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The Positive Impact Oncotarget Has Made To Cancer Patients

Oncotarget is a medical journal that focuses on oncology, a branch of medicine dealing with prevention of cancer, accurate diagnosis of cancer and proper treatment of cancer. Oncotarget had done a lot to raise public awareness of cancer since 2010 when it was established. It has also helped to demystify myths linked to cancer.

The journal is published weekly, and it aims at;

  1. Highlighting insightful reviews of various researches conducted in oncology,
  2. Sharing widely new and existing beneficial information,
  3. Linking multiple medical fields to work together,
  4. Promoting primary clinical ways of fighting cancer.

The journal revolutionized medical journalism, and it lead to the publication of other articles that are not necessarily linked to oncology. After all, knowledge is power and there are many people out there suffering from other chronic illnesses that would greatly benefit from the journal.

Oncotarget has gone out of its way to focus on research and recent developments in the medical field. Their support for research has helped a lot of people to be aware of upcoming medicines and other ways of treating chronic illnesses. Hope never disappoints. Gone are the days where being diagnosed with a chronic disease was equal to being handed a death sentence.

Research has helped a lot, and new treatment plans are adopted every day. Patients suffering from chronic illnesses have a reason to smile because of the studies. The Oncotarget journal has received positive reviews from many people who have gained access to it.

IntegraGen recently announced publications in the Oncotarget. It is a company that deals with interpreting information obtained from biological samples into useful information used for diagnosing purposes, especially in oncology. The company stated that it was delighted to have a platform where they could publish data from their clinical trials which will help many clinicians to improve their practice. The recent information released will enable clinicians to offer better treatment plans to patients diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer

The Oncortarget journal has dramatically bridged the gap between researchers, clinicians, and patients. Everyone can be on the same page and well informed on developments on chronic illnesses. The journal is now published twice weekly due to the high demand from eager readers.