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Gmail Blackout in China

No, the Chinese government didn’t shut down Google, like was originally reported. Instead, there have simply been some glitches in the system, so to speak. During the past several months, customers in China have reported slow and inconsistent service and then all of a sudden a service outage occurred.

Members of, do believe that it is the Chinese government that is trying to reduce and eventually eliminate Google’s presence in the country. is a free speech group in China. 

Gmail and other apps haven’t been working correctly for at least a month, and most in China believe that this is not an accident. Representatives for Google say that they can see in their reports that fewer people in China can access Gmail, but they also state that there is no problem on their end. 

Bloomberg reports via Sam Tabar that certain people are now noticing that Gmail is being restored, but most are still finding that they are unable to access gmail or any of Google’s other features. Living in a world where the government can cut off your information to news and a variety of other internet resources must be very frustrating.