical data.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America with their HQ in Florida is made up of five hospitals. They work with cancer patients all over the country using the newest innovation and research to help people recover from the different forms of the disease. They also offer side-effect management and counselling.

The hospitals linked to the network are located in Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia with doctors, oncologists and researchers collaborating on research and data gathering all over the country and internationally.

Agora Financial Explains Their Mission with Simple, Interesting New Video

Like many people reaching their golden years, I was unsure if I had done enough to truly protect myself in my retirement. As a PR executive, financial trends and market analysis is the last thing I have experienced on my day to day working life.

I found Agora Financial though an interesting learner video on YouTube. What I enjoyed most about the video was how simple it was to understand. When meeting with investment firms in the past, it always seemed that people talk over your head and use words that those outside their world wouldn’t understand, perhaps sometimes intentionally.

Agora Financial’s video was a pleasure to watch. First, it took you through a key scenario that was very similar to the one I was undergoing. Without a background in investing, I wasn’t really sure where to turn to invest my earnings and take care of the little nest egg I had built up throughout my career. I also had now clue how to do things like analyze market trends. The video even spoke about not knowing who to trust, with many investment brokers simply looking to earn commission of my hard earned money.

Agora Financial then explained their sole purpose is to provide highly researched educational literature to help people do just that. The company has been around for more than 10 years and in that time has published hundreds of pieces of literature including e-books, articles, scholarly publications and even infographics. They have over $1 million readers that visit their site to read these publications.

Additionally, Agora Financial’s publications are completely unbiased and all done through independent research. Their team actually travels to places that could be potential new investment avenues to learn more about market trends so that they can better educate their readers with these publications.

Overall the video was very insightful and gave me a good look into who Agora Financial is and the services they offer.


Talos Energy, Making History in the Gulf of Mexico

Under the direction of President and CEO Tim Duncan, Talos Energy is a technically driven independent exploration and production company operating in the Gulf of Mexico that produced more than 16,000 barrels of oil per day last year. With nearly 120 employees, this Houston based company is committed to safely exploring and producing oil and gas for our energy needs. Duncan encourages his employees to “bring me your best ideas and don’t hold back.” This technique has created an entrepreneurial type culture at Talos Energy. As a result, they are able to use modern seismic technology on high-quality oil and gas platforms which has made Talos Energy a larger and smarter energy company. Talos Energy uses the latest procedures on a regional scale in order to optimize drilling opportunities by reducing exploration and operation risks.

According to the website, Talos Energy’s strategic position in the Gulf of Mexico represents a significant opportunity to apply seismic expertise which comes from proficiency in geological and engineering staff and innovative technology. Their technical reputation for drilling development wells and exploration wells along with a regional seismic database allows them to strategically pursue drilling projects with other operators of similar profiles but who may lack the technology, expertise or financial capability to develop and exploit the assets.

Consequently, for the first time in nearly 80 years, Talos Energy has partnered with Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil and Gas to drill a new offshore oil well in Mexican waters. This venture is the first offshore exploration well to be launched by anyone other than state-run monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos since the country nationalized its oil industry in 1938, and Houston based Talos Energy owns a 35 percent interest in the project. From the data obtained from the new well, it is estimated that the oil in-place is nearly two billion barrels.

Getting to Know James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is one of the most recognized alternative investment companies in the United States. The success of the company can be attributed to its founder who is James Dondero. He has been with Highland Capital Management since 1993 when he successfully established the company through the help of a close friend known as Mike Okada. Since then, the two gentlemen have been able to expand the company worldwide as it has offices beyond Dallas, Texas which is also its headquarters. Highland Capital Management has offices in New York City and Singapore. Recently, they opened other offices in London and Hong Kong. Plans to open new offices in other parts of the globe such as Dubai, Australia and Africa are underway according to James Dondero.

In Highland Capital Management, James Dondero is responsible for strategizing on distressed investments, structured investments as well as hedge funds. This means that he is responsible for structured products, high yield bonds as well as leveraged loans. Above this, James is responsible for hedging markets, fixed income as well as global public equity. According to the company’s website, James Dondero is currently managing assets worth over $19 billion. In the year 2014, James Dondero had the chance of ringing the closing bell at the Wall Street. James Dondero is also an equal employer. At the moment he has managed to employ over 100 people worldwide. Before he established his own firm, James Dondero used to work for another company known as Protective Life where he used to be the chief investment officer.

Some of the companies that James Dondero has traded with include JP Morgan and American Express. James Dondero destiny might have been shaped by the education that he received when growing up. He studied at the University of Virginia where he specialized in accounting and finance. He is also a certified managerial accountant. James Dondero can also be recognized as a chartered financial analyst. Beyond Highland Capital Management, James Dondero is currently involved with other institutions such as the American Banknote Corporation where he is a board member. He also serves with CCS Medical and Nextbank.

Highland Capital Management and Investments

Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Highland is headquartered out of Dallas Texas but has offices in other major cities across. Other Highland offices are in New York, Singapore, and Seoul. Highland is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced alternative credit managers. Highland offers money management for hedge funds, alternative investments, natural resources and emerging markets. Highland offers their services to various types of clients such as governments, financial institutions, corporations, foundations and pension plans. Highland is a SEC registered investment advisor. To date Highland has over $18 billion in assets.

In Korea at Highland Capital Management Ltd, a recent private equity fund was recently closed by this affiliate of the Dallas branch. The private equity fund was health care based and worth $147 million in capital commitments. Highland will be working with Stonebridge Capital to manage this fund in Asia. South Korea’s National Pension Service is the main contributor to this fund and it is valued at just under five hundred billion dollars. This is the first healthcare oriented fund that Highland Capital will be managing in Asia. Asian investers have shown increased interest in investing into this fund.

Highland is hoping that the target investers for this Asian health care oriented fund will be middle market US and Asia based health care companies. With the American based health care industry experiencing a graying there has been an increase in interest in the Asian health care market which makes investing into this health care fund a desireable choice.

Avaaz; The Greatest Promoter of Peace and Rights to All

Avaaz is a renowned worldwide organization with its base in the United States of America. The organization was launched in January 2007 to promote activism on serious issues such as human rights, climate change, corruption, animal rights, poverty and conflicts both internal and external. Avaaz is a Persian word which means voice or song, the name was chosen due to its relation to the major objective of the organization which is to promote peace and rights to all. This organization is considered to be the most powerful activist network online.

Avaaz organization owes its foundation to the Canadian British Ricken Patel who studied political philosophy, economics (PPE) from Balliol College at Oxford University. Mr. Patel also received his master’s in public policy from the prestigious Harvard University. He gained experience as he worked with International Crisis Group in many parts of the world. He has promoted peace and human rights in countries like Sudan, Liberia, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone. Due to his exposure, he mastered the art of negotiation where liberals would table their issues and peacefully come to terms. He also gained the art of mastering elections to ensure no grievances arise therefore preventing violence.

His task also included restoring public faith where corruption would be rampant in a country and detect when foreign forces would be enticed to interfere with other countries democracy. After his venture into the world, Ricken Patel returned to the United States where he founded Avaaz and learned to use online tools to promote activism.
Avaaz campaigns globally are conducted by dedicated teams operating from more than 30 countries which include among others: India, UK, Brazil, Lebanon etcetera. They communicate mostly via email, online public petitions and videos. This is done to ensure peace during campaigns and prevent eruption of violence. This great organization receives its financial support from its generous members and co-founders.

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