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Renown Health Opens New Clinic in South Reno

A 10,000 square foot healthcare clinic is set to open this spring in the South Reno Nevada area. Renown Health is set to welcome new patients to the family practice at The Summit Mall. The clinic will provide primary care services as well as laboratory services for now. There may be a possibility that more services will become available in the future, but for now Dr. McCormack wants to wait and see how healthcare reforms will be changing. With the new Trump administration and other healthcare rules changing, it’s best to wait and see. Dr. McCormack is the medical director of Renown Medical Group. She has worked hard to oversee the overall process and building structure of the company. This specific clinic was established and began construction in November. By February they were placing the electrical and interior parts in the building. Their goal was to provide a welcome and refreshing experience to the setting. They want each patient to be comfortable and feel like they’re in their own living room where they are at ease and relaxed. Healthcare facilities can become stressful and intimidating, and she wants to make sure that isn’t the case at the new Renown Health.

The South Reno clinic will currently have a staff of 11 people. They hope to add one more physician to the clinic and a nurse practitioner. The increase in people has lead to possibly a busy practice and they want to make sure they are prepared to handle the amount of traffic. More people seem to be moving to that area of Nevada, which has made the new urgent care clinic possible. Click here to know more.

Renown Care has many facilities throughout the Nevada areas. They have been providing exceptional healthcare services for many years, and continue to grow with their urgent care business. They provide primary care services, pediatric services, cardiopulmonary services, xray’s, imaging services and some specialized services. They are open for walk-ins and continue to provide valuable care to each patient everyday.

Let USHEALTH Group Help You

For those in need of insurance solutions, look no further. USHEALTH Group, Inc. is here to help. Since its conception, the company has provided millions of people with a multitude of insurance options. These include life, disease/sickness, disability, accident and so forth. Furthermore, the company has provided insurance options to individuals, families, employees, and small business owners. To be exact, USHEALTH Group has provided insurance to over 15 million people. Also, the company has been in business for more than half of a century.

Unlike other insurance companies, USHEALTH Group understands that each customer has an individual need. Therefore, the company prides itself on providing customers with a variety of options. This gives customers the freedom to choose the most fitting insurance plan. Furthermore, the company created a portfolio that showcases the preferred coverage of its customers. With years of experience and such a large install base, USHEALTH Group is more than qualified to be an insurance provider. Also, USHEALTH Group has a portfolio geared toward customers who are on a fixed income or worry about having high annual deductible rates. The products exhibited in their portfolio inform customers of discounts and benefit information that USHEALTH Group offers. Click here to know more.

Therefore, these plans are considerably cheaper. Moreover, the company has a portfolio for customers who are willing to pay more money for insurance. However, these insurance plans are more tailored than the cost-effective portfolios. In addition to giving customers multiple options, USHEALTH Group focuses on delivering the utmost customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is something USHEALTH Group takes seriously. As evidenced by their install base, the company knows a lot about customer service.

Throughout the years, millions of customer have remained loyal to USHEALTH Group. In particular, this is noteworthy due to the market being extremely volatile. For a company the size of USHEALTH Group to not suffer from high customer turnover or low customer loyalty is remarkable. It speaks volume about how the company fares when compared to its competitors. Therefore, USHEALTH Group has been an ally to all they serve. Furthermore, the company rightfully deserves every accolade they have received.