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Facebook and the Serious Problem of Reputation Disasters

Facebook has really revolutionized the way people communicate. Simply by creating a profile on the social media network, staying in touch on both a personal and professional basis is possible. Of course, there does come a point when a little prudence is necessary when investing time on Facebook. Specifically, there needs to be a “work-Facebook balance”.

Probably the sagest bit of advice would be to curtail visits and interactions on Facebook during work time. An employer is not exactly going to be thrilled with constant visits to Facebook on the company clock. Self-employed persons shouldn’t think that they have free reign to use Facebook whenever they wish. Doing so cuts down on productivity immensely.

What someone posts on Facebook could prove very damaging. Saying negative things about anyone runs the risk of alienating an audience. Customers and possible business associates are not drawn to snide, rude, negative, and opinionated persons.

Darius Fisher, the president of the reputation management firm Status Labs, notes it is best to not make any controversial or political comments. Doing either is a great way to turn people off. Friends are lost and so are customers. Why even bother wading into an avoidable controversy? Status Labs works hard to help clients all over the world fix reputation disasters. Yes, some of those disasters are of people’s own making.

Why do people sometimes get themselves into hot water? For one, they do not realize the impact their comments may have. The other reason is they think their comments just go away. On the internet, nothing just goes away.

Facebook posts might have a very long life. Even when the privacy settings have been maximized, the posts could end up in newsfeeds and indexed by the search engines. Once this occurs, no control exists over who sees the content.

Status Labs has helped 1,500+ clients in 35+ countries deal with reputation woes. The Austin, TX-based company can even work at fixing social media troubles. Anyone whose Facebook activity has led to major controversies may wish to contact someone at the company.

Make the Most of Your Wikipedia Editing

Wikipedia was founded over a decade ago as an open source information hub. The website grew in both size and respectability until it stands as the monolithic compendium of information that it is today. With over 4 million pages of data and thousands of registered users all regularly contributing, Wikipedia could be considered one of the most important websites on the internet. However, this open source encyclopedia is nothing without its volunteer workers and for those that are interested these tips will behoove you.

Registration and Your First Day
Many people don’t realize that there is an entire world of social interaction underneath the surface of Wikipedia page creation. For the casual browser, Wikipedia has always been just a resource for information. However, for those that decide to register and become an editor there is much more beneath the surface. Upon registering, which is free, users will be guided to a landing page where they can learn the ins and outs of Wikipedia. Wikipedia, despite its casual relationship with free registration, is a strictly regimented website that relies on users to provide constant professional updates. Users who register should spend their first day focusing solely on getting used to the different editing pages and how they function.

The Wikipedia Manual of Style
Once a user is familiarized with how the website operates it will be time to learn how to actually edit. Editing requires an advanced knowledge of the different rules that Wikipedia requires to be followed. Browsers will notice that all content on Wikipedia is written in an almost clinical fashion, devoid of personality and bias while being completely focused on the information at hand. Getting this sort of congruent updates across the website is difficult unless each user commits to learning the rules. These rules can be found in a document called the Wikipedia Manual of Style. The Manual of Style, or MoS, shows users how to format, edit, and write out their content. They’ll learn about the notability guidelines, the neutral point of view, and even how to properly cite a website in the citations section of an article.

Get Your Wiki
Many people register onto Wikipedia in order to learn how to edit with the hopes of adding their own personal page to the database. This is against several different rules in the MoS. So for users who want a personal page added to the Wikipedia, they’d be better served looking at a service like Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki is a professional Wikipedia page adding service that gets pages onto Wikipedia that follow all of the guidelines that the site demands.

Check Out Skout

There you are on vacation alone for the first time and you are wondering what to do. Going on vacation alone can be horrifying for some people. Skout makes it easy to meet new people no matter where you go.

Skout is an application for your phone that allows you to set parameters and locate people who close to you. No more sitting in a dark bar hoping someone will make eye contact with you. With a simple click of of a button, you are able to locate people in your area. You can set the specifications such as age, gender and distance from you.

Skout has revolutionized the way we are able to meet people. No longer are we slaves to our home computers. Skout goes where you go. Millions of people are connecting every day on Skout. Skout has been making the magic happen since 2007. It is user friendly and compatiable with phones and computers. It is easy to sign into Skout with your Facebook account and see what is happening around with a simple click.

Headed out to a concert tonight? It is easy to see who is there as well on Skout. Set your parameters and see what you find! Flying off to Barcelona? No problem! Skout goes with you.

New features of Skout are that when you shake your phone, you will be linked with others who are shaking their phones at that exact moment as well. For those who love the limelight, you can make yourself the center of attention on Skout by putting yourself center stage in the Skout spotlight. No wallflowers here!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your app store and dowload Skout on your phone so no matter where you go, Skout will go with you!

Parody Better Than Real Thing

The best way to advertise a business is through advertising. The best advertising is that which reaches the largest number of people, engages them in the actual advertising campaign and gets them to visit the business and buy stuff.

Well, it seems that Arby’s has hit the jackpot. Well, not actually Arby’s, but a parody site on Twitter tat makes fun of food, the human existence and life itself. It seems that posing the tough questions that make people think is a way to get them to eat. The parody site makes fun of food that Arby’s sells, and questions what man’s existence on the planet is….then encourages people to eat.

The response rate to the posts is at an alarming high as well and has been assisted by technology enhanced radiology. Readers have overwhelmingly taken a liking to the almost morbid posts. The restaurant chain has been able to capitalize on the posts through offering links to the real Arby’s site, and offering coupons for customers who read the tweets.

This is the perfect union for any advertising plan. The parody has gotten the attention of the Twitter universe, and it is quickly spreading to the internet as a whole as Twitter fans repost on facebook and other social media sites.

Some may say that fact is better than fiction, but in this case it does not appear to be the case. Fiction, or parody, seems to be the leader in terms of followers and responses.

Netflix Adds Debts to Create More New Content

The success of original series, such as House of Cards, seems to have prompted Netflix to look to original programming as its way of moving forward and adding new subscribers to the video streaming service, Variety reports. Viewers like Susan McGalla have heard that the company has decided to raise the debt it is looking to take on in 2015 from $1 billion to $1.5 billion. More on McGalla is available on This will largely be used to add more content to its service to attract new customers and maintain existing customers with the service.

Netflix had earlier this week sent letters to shareholders explaining the reasoning behind the move to add a large amount of debt to its existing debts, with CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells looking to calm investors with a letter detailing their plans for the future. The move to add the debt is designed to free up funds to continue the drive to create original content in a variety of forms, Netflix hopes to continue to create new original series for existing and new show. The company is also hoping to create a number of documentaries and comedy specials that will add even more original content to its streaming service for customers.

Check all your accounts with cheap WIFI from FreedomPop

What is Freedom Pop?

Freedom Pop is a revolutionary new company that initially started selling their own unique Wi-Fi only phones last year. Freedom Pop is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). The company is located in Los Angeles California. The company has just recently expanded and is offering Wi-Fi service. This innovative new company is now offering low cost Wi-Fi service. Upon signing up with company users have access to unlimited usage of millions of hotspots across the U.S. for only $5. You can also receive an unheard of unlimited SMS with your data plan.

Who can obtain this service?

Stephen Stokols is the CEO and co-founder of Freedom Pop. Mr. Stokols projects that the first initial rollout will cover millions of hotspots, which will cover 120 million people. During this Freedom Pop works with cable providers who service urban hotspot networks. The company also services users who have abandoned their phone. What this means it that consumers who had Sprint as their carrier who have no network provider can obtain Wi-Fi and SMS through Freedom Bop. Mr.Stokols ,CEO,of Freedom Pop is pleased with its initial growth and has plans to break into the European market in 2016. The company has already made a profit of $19 million, which was raised through investors. Check out FreedomPop on Amazon, iTunes, and the Google Play store.

How does the Wi-Fi service work?
Prior to launching the new service, careful testing was conducted to make sure customers experience excellent connectivity and usage. Freedom Pop’s Wi-Fi service is designed to work in perfect synchronization with the consumers devices. The service is currently only available through the company’s Android app which will be available shortly. At this time, Windows phones are incompatible with the company’s Wi-Fi service. 
Who are the company’s service providers?

Due to privacy concerns in Freedom Pop’s contract it can’t reveal who is providing their Wi-Fi service. However, the company states that you can receive their service at your favorite restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, and even Home Depot to name a few. The company also disclosed that it works with industry leaders like Google and AT&T. The CEO of Freedom Pop did state that the Wi-Fi network is owned and operated by many different ISPs and hotspot services.

Freedom Pop is definitely on track to becoming a dynamic Wi-Fi hotspot provider as well as a mobile phone carrier. Apparently enough investors saw the potential of this company and gave the company $19 million. FreedomPop has plans to cover the whole US and even enter into European markets. If coverage is available in your area you might want to consider making a change in your Wi-Fi service and also purchase one of Freedom Pop’s phones.