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Drew Madden is Making Doctors and Patients Life Easier

Drew Madden is a giant of sorts in the healthcare IT side of things. He has over 10 years of experience working with several companies, where he specialized in all things healthcare IT. He is what could be described as a triple threat in the business. This is because of his capability to use his EMR background along with consulting and project management skills that have helped IT professionals in the healthcare world successfully implement EPIC teams. He also has four EPIC certifications to his credit. His first stint as an IT professional started at Cerner Corporation. He worked as a project manager helping to put together IT solutions for inpatient clinical solutions.

Drew worked at Cerner Corporation for nearly four years before moving on to Healthia Consulting back in 2005. He continued his work at Healthia as a specialist at implementing IT solutions for the healthcare industry for approximately four years before he got promoted to business development. From there he moved on to work for Nordic IT solutions where he eventually became president of the company. At Nordic, he was responsible for recruiting, consulting and business development. With his vast knowledge of EPIC based systems, he was a perfect fit for Nordic, since they are an EPIC only based company.His stint at Nordic was extremely successful. While working there, he saw the company grow from $1 million in revenue per year to nearly $130 million per year in revenue. The company also grew from 10 to 725 employees.

Drew got his BSE degree from the University of Iowa, in medical systems.Today, Drew Madden works for his own company named Evergreen Healthcare partners, which he co-founded with Rebecca Bottorff, Jeff Leach, and Aron Friedman. The company strives to increase end-user satisfaction and help clients meet their full potential with their IT systems.