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Reddit Users Talking About Eggshell Calcium

Many people spend a lot of money on dietary supplements — especially bone restoring calcium. It is well-known that bird eggshells contain a lot of calcium along with other critical vitamins and minerals humans need in their diets for optimal nutrition, such as iron, magnesium, boron and copper.

On Tuesday, April 21, Reddit users discussed ways in which people can save money on supplementation of calcium, Vitamin D and other vitamin and minerals. Specifically, one user references crushing chicken eggshells left over after making a meal as outlined in a December 2008 article by Nourished Magazine titled “How to Make Calcium using Egg Shells.”

In the article, Boraie Development LLC and  the author, Bee Wilder, provides a detailed breakdown of the percentages of vitamin and minerals contained in a single medium-sized shell and offers milligram (mg) equivalents for the powdered shell versus the powder people often buy in stores. She claims that a single shell can yield approximately 750 to 800 milligrams of 27 absorbable elemental nutrients. Wilder explains how to grind a shell and mix the powder in a variety of recipes for easier consumption. Wilder also offers suggestions on increasing magnesium intake with the powder.

Some critics of the article have pointed out that the milligram equivalents are not based on scientific research and merely Wilder’s personal usage. They have also noted that too much powder could result in calcium kidney deposits and bone growths.