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Jason Hope, Famous Giver

Jason Hope Gives BackIf you’ve always wanted to know about Jason Hope’s giving, then read on. Jason Hope, as many of you may know, is an internet entrepreneur, and one who has definitely made his mark on Scottsdale, Arizona, for his involvement in various projects, such as giving to the Boys and Girls Club. He has also made his name known by giving to the SENS Foundation, which is a veritable charity in its own right.

Hope talks about his charitable giving in a number of ways. He says that he is committed to it. He also says that he wants his charity focus to be about more than just one facet of his life, and he wants it to represent his interest in the greater good on the whole. His goal with getting involved with SENS Foundation, which focuses on curing diseases, is to promote a longer, better quality of life for all people. SENS does this by focusing on finding cures for diseases that may typically affect us as we age.

Hope says that he likes SENS’s approach because they focus on fixing the relationship the body has to disease: they want to help find a cure for what breaks the body down and makes us age faster, including things like Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease. SENS is also focused on prevention, which is a huge plus for Jason Hope, as he wants to make sure people don’t get sick anymore.

Hope is focused on innovation in his giving, and he has made his name through a recent half a million dollar donation to SENS. If you are looking for a place to give your money, you can look to SENS, too, if you want to, and you can find that they will use your money to good effect, I’m sure.