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Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright grew up in Philladelphia in one of the schools that could have benefited from being in better conditions. He took that experience and used it to influence the improvement of public schools while he was a Deputy Chief Operating Officer in Baltimore between 2004 and 2011.

Since then he has held many executive positions in the areas of human capital and economic development. He is now using his wealth of knowledge in developing communities and giving individuals a shot at the American dream of home ownership.

Kevin Seawright is the managing partner and Chief Operating Officer for a company named RPS Solutions; a real estate company that is a one stop shop for affordable home buying. RPS Solutions helps provide affordable custom homes, a dream that hasn’t been possible in the past for first time home buyers.

They have an experienced team that can guide individuals from the beginning to the end of the home buyer experience, at an affordable cost. This business model has brought new proud home owners to Baltimore and other surrounding areas.

Kevin Seawright is creating possibilities and building communities through a great business model, some of RPS Solutions values include diversity and accountability to excellent performance.

If you follow Kevin on social media you will see he is passionate about Baltimore and helping to assure their residents have homes they are proud of. He was featured in the Larry Young Morning Show as well as PR Newswire. His business is an asset not only to individuals, but also to underdeveloped areas that will benefit from having residents that care.