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Don’t Be A Boob

Nurse-in on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathylee Moms are now sharing photos of their moments with their child during breastfeeding. Why? To show their pride and encourage other breastfeeding moms. Airing a segment that shamed moms for doing this, NBC’s Today show took major negative hits, during their Ok! or not Ok spot. Gifford making her view very clear stated “breast-feeding is beautiful and natural, but sharing it on social media is TMI” (Too much information). Now where Gifford is entitled to her opinion, she probably should not have made such general statement which seemed to enrage breastfeeding mothers everywhere. As her remarks lead to the now famous ‘Nurse-in’, where mothers across the country shared “brelfies” short for breastfeeding selfies all over Twitter and Facebook. We all have choices that we make and whether someone agrees with them or not should not be made an issue to the point of making another person feel shame. Breastfeeding is natural, good for the baby, and a great bonding experience for mom and baby. FreedomPop said that most mom’s when out in public will even place a blanket over themselves but in the privacy of their homes and the other end of their cameras, they are really free to do what they please according to Wikipedia. I would say, in the world we live in today and what’s being allowed on television, breastfeeding is a wholesome show to be confronted with. Kathylee and Hoda, it could be worse.

Instagram Continues to Block More and More

Instagram, which Sam Tabar reminded me is owned by Facebook, allows users to tag content with hashtags and certain lines of text. It can hashtag far more than with Twitter as there is no character limit and a user can include a tag up to 30 times inside of a single message. However, there is one thing Instagram doesn’t like on its page and its nudity. Anything the social media imaging service believes is connected with nudity in any shape or form and it is going to block the content and pull it from the service. This, apparently, also means using an eggplant as a hashtag.

Recently, Instagram announced it would allow users to tag emojis as well. This way, someone to hashtag a smiley face and it would connect with other faces on the social media service. There are dozens of different emojis that come preinstalled with the service and on an individuals phone, one of which is a turned up eggplant. For anyone who really wants to make a connection, it is somewhat possible to see a vague correlation between the eggplant and male reproductive organs. However, Instagram decide to mark this eggplant emoji, a vegetable, as “offensive” and it has since started to remove all images that come with this hashtag. So, for anyone who is preparing eggplant parmesan and wants to share a picture, they are better off not tagging the eggplant icon. Otherwise it will be flagged as inappropriate.

Buble Makes Woman Butt of Jokes on Instagram

Michael Buble has a huge female fan base that adores his romantic crooning. However, Buble’s official Instagram feed is drawing some ire after he posted a picture of a woman’s backside in very short shorts with the caption “There was something about this photo Lu took that seemed worthy of Instagram” and then a list of descriptive hashtags.

Buble’s Instagram feed typically features pictures of his family and his travels, so the picture was out of character for Buble. Viewers then commented on the picture, with many accusing Buble of sexism and bodyshaming. Many are upset that Buble does not know the woman and did not get her permission before posting the picture.

Instagram users on the other hand, the picture has also scored 40,000 Instagram likes, and lots of supportive comments as well.

Buble’s next album will be released on April 23, 2015, entitled ‘To Be Loved’.

Fewer Teenagers Are Using Facebook As Their Main Social Network

A study done by Piper Jaffray and Maluf concluded that a multitude of teens are neglecting the famous social network, Facebook. Many are considering it less important when in comparison to networks like Instagram and Snapchat.

About 14% of teens consider Facebook as the most important social network online. The survey took 6,000 teens, and a huge percentage of teens didn’t even bother to consider the famous site as important. Instagram is widely recognized as a very important app because it’s what all the celebrities are using. The connection found from apps like SnapChat allow them to connect with the most famous of social network celebrities.

The Senior research analyst, Gene Munster, has exclaimed that this decline is very concerning. Despite the downfall in the usage by teens, you’ll find that many experts still see Facebook as a big social network. Despite Instagram being more popular, Facebook owns that app after all, so they’re still in partnership. About 71% of Facebook users are between the ages of 13-17.

A group of teens have exclaimed in the past that having an older set of people using Facebook has also caused some confusion. Many adults have taken a liking to the social network, causing many people to stop using Facebook.

A wide range of studies show that the usage of Facebook has declined over the past two years because of the new apps and other social networks on the rise. Only time will tell how Facebook capitalizes on them and sticks it out at the top.

Instagram Deletes Spam Accounts, Resulting in Angry Users

It was a day of change on Instagram and plenty of users like Dan Newlin are unhappy about it. Instagram warned users that they would be deleting accounts that didn’t follow their community guidelines– namely, inactive or fake accounts. Instagram users didn’t seem to take the warning seriously– until it actually happened. Many Instagram lovers noticed a significant decrease in their number of followers after the deletion of spam accounts. While some might see this as a positive change, countless users were up in arms about it. Angry Instagram users didn’t stay quiet about the changes, either: they complained about their lost followers directly to Instagram and demanded that their followers be returned. For the record, Instagram has no plans to return spam followers to users.

Celebrities weren’t unaffected by the change either– some lost millions of followers once inactive and spam accounts were deleted. After all was said and done, Justin Bieber was knocked out of the number one followers spot and replaced by Kim Kardashian. Some celebrities, including the rapper Ma$e, deleted their accounts following the mass spambot deletion by Instagram.

So, will Instagram users remain loyal to the picture sharing service in 2015? Only time will tell.

Follow Barbie on Instagram

Barbie has long been a hotly contested subject in the world of girl toys. She has been everything from an astronaut to a kindergarten teacher. However, she can now add street style star to her resume thanks to her latest ventures pictured on Instagram. “Barbie” or the Mattel corporation signed her up during the global fashion month. She was firs spotted in New York sitting front row and posing for Rachel Zoe. Next, she was off to London, Paris, and Milan for each of their respective fashion weeks.

Barbie was recently the inspiration for the latest Moschino Cheap and Chic line. She was the guest of honor at the show that sent models in plastic pink looks down the runway. Of course, Barbie is now back in L.A. seen posing around town at the city’s hottest venues. The Instagram account keeps people updated on the doll’s looks and her outings with friends. They also show off vintage adds from the 80’s and 90’s to help women who are nostalgic for their childhood.