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Get Your App And Get Started

Slyce is a company that deals with visual searches and product recognition. There are many people that have heard of Slyce, and these are the people that are benefiting for its technology. Skype is an awesome company that was originally started in Ontario Canada, and now they have different offices in different parts of the world. Slyce is an amazing company, because they give people power when it comes to their searching experience. Normally an individual is at the mercy of their search engine, they may type in the search engine exactly what they are looking for, but quite often the search engine cannot give a person the exact items that they will want. For that reason Slyce is a revolutionary company that offers top of the line apps. Slyce is a company that is only a few years old, but its technology was so state of the art that they were able to get over ten million dollars in funding after their technology was showcased in Barcelona Spain.

Visual searches are simple and they get a person right to what they want with no fuss. the apps that are offered by Slyce can be easily downloaded to any device and they are very simple for an individual to use. All that a person has to do is download the app, install in into their mobile device, and start looking for different items that they would be interested in purchasing. Once they see an item that they like, all that they have to do is snap a pic of that item and then they will be taken directly to the store that sells the exact product that they are looking for. Same color, same size, same type, same everything. A person can seamlessly go from seeing something that they want, to ordering something that they want. It is as simple as that. Visual searches are the wave of the future, so all that a person has to do, is get their app, and get started.

Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist Marc Sparks

For Marc Sparks, being a serial entrepreneur is something he has been doing since 1975, when he graduated from an Austin Texas high school. He has been instrumental in dozens of start ups, which have been extremely successful. Having thirty-four years of entrepreneurial experience, Marc decided it was time to put down all of his wisdom, trials, and tribulations on paper to help others. He gives a lot of credit for his accolades to God.

Marc has a passion for creating companies from ideas that others think are not possible. He currently maintains, in this private equity firm called Timber Creek Capital, LP, several portfolio companies. With a sound business model and culture, Marc takes the time to develop plans with long term and short term goals from an initial idea. Living by the philosophy that one must lead by example, he does so for his team to follow.

In Marc Spark’s book They Can’t Eat You, Marc shares everything and stated that it was a painful experience. He hopes that people learn from his mistakes and unsuccessful ventures rather than simply read about how he started a software company and was averaging $200 million a year in sales. For example, he once started an insurance company out of his bedroom that at one point was worth a lot of money and then lost it all within ninety days. Sharing bad experiences like this is something that others will benefit from. Having unsuccessful venture after another can crush the hopes of any entrepreneur and Marc hopes the book will help. Marc Spark’s colleagues also helped convince him to write his book.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Marc also has a passion for helping the homeless and individuals that want to help themselves. The Samaritan Inn in Texas, is a homeless shelter that Marc has been involved in since the late eighty’s. According to reports from Bloomberg, they house sees roughly 160 residents a night and it is not uncommon to have to turn away some 75 people a week. The length of stay is maxed out around five month.

Having a passion for building and philanthropy, Marc Sparks is very involved with Habitat for Humanity and has personally helped build over a dozen houses. He is also a proud supporter of American Can! Academy, which is a network of magnet high schools. To help break the cycle of poverty, Marc’s foundation Sparky’s Kids, has donated over one thousand computers to at-risk children.