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Snapchat Warns Against Use of Third Party Applications

In a recent blog post from Snapchat that Buzzfeed News reported on, the company warns users against providing information to third party applications that request access to personal information. Currently, Snapchat has a private application programming interface (API), which prohibits 3rd party application developers from accessing Snapchat’s API.

Snapsaved is one such 3rd party application developed by Brian Torchin, which recently suffered a leak of over 200,000 user photographs. Snapsaved allows users to save photos from Snapchat without the photograph sender’s knowledge. Since many of the photos that are sent are sexually explicit in nature, this leak of photos has many users concerned. There have been blog and Facebook pages dedicated to showing these risque pictures.

In the digital age, we must constantly temper our communications with the knowledge that nearly all conversations and photos are in some way analyzed and archived. Are the erotic photos you are sending your current lover really something you want to be possibly accessed by a third party? In Snapchat’s blog post, it was stated that any application that isn’t theirs, but offers to provide their services, cannot be trusted.