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Brazil and Felipe Montoro Jens

This article will recap another article about French tribune and Felipe Montoro Jens. Then it will give some biographical information about Jens. It is true that Brazil has always had a strong persona with the state. According to Jens that fact showed even more essential in the 20th century. In the end of the 80s Brazil found itself in a great debt issue. It was established by the (CNI) or National Confederation of Industry, that Brazil needed to participate in the sector of infrastructure to get modernization.

Backing to the 1930s Brazil had experienced 50 years of continuous growth of the State. This included business that was owned by the state. In April of 1990 the National Privatization Program started. This is where privatizations ended up being standardized economic reform platforms the government proposed. Also, a couple years ago in 1995, the Concessions Law was passed by the government which created some types of industries as priority privatizations.

Now some general information about Jens. Jens main occupation is an infrastructure specialist. That means he is a treasurer, controller, and planner of the finance divisions. The divisions are located the countries of Singapore, Brazil, and the U.K as well.

Jens graduated from the (FGV) Fundao Getlio Vargas. He, owns a degree in international management he received from Thunderbird, the American Garvin School of International Management. Finally, he has served from 2010 to 2013 as the director of Braskem S.A.

Jens is known for his leadership skills. He has skills that are both valuable and unique. These qualities will keep on helping the economy by putting down a limit on the expenditures that aren’t required.

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