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Who are the Queens Of Drama?

Queens of drama is a relatively new reality-documentary series debuting in April of 2015. This show follows six soap opera stars as they work to make another soap opera with the hopes of landing a pilot deal by the end of the season. All six of the stars enact characters that they have played in the past making it like a soap in itself. Actresses Crystal Hunt and Lindsay Hartley have a sassy relationship with each other which consists of a lot of catty remarks about age. The show airs on the television network POP and usually has back to back episodes.

On the show the women are playing fictionalized versions of themselves from characters they have played on the shows that they were in and Crystal Hunt’s is Stacy Morasco from ‘One Life to Live’. Her character displays her background in business and creative skills and she shows that she has a great amount of creative abilities. In her real life, Crystal Hunt also owns a pet boutique which further backs up her business-oriented mind and this is shown on the show Queens of Drama as well. It can be said that Crystal Hunt might also be viewed as one of the more successful people on the show from her roles outside of the soap opera world.

Her official fan Facebook shows Crystal Hunt was a pageant girl starting at the age of two and used acting as her talent. Her works outside of this show include Guiding light, which she was on 2003 to 2006, and One Life to Live from 2009 to 2012. Along with those she has also made appearances in movies like The Derby Stallion and the more recent big-screen film Magic Mike XXL as Lauren. Hunt is crossing over and looks to have a long future in the world of acting.  To see where Crystal is headed next, be sure to bookmark her photography website.