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The Inside Scoop with Arthur Becker

No one knows tech better than Arthur Becker, the former husband of Vera Wang. Working out of Tribeca, his office where he practices Real Estate also functions as an art studio, bringing the appeal of a workshop along with his own personal works of art. Located just down the street from his first site of development on Washington Street. Previously, Becker was a stockbroker for Bear Stearns where he has remained as a silent partner in many endeavors alongside the investors of the Billionaire’s Row on 57th street. Visit Perezhilton for more info.

Arthur Becker has also had a stake in other developments, one of which is a development that spans 16 stories, all for condos only. Kevin Maloney, a real estate investor, was behind this project, along with Robert Gladstone Madison Equities, partnered with Becker. One of the prestigious names on the list to live in the development is fashion designer Vera Wang. A source says that Wang is going to live in one of the condos, while a few others go for sale. Vera Wang and Arthur Becker were married for more than 20 years, separating in 2012.

Becker, known as business mogul, has had his hands in multiple investments including the tech industry, real estate, finance, and additionally his love of art. Becker considers himself lucky to have come into so many gifts, also considering himself to be lucky to have landed his hands in the art space as well for enjoyment. Many of the most recent projects Becker has been involved in, include a brand of binoculars call Bnox.

In an article on The Real Deal, Becker has numerous interests outside of business that he enjoys, one of which is his love of ancient currencies. His gift of art has led him to reproduce items in the form of art, some of which are slated to be placed into his newest developments. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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