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The George Street Photographic Event Opportunity

The George Street Photographic and Video Company is unique and fast-growing concept that is taking the photographic event world by storm. Catering particularly to weddings, George Street, named after the street where the co-founders lived, combines local talents to make an event the best it can be.

No matter where you live in the United States, you are very like to find George Street Photo and Video Locations in your area. Simply go to the Facebook page and hit the “Book” button and you will get several names in your immediate zip code. Don’t limit yourself to just one call, but ask questions of several of the names you find.

Results are very good, as you get photographers and coordinators who will work together on your wedding or event. It is a good way to get some of the best in your area who will work together on your event. Ordinarily, this would be a difficult feat to piece together yourself, but here the pattern is already in place for success. For more info, check out