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Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Announce $70 Million in Series C Funding Round

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the medical technology world’s biggest up and comers. In the past, his technology startups have become industry changing, including Groupon, which he also founded. His latest venture has become a bit of a unicorn in the technology space. Tempus was founded in 2015 and its over arching goal is to take a new approach to help drive the fight to cure cancer. When technology leaders like Eric Lefkofsky put their expertise and knowledge to use, true innovation comes into the medical community. Lefkofsky has long since been known as a major contributor to cancer research. As having someone near to you go through cancer treatment typically does, Lefkofsky was more motivated than ever to contribute to cancer research. He did this by bringing his technology skills to the field of research.

While Tempus is still technically a startup, in the past 2 years it has received more than $130 million in funding. Among those that funded it is cofounder Eric Lefkofsky and his partner. Most recently, Tempus announced that their series C funding round generated 70 million in funds. This puts the company’s evaluation at an estimated $700 million dollars. Tempus is a name on the lips of many people in the health tech startup field. It’s goal is to build the world’s first ever operating system that will modernize the treatment of cancer and how data is collected and shared by oncologists everywhere.

Tempus wants to make cancer treatment data driven in order to highly personalize it to each patient. Tempus uses a cutting edge technology called genomic sequencing in order to analyze the patient’s individual biochemistry and type of cancer to provide the best method possible to treat that specific cancer or tumor better.

Tempus also is an operational system that collects, processes, analyzes and stores huge amounts of data. Data has typically been stored in physicians’ notes and while there is a lot of data, there is no central, digitized system that physicians can access. By being able to access this data, Tempus helps patients make the most custom plan for their pateint’s health and cancer treatment plan.