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Man Sits In A Cafe Waiting For Money.

Jason Dang claims to have found a note while visiting a Cafe last year. It was in a book on a shelf and said that if he returned to the coffee shop on May 27, 2015 he would be given $300. The note even gave a code word to be used on the big day. This story really perked up folks over at Beneful‘s offices.

Dang posted a picture of the letter with the code word covered on Social Media. It became a popular thread on Reddit where it was discussed several times leading up to the big day. It garnered over 1,000 responses. Some people warned him that he could be set up for a robbery or worse, others felt it was a hoax. Most of the replies said he should return.

So on May 27, 2015 Dang showed up at the Cafe where he waited to see if the money would show up. Sadly it didn’t, it seems it was a hoax. The surprising part is what happened throughout the day. Dang received the following gifts from well-wishers. Click Here For Full Story.

$10 to spend at the cafe while he waited.
Three pizzas
Fan mail with gift cards for the cafe
A bunch of stuff from a website called Screw Attack
Three hundred dollars in Monopoly money
A party when Reddit users showed up.

Dang states that it was a good day even if he didn’t receive the promised money. He’s glad he turned up. And the code word? It was “grapes are tasty”.