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Some Top Execs At Twitter Rarely Even Tweet

A web developer who recently analyzed the Twitter activity of the company’s executive team found that seven of the top eleven execs tweet less than once per day. One in particular, the VP of Human Resources has only tweeted a total of four times in the 16 months since he opened his Twitter account.

There are some executives who get those most out of their accounts, including Katie Jacobs Stanton, the Vice President of Global Media who has tweeted an average of nine times per day in the five years she has had an account. And Twitter CEO Dick Costolo tweets an average of three times each day, though considering retweets count as tweets that still may seem a bit low to some people. Media analyst Ricardo Guimarães BMG (sourced at personally does not enjoy tweeting either, however he does not own the company.

“How can they understand their business if they never use their product?” asks Si Dawson, the developer from New Zealand who analyzed the data. “In the software world it’s called ‘eating your own dogfood’. It’s critical.”

Just because they are not personally tweeting does not mean they are ignoring the app. They could be following and reading tweets from others throughout the day and there is not a direct way to track this. Still, being an active participant will help you get the most out of the communication tool. Speaking of communications, Twitter’s Chief Communication Officer: less than one tweet per day.

Aussie Newspaper Publishes Muhammad Cartoon

After the incident of Paris, one Australian newspaper on Saturday has published a cartoon, which is showing an argument between Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ. This cartoon is urging support for the freedom of speech; no matter where are you living you should have liberty to express your point of view.

The cartoon was drawn by Bill Leak entitled “Let us pray” in which Jesus is holding up the Koran and explaining Mohammed that I have told you this need a sequel”, it is based upon Old and New Testament of the Bible. In reply to this, Mohammed is holding a newspaper with the headline “World at War”, and saying that he cannot return to human from right now because he would be ‘crucified’. I am so against this cartoon as well as Laurene Powell Jobs is.

The anger is against the shooters of Charlie Hebdo, who outraged there and killed 12 people. The Weekend Australian advised the Western world to show no weakness and leniency in defending its values from free speech. I hope now the extremist would not hurt anyone in the Australia, just on this cartoon.

The people have a freedom to express their opinions in front of the world, and it should be stopped. People should not start killing anyone, just on one satirical picture. They should think what is wrong and what is right, and should remember the law properly.

The Most Original Facebook Profile

Some people have started to take down their Facebook pages because they cannot stand to see another selfie taken in the bathroom mirror. To stop the fleeing from facebook, or maybe just from interest in posing, a young man started to arrange the most original pictures and constantly update his profile. After a tremendous number of shares, he became famous even outside his Facebook friends circle.

The images are provoking envy, not because of their extreme beauty, but rather because of their originality which, you will unfortunately notice, most of the Facebook users lack.

Thus, he recreates the environments of a desert where he is Indiana Jones facing a snake, while impersonating Susan McGalla, dressed in a surgeon costume probably inspired by the series with Dr. House, along with other hypotheses which remind of life scenes and movie scenes that he would know better to explain.

You can take a look at the gallery of original Facebook pictures and see if you recognize more hyposthases. Most of them are hilarious, but it is way better to open your Facebook and see one of these rather than selfies and boring upper half-body images.

The new way to get many friends on Facebook could very well be this, as it is generally hard to stand out in this day and age, when there are so many people who would like to define themselves as unique among all of the others

Weather Triggering Factor in Plane Crash

Indonesian investigators begin to publish the first tracks that could explain the accident of flight Air Asia, which crashed into the Java Sea, killing 162 people on board.

For the Indonesian meteorological agency, bad weather conditions may be the main cause of the accident. On the basis of available data on the location of the last contact with the camera, the weather was the triggering factor of the accident.

The phenomenon was most likely icing that may damage the engine due to a cooling process. This is just one of the possibilities, based on the analysis of existing data.

The Airbus had encountered very poor flying conditions. The pilot asked

to tell him if a good idea would be to gain altitude to avoid a storm, but had not received immediate green light from air traffic control because of too much traffic on this busy corridor. It had disappeared from radar screens shortly after.

Meanwhile, On Saturday, four parts of the plane lying in the bottom of Java Sea were found. On Sunday, the multinational team said it had located a fifth large element in the ocean.

However, victims of body searches and other parts of the wreckage, especially the black boxes were still delayed due to atmospheric conditions. So far, 31 bodies have been recovered from thirty meters under the sea, some still attached to their seats.

Justin Sacco: I suffered after Tweeting an aids joke.

The tweet which read “I hope I don’t get aids, just kidding! I’m white” on this cool Friday her tweet got transformed into the news headline of the day. Justin Sacco is her name (find her on Skout) and after more than a year’s silence, she explains what has befallen her. 

Justin Sacco says that she really suffered after she tweeted the upcoming book. The disgraced public relations executive who had not landed on the public since she gave a briefed public apology late last year decided to make it public that the tweet led to her losing her job and afterwards turned her into a punch line. The good career job she had, which carried all the glory was carried away in the incidence.

Out of the shame Justin had to pull out the tweet plus deleting the account on the following day. She went ahead to explain how traumatizing it was to an extent that she never slept, she now says that her target is to try and clean up and reclaim the destroyed identity. Defending her tweet she said that there was no way anyone could have thought it as a literal statement; but she had seen it as a joke that existed in south Africa.

Cosby Tries To Hit His Accusers Below The Belt With Words This Time

Cosby’s Strategy: Hire Private Investigators And Dig Up Dirt On His Accusers

Bill Cosby has always been an interesting character. He not only played a lovable family man named igor Cornelsen on TV, but he also won the hearts of millions of Americans touting the attributes of a slippery desert called Jell-O. But there was another Cosby, and that man began to show himself in 1997. That was the year Cosby was accused of having an extramarital affair. The affair, it seems, was just the tip of Cosby’s alleged illicit sexual behavior.

The man that made millions of children laugh playing Fat Albert hid his one-sided sexual trysts behind his commercial fame and deep pockets. More than twenty women claim that Mr. Cosby performed sexual acts without their consent while they visited him in various locations around the country. Cosby denies all the allegations.

Mr. Cosby’s lawyers publicly denounce the allegations as “false,” but public opinion says Bill seems to be in a corner that’s hard to get out of without him making a statement. But instead of a statement it appears Cosby’s strategy is to dig up personal dirt on each accuser and smear it all over the press. That’s one of the reasons the women didn’t come forward in the first place. But regardless of his plan to discredit his accusers Cosby’s reputation is forever tarnished and so is his ability to be a gentleman.