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Sheldon Lavin Is the CEO of OSI group which is a leading meat and food processing industry. After working in his own company for long, Otto and sons convinced him to join them because of his leading financial services. He helped Otto and sons to secure sufficient capital to run their business. Sheldon Lavin later took ownership of the business after the two sons sold shares to him. This company later developed to be OSI group. The group under Sheldon Lavin’s management has more than 60 locations in different countries. Sheldon Lavin is always passionate and hardworking.

Following to expansion of operations in OSI group around the globe, the company has received many environmental and sustainability awards under Sheldon Lavin supervision. Lavin hopes that the next generation of corporate leaders will always prioritize. Lavin aims to inspire the next corporate leaders to dedicate themselves to growing their companies in responsible ways to contribute to the growth of global commerce and many opportunities for the employees.

Sheldon Lavin started as a banking executive and an entrepreneur and later joined OSI group as a financial supporter. Sheldon has been awarded for business production, community involvement, integrity and much more. Although OSI group has many facilities worldwide, Sheldon Lavin is still pushing for the establishment of more factories especially in China because of its population base. Sheldon Lavin has contributed to several charitable works including Ronald MacDonald house charities, boys and girls club Chicago, Evans scholarship fun, and the inner city foundation in Chicago.

Lavin has acquired services of quality leadership to help him offer visionary leadership at the company. Lavin has inspired the employees to produce a variety of processed meat products that include all meat products, fruits and vegetables at large. His commitment to attaining excellence makes him sacrifice himself to ensure high-quality production and efficiency is maintained. Quality and effectiveness are always his priorities. He has been the role model to many and an example of what it means to be a servant leader. Despite the fact of him being busy, he has been able to raise his three children being a good father and husband. Sheldon Lavin received a global visionary award from Indians vision world academy in 2016, this was an accomplishment of bringing OSI group to an international level contributing to employment creation all over the world.

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The Incomparable James Dondero

James Dondero is the current President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management. His 30 years of experience in credit and equity markets primarily focused on high yield and distressed investing. The company which began in 1993 revolutionized the Collateralized Loan Obligation market and credit oriented solutions for investors worldwide. Highland Capital Management has attained $19 billion in assets under management and collaborates with affiliates such as Acis Capital Management, Nexpoint Advisors and Nexpoint Residential Trust

Mr. Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with honors (Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi) as well as a dual major graduate from the McIntire School of Commerce in Accounting and Finance. He received certifications as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management and Chartered Financial Analyst . Mr. Dondero began as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty program in 1984.

Before his current position Mr. James Dondero was a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager for American Express from 1985 through 1989 growing $1 billion in fixed income funds. From 1989 through 1993 serving as Chief Investment Officer he helped create the GIC subsidiary of Protective life accounting for over $2 billion dollars. Mr. Dondero is The Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and Newbank. And also serves as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios

Mr. Dondero is synonymous with philanthropic endeavors. He supports numerous charitable organizations such as Education is Freedom, Uplift Education, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Snowball Express, SMU’s Towers Scholars Program as well as the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute.

Avi Weisfogel: Redefines Sleeping Remedies

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the prominent authority when it comes to the issue of Sleep Apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has become known world-wide as a prominent sleep expert. He makes it a point to re-define remedies as it applies to the serious condition.Here is the thing: At one time, persons prone to the severe condition were required to wear masks. They were required, too, to be subjected to scary mechanical devices. It is correct to state, such means–in finding a cure-all, as it applies to the disorder scared off a great many sufferers.

Dr. Weisfogel, by way of his Dental Sleep Masters‘ program, allows the Dental authority to recommend a non-scary oral appliance. This appliance makes it possible for the sleep participant to experience a user-friendly form of remedy. It allows the Dental Professional to treat the patient and also generate a nice second cash flow. When the Dental Professional signs up with the Dental Sleep Masters’ program, he is able to properly identify patients, he sees on a regular basis, as well as new patients: whether or not they truly have the sleep disorder. The general public benefits from the standpoint, most persons are unaware of the disorder or its serious consequences: if it goes undiagnosed. (It is estimated, according to Dr. Avi Weisfogel, that nearly 90% of the population are not aware they have the sleep malfunction.)

Dr. Avi Weisfogel ran his own Dental Practice, for fifteen years, in New Jersey. He became particularly interested in the world of sleep: and it was his interest that led him into investigating Sleep Apnea. He worked, by way of a number of companies, which he established, educating dental practitioners and physicians about the seriousness of the disorder. He instructed, accordingly, how these distinguished medical practitioners could implement a sleep lab, into their current environments. He finally evolved to the Dental Sleep Masters’ program which allows the Dental professional to integrate a sleep component into his respective office environment. The testimonials indicate that the Dental Sleep Masters’ program works: providing a way for the Dental Professional to properly identify persons that possess the serious condition of sleep apnea, and suggest a remedy that has proved 90% successful–in the way of client retention.


How Prodigy Eric Pulier Shaped The Software Industry

Born To Program

Eric Pulier started programming at a very young age. He wrote his first programs in the 4th grade, and he started his first software company while still in high school. After receiving his degree in computer science from Harvard University, Pulier started taking aim at the software industry. His ambitions quickly turned things to his favor, and before too long Pulier was a millionaire. The patents, which he continues to create to this day, under his name include just about everything you could possibly do in software. (Get More Info)

A Hand In Everything

Eric Pulier is a jack of all trades. In just about every category of software, he has had some level of influence. Particularly, Pulier is an active creator of application programming interfaces, essentially platforms for developing software, and communication software such as social networks. In fact, in the 90s, before the rise of websites and apps like Facebook, Pulier created the world’s first private social network Starbright World. Thanks to his innovation, others took interest in the idea of creating social networks and the potential they had. Even today that social network, Starbright World, continues to connect people from across the world. See:

Lending A Helping Hand

Eric Pulier is a family man with 4 children of his own. He wants to leave these children with the best world imaginable, and technology is the best way he sees fit to make the world a better place. Sometimes his philanthropy occurs through direct means, such as the creation of the Starbright World social network. Other times, Pulier takes on more of an advisory role. When Bill Clinton wanted to create the Bridge to the 21st Century, an exhibit devoted to predictions surrounding 21st century technology. Even after Bill Clinton stepped out of office, Pulier continued to work with them in their pursuit of ways to solve important global issues. The Clinton Global Initiative, founded shortly after Clinton left office, is devoted to finding solutions to many global issues. Alongside other experts, Eric Pulier provides insights and brainstorms over the potential solution to many important issues.

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Bruce Levenson’s Legal Team Continue AIG Battle

The complexities of the insurance industry will be tested in a legal case brought by the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, headed by Bruce Levenson, who claim a simple insurance claim over the financial settlement provided to former General Manager Danny ferry remains unpaid. Danny Ferry’s contract was terminated just two days prior to the announcement of the sale of the franchise for around $730 million to billionaire Tony Ressler in June 2015; Bruce Levenson’s legal team are pointing to discussions held with AIG as early as April 2015 over comments made by Ferry they believe could be seen as grounds for a constructive dismissal claim.

Despite the ongoing legal claim against AIG, Bruce Levenson has not limited his work to the case but has instead continued to extend his philanthropic career around the world. Bruce Levenson and his wife, Karen, have acted as the Chair for a Kennedy Center sponsored ball that benefited the Anti-Defamation League. Alongside the Kennedy Center ball the Levenson’s have extended their work with the University of Maryland by providing funding for new philanthropic management programs that have taken students to developing nations in Africa and Asia.

According to Time Magazine, the case against AIG will see aspects of workplace insurance discussed as Bruce Levenson’s legal team has looked for new ways of finding a financial settlement over the termination of the $18 million six year contract of Danny Ferry. No details have yet been made public of the settlement provided to Danny Ferry, but the case brought through the Barnes & Thorburg law firm asks the court to award a full financial settlement plus a 50 percent penalty and all legal costs to Levenson’s group. The current owners of the Atlanta Hawks have explained they are aware of the legal proceedings and will not be affected as the case moves through the courts. The info posted on this article can be sourced from Wikipedia.



 John Goullet Provides IT Staffing Solutions

Early Life and Career

IT staffing can be challenging especially with the invention of new terminologies. That is why it is vital to have someone who consistently masters the shifting trends of the IT world. If you are wondering who to look up to in the world of IT and entrepreneurship, John Goullet is a perfect example. John is an IT technician and staffing professional. His career began in 1994 where he worked as an IT consultant. He vastly shifted his interests to IT staffing due to client demand. Servicing both worlds, John broadened his ideas and strategies in IT. He learnt so much and widened his scope through diversifying into various IT fields. With that knowledge, John used the emerging trends in IT to form a firm called Info Technologies.

Info Technologies

Info Technologies was a company that offered innovative IT staffing solutions to businesses in the nations including most Fortune 500 companies. Within five years, Info Technologies had made over $30 million ranking it on Inc Magazine’s list of fast growing private companies in the US. With his focus and determination, John merged his firm Info Technologies with Diversant Inc to form Diversant LLC. Goullet forms part of the active unit in Diversant given that the IT staffing is overly transforming from time to time. As the operations manager for Diversant LLC, John ensures high-quality service delivery to clients. His clients border the Fortune 500 Companies and mid-market. Through his strategies and those of the directors, Diversant LLC has absorbed active leaders leading to its success.

Contribution to Diversant LLC

Being principal of Diversant LLC, Goullet has shown a lot of professionalism in directing the firm towards success. Recently, the company has grown drastically even with the economic recession. With his passion for IT staffing, John encourages his team to embrace teamwork and employ creative thinking for innovative ideas. With his consistency, the company was named the largest African-American company in the U.S. With a certification, and Diversant LLC is a top Minority –Owned Enterprise.


John went to the Ursinus College and got a Master’s degree in Computer Science



Eric Pulier: The Man, The Myth, The legend

Living in today’s contemporary society we as a people have unlimited access to some of the best advanced technology across the board. When you think of technology in-general, the end goal or product is the first thing that comes to mind. Technology itself came from an idea or concept in it’s inception and without those brilliant thoughts, people wouldn’t be enjoying or benefiting from the technology of today. Eric Pulier simply personifies this notion perfectly as he has introduced many advanced services throughout the years. Being this successful has allowed Pulier to help underprivileged communities, chronically ill children, and people who suffer from some kind of physical impairment. As of 2016 he has founded up to 15 companies and as profited with a huge $350 Million pay out after selling his last company. See:

Eric Pulier is on another level as he stands head and shoulders over his peers. He understands the need for something and goes what it takes to make it into a reality. Pulier has a hand in technology, government, education, and healthcare. Having such a strong interest in technology has allowed him to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into start-up tech companies, which many have gone on to become a huge success themselves. He an investor as well to capital venture deals also while raising millions of dollars in capital in the process. Having such broad knowledge in investments and business, Eric Pulier can take a small idea then manifest it into a full fledged reality. There is just no denying what he can do and what he’s achieved so far. His track record is long while showing off his resume of success. (Get More Info)

This Teaneck, New Jersey native has blessed the world by his personal capabilities. His entrepreneur spirit allowed him to open his own restaurant and nightclub in Santa Monica, California. All in all, we are living in the presence of greatness that doesn’t come around too often and that’s why Mr. Pulier is the man, myth, and legend.

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Philanthropist and Businessman Dick DeVos Reveals The Breadth of His Charitable Donations

Dick DeVos’ success in the the world of business has enabled him to pursue philanthropic activities thanks to not only his funds, but also his strong influence. Dick DeVos, at an early age, has had a passion for business and helping others. Mr. DeVos has spent his entire career in executive positions at Amway, the NBA’s Orlando Magic, as well as the Windquest Group. His current position is as President at the Windquest Group. His success has even been noted by Forbes when he was placed on the list of the world’s richest individuals. Mr. DeVos was placed at number 67 and was reported to have the net worth of 5.1 billion dollars. He doesn’t just hoard this money away though. He is known throughout Michigan and the U.S. as the founder of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and as a generous philanthropist.

He and his family have remained quiet when questioned about exact amounts of money donated in the past, but he and his family have recently revealed that they have given over $1.2 billion over their lifetimes. Their money has been given largely to education and arts institutions, but the various causes and charities they donated to are far reaching and can be seen detailed in another article by MLive. Dick was clearly humbled by the recognition he received from his community.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

One of the first positions within the business industry that DeVos held in his career was with Amway. Though DeVos joined this company in 1974, he gained the high position as President in 1993 and held the position until 2002 when he decided to pursue other business ventures. The experience that he took away from Amway was immense as he was responsible for all the aspects of the country’s operations in 50 countries on six different continents. The leadership that he demonstrated at Amway opened the company to new markets and even tripled the company’s international sales. Learn more about Dick’s work experience here:

With his success in the business industry, Mr. DeVos became interested in sharing his success with those who are less fortunate. An example of his dedication to the community, Mr. DeVos started the Education Freedom Fund. This scholarship fund has awarded over 4,000 scholarships to underprivileged children in Michigan. He has geared his scholarships to those who are pursing a higher education and come from developing countries. 

An example of his dedication to education is also demonstrated through his contribution to create the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This academy is the first public charter aviation school in the nation. The goal behind creating this aviation academy is to offer free education that is of the highest quality. The goal is not deter excellent students from being blocked from an excellent education merely due to financial trouble. Dick is a talented pilot of both airplanes and helicopters as you can see in the video below, so it’s no wonder that he wanted to give others the opportunity to pursue careers in this field.

Dick DeVos and his wife are dedicated philanthropists that are constantly involved with their community in Michigan. They believe that change is done at the local level which as been shown to work through his many successful stories. Mr. DeVos and his wife have helped the artistic community, the religious community, the education community, as well as the civic community. 

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Are Adding Bright, Attractive Colors To Beauty Products

Humans have been using beauty products since the dawn of civilization. People of every culture do it in some form or another. Whether it’s primitive people painting their faces and bodies or people in highly advanced civilizations using oils, creams, and grooming products, the goal is the same. To look their best and attract the attention of potential mates or sex partners. The same is true of modern man. Go into any department store, specialty shop, or beauty supply store and you will see an incredible line up of beauty products and people of all ages, sexes, and social classes lined up to purchase them.

Beauty products are easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and very effective. People of all races and cultures use them to improve their appearance. While the ingredients used to produce beauty products may vary slightly from one culture to another, the goal is always the same. People use them to make themselves more attractive. That has been true for thousands of years. Whether it’s lipstick, eye-shadow, oils, creams or balms, human are always looking for a way to improve the look and feel of their faces and bodies. This will probably never change as long as there are people on this planet looking for mates.

In the early days, beauty products were primarily used by entertainers and members of the upper class. By the early 1900s, the desire to look better had driven the average woman and some men to begin using them. The introduction of Nivea in 1909, L’Oreal in 1910, and Max Factor and Este Lauder soon afterwards made it easier for the women and men that make up the hoi polloi to get their hands on these magical potions and begin to improve their looks. Initially it was primarily pink lipstick, rouge, and finger nail polish. But soon the man in the street wanted skin cream, hair oils, and perfumes and colognes as well.

Now there is a new line of beauty products. One that allows people to use their faces and bodies as living canvases and create masterpieces that are sure to attract attention. This new line of beauty products is called Lime Crime and it was created by an entertainer and entrepreneur called Doe Deere. Deere created the bold, bright, attention grabbing lip sticks, eye-shadows, and nail polishes to help her garner more attention while she was on stage. Soon the people that frequented her blog looking for make-up tutorials began to clamor for Lime Crime. Doe Deere listened to their pleas and created a worldwide phenomenon.

Lime Crime beauty products are made from wholesome vegan ingredients. They aren’t tested on animals so they’re cruelty free. What they offer is an opportunity for people to make themselves look so unique other can’t help but stare. Using the internet as her primary marketing tool has allowed Doe Deere to make Lime Crime beauty products affordable and easily accessible. If you’re ready to make a bold fashion statement, try Lime Crime beauty products.

Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist Marc Sparks

For Marc Sparks, being a serial entrepreneur is something he has been doing since 1975, when he graduated from an Austin Texas high school. He has been instrumental in dozens of start ups, which have been extremely successful. Having thirty-four years of entrepreneurial experience, Marc decided it was time to put down all of his wisdom, trials, and tribulations on paper to help others. He gives a lot of credit for his accolades to God.

Marc has a passion for creating companies from ideas that others think are not possible. He currently maintains, in this private equity firm called Timber Creek Capital, LP, several portfolio companies. With a sound business model and culture, Marc takes the time to develop plans with long term and short term goals from an initial idea. Living by the philosophy that one must lead by example, he does so for his team to follow.

In Marc Spark’s book They Can’t Eat You, Marc shares everything and stated that it was a painful experience. He hopes that people learn from his mistakes and unsuccessful ventures rather than simply read about how he started a software company and was averaging $200 million a year in sales. For example, he once started an insurance company out of his bedroom that at one point was worth a lot of money and then lost it all within ninety days. Sharing bad experiences like this is something that others will benefit from. Having unsuccessful venture after another can crush the hopes of any entrepreneur and Marc hopes the book will help. Marc Spark’s colleagues also helped convince him to write his book.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Marc also has a passion for helping the homeless and individuals that want to help themselves. The Samaritan Inn in Texas, is a homeless shelter that Marc has been involved in since the late eighty’s. According to reports from Bloomberg, they house sees roughly 160 residents a night and it is not uncommon to have to turn away some 75 people a week. The length of stay is maxed out around five month.

Having a passion for building and philanthropy, Marc Sparks is very involved with Habitat for Humanity and has personally helped build over a dozen houses. He is also a proud supporter of American Can! Academy, which is a network of magnet high schools. To help break the cycle of poverty, Marc’s foundation Sparky’s Kids, has donated over one thousand computers to at-risk children.