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I Found My New Home In Manhattan Thanks To Town Residential


I found Town Residential after a mishap I had with another real estate company. I paid a real estate agency to help me find my New York City home, and it seems as if they took my money and ran. I never saw my agent after I paid him money to find me a home, and it wasn’t until he was fired that I realized I had made the wrong choice in choosing to work with that agency. I was given a full refund of my money, but it definitely was a setback.


I desperately needed to find a home in Manhattan, and I didn’t want just any place to lay my head. I’m willing to pay any money that I have to, to get the place I want, but I wasn’t finding the right real estate agency. I did some research and talked to some people at work, and I was finally able to find a great Town Residential realtor that helped me to find a beautiful home in Manhattan.


The home that I have has stairs that ascend up to an amazing loft, and the downstairs portion of the home is absolutely beautiful. I plan on having my family come to visit me, but all this was thought out before I even signed the papers to lease out the home. Town Residential is the company that I worked with to look at NYC real estate properties, and I must say that they truly came through for me.


Of all the realtors that I’ve worked with in New York City, I’ve never seen an agency as classy as Town Residential. My real estate agent was very punctual, and I never had to worry about her being on time to meet me. The only problem I have with Town Residential is the fact that they had so many beautiful homes that I found it hard to make the ultimate choice of picking the home I wanted to live in. I found the perfect place in Manhattan, and it’s all thanks to Town Residential, who was really there for me in my time of need.