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 John Goullet Provides IT Staffing Solutions

Early Life and Career

IT staffing can be challenging especially with the invention of new terminologies. That is why it is vital to have someone who consistently masters the shifting trends of the IT world. If you are wondering who to look up to in the world of IT and entrepreneurship, John Goullet is a perfect example. John is an IT technician and staffing professional. His career began in 1994 where he worked as an IT consultant. He vastly shifted his interests to IT staffing due to client demand. Servicing both worlds, John broadened his ideas and strategies in IT. He learnt so much and widened his scope through diversifying into various IT fields. With that knowledge, John used the emerging trends in IT to form a firm called Info Technologies.

Info Technologies

Info Technologies was a company that offered innovative IT staffing solutions to businesses in the nations including most Fortune 500 companies. Within five years, Info Technologies had made over $30 million ranking it on Inc Magazine’s list of fast growing private companies in the US. With his focus and determination, John merged his firm Info Technologies with Diversant Inc to form Diversant LLC. Goullet forms part of the active unit in Diversant given that the IT staffing is overly transforming from time to time. As the operations manager for Diversant LLC, John ensures high-quality service delivery to clients. His clients border the Fortune 500 Companies and mid-market. Through his strategies and those of the directors, Diversant LLC has absorbed active leaders leading to its success.

Contribution to Diversant LLC

Being principal of Diversant LLC, Goullet has shown a lot of professionalism in directing the firm towards success. Recently, the company has grown drastically even with the economic recession. With his passion for IT staffing, John encourages his team to embrace teamwork and employ creative thinking for innovative ideas. With his consistency, the company was named the largest African-American company in the U.S. With a certification, and Diversant LLC is a top Minority –Owned Enterprise.


John went to the Ursinus College and got a Master’s degree in Computer Science