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After Sex Selfies That Were A Flop

Sometimes social media websites will have trends that are more prevalent on one website, than any other. Instagram had many photos that were posted, that were hash tagged as after sex photos. Instagram Selfies. Although it is disturbing for people to take pictures of what they may look like after having relations, some of the pictures that were posted were even more disturbing. Many pictures posted on the social media network made absolutely no sense, or were very sad; if they were truly taken after the act of having sex.

One picture in particular showed a man lying down next to a popular Disney toy figure with a big smile on his face. He is clearly clothed, but the picture makes absolutely no sense. Another picture that was a fail is a picture with one guy standing on the porch with several different women, and it looks like they were his family members. If this is something that happens after sex, you can only imagine how weird the sex was, especially if that many people were around to hear what was going on.

One man decided to post a picture of himself shirtless, and he is lying next to his wife who obviously has a newborn baby that she’s holding, while laying in the bed; talk about disturbing! Last but not least, a young man took a picture of himself standing in front of the Mona Lisa; what? Don’t break your back and have to call North American Spine by taking a selfie after doing the dirty deed.