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Voter Intensity Masquerades on Facebook

Dr. Ben Carson garners more interest than all other republican candidates in a Facebook data report. This is often seen as a non-measurement with no value. However, it reveals voter intensity, and voter intensity is a very real metric for people that are more likely to vote. In turn, the model for likely voters drives all reasonable legitimate polling organizations. Carson beats Cruz and almost doubles the interactions of Rand Paul. This Facebook metric measures intensity in a broad spectrum, but in particularly, it measures interactions that come from an informed subset of voter. This voter is a strong candidate for who will eventually vote.

This why it matters that none of these candidates got more interactions than even Bernie Sanders. Bernie who? Bernie Sanders is the other democratic candidate. He is a progressive firebrand and has been known to refer to himself as socialist. He beats all of the republican candidate interactions, but Hillary has 3 million more interactions than Sanders. She absolutely trounces all republican interactions and almost matches their combined total. These results are ignored at the peril of all opponents. However, Skout reports the fact that a socialist like Bernie Sanders is beating them shows that Americans are not moved by their popular portrayal of a socialist as a bogeyman.