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Justin Sacco: I suffered after Tweeting an aids joke.

The tweet which read “I hope I don’t get aids, just kidding! I’m white” on this cool Friday her tweet got transformed into the news headline of the day. Justin Sacco is her name (find her on Skout) and after more than a year’s silence, she explains what has befallen her. 

Justin Sacco says that she really suffered after she tweeted the upcoming book. The disgraced public relations executive who had not landed on the public since she gave a briefed public apology late last year decided to make it public that the tweet led to her losing her job and afterwards turned her into a punch line. The good career job she had, which carried all the glory was carried away in the incidence.

Out of the shame Justin had to pull out the tweet plus deleting the account on the following day. She went ahead to explain how traumatizing it was to an extent that she never slept, she now says that her target is to try and clean up and reclaim the destroyed identity. Defending her tweet she said that there was no way anyone could have thought it as a literal statement; but she had seen it as a joke that existed in south Africa.

Join Skout When You’re Looking For That Special Someone

Since there are so many different websites out there that cater to different demographics of people, even if you find one that caters to your needs, you may not be certain you have the right website.

If you know exactly what you want, and have an idea of what types of services you’re looking for, you can easily find an online dating website just for you. Those who are looking for a social media website, as well as a dating website, should try Skout.

Skout is a very popular online dating website and a social media website, with over 100 million users and growing. With the availability of so many people to talk to on the website, in order to establish a friendship or relationship; there’s very few other websites that can compare to Skout. Registration is free; all you need is to enter your information and you can get started meeting new people.

Although a picture is not required, it’s usually recommended if you intend on meeting someone, and allowing others to get to know you personally. Once you set up your profile, there are several activities you can partake in to begin to find that special someone, or even find a friend. You can join Skout on your PC, or download the mobile app. Skout has a great “shake to talk” feature, which allows you to shake your mobile device, and another shake to talk user will show up and be able to chat with you.

The shake to talk feature is one of the most popular features of Skout, and it’s a great way to meet new people that you may not have looked for personally, otherwise. You can use the shake feature all day if you like, and talk to one person after another, and see who piques your interest. If you find someone that you like, feel free to add them to your favorites list, so you can find them easier in the future. If you’d like, you can also personally search for someone who may fit the criteria of your future mate.

There are many people from different countries on Skout, so you can look around to see if you find a friend, or a future relationship with someone from another country. If you’re just looking to chat, Skout is also great for just making friends; and the website is easy enough to navigate, even for new users. The “Buzz” feature will allow you to comment on things that are of importance to you, and let others know what you’re feeling. If you’d like to see who’s been looking for you or whose added you to their favorites, simply purchase Skout points to access these features.

Skout points can be used to purchase things such as virtual gifts, and also other features that you may want to unlock or use on the Skout website. With so many new friends to be met on the Skout website, if you don’t have an account already, sign up for one today.

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