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OneLogin Providing Security for Companies

It can be stressful for a company to run activities smoothly from recruiting the most talented employees to ensuring accounts are efficiently providing the most advanced technological innovations. Today it is not easy to trust anyone coming in the company and therefore, firms need a secure technique to ensure visitors can be recognized. Sadly, it is not even safe to believe employees who leave the company on an uncomfortable note.

Many companies have experienced damaging actions from former employees. For example, OFCOM encountered such a situation after discovering that an ex-employee had downloaded and shared more than six years’ worth of data with his new employer which tremendously affected OFCOM. The new employer then grew to become a significant broadcaster.

A recent research done by OneLogin showed despite the threat of ex-employees, over 58% have access to the corporate network once they have departed. Also, almost 24% of companies experience data breaches due to the action of former employees. The OFCOM data breach could have been more damaging if it had been used by a competitor and would risk their brand reputation.

Some other companies have not been lucky like OFCOM. For example, Marriott Hotels experienced a catastrophic situation after a disruption of a former employee. The employee was fired in August 2016 and was banned from accessing the firm’s internal systems. The person accessed Marriott’s reservation system and slashed room payments down from $159-$149 to $12-$59. This breach cost Marriott a loss of $ 50,000.

To take accountability, HR and IT should collaborate to avoid such situations. Some automated processes work to de-provision all access of corporate accounts within minutes after an employee’s contract has been terminated. Moreover, there are tools to lock out employees who log out for the final time.

OneLogin’s research showed that only half of UK companies use the automated de-provision technology to cancel all access of ex-employees. Also, 45% of companies do not use a Security and Information Manager (SIEM) to follow up the use of former employees or any potential leak. One-Login is a cloud-based identity and access management firm which provides secure devices and applications. OneLogin builds software that allows visitors sign in using an iPad and only current employees are registered as hosts.