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The Power And Strategies Of Avaaz Have Made A Positive Differnece In The World

In a world where refugees often have no place to go, many individuals refuse to accept the concept of climate change, and nature is often destroyed for technology, one organization advocates for a better world, resolving conflicts, preserving nature, and helping individuals affected by disaster, and war. The organization is known as Avaaz, and consists of members all over the world. These members unite when they see injustice, disaster strikes, conflicts arise, or governments seek unjust laws. They have proven repeatedly the power of a strong voice, millions of emails, phone calls, marches, actions made for peace, and the preservation of the world for the future generations.

The member of Avaaz have fought for ending fossil fuels, the preservation of a free, and open internet, and the allocation of protected marine reserves. They have provided aid, and critical supplies for victims of natural disasters all over the world, and helped refugees, and children forced from their homes in countries torn apart by war. The victories they have established have made an important difference in societies forced to see the truth of their actions. The have battled large corporations to prevent damage to the earth, and fought for animal rights.

With the magnitude of Avaaz’s successes, it is hard to believe they have only been around for five years. They are a powerful collective force, speaking fifteen languages, encompassing six continents with core teams, funding effective media campaigns, consisting of scores of volunteers, lobbying governments, and preserving the values, and views that effect the entire world. The member choose which campaigns Avaaz will participate in, resulting in a unified force that cannot be overlooked. Avaaz continues to grow in numbers, and strength, as they strategize the best way to accomplish their current goals. They have the resources necessary to carry out their strategies, and secure a victory.


Adam Goldenberg Leads the Way

Adam Goldenberg began his impressive career at the age of 15. He created a gaming company known as Gamers Alliance. Gamers Alliance quickly generated a buzz, and Goldenberg was able to sell it to Intermix, the parent company of Myspace. He quit high school in order to join the Intermix team. The move across the country would prove highly beneficial. Goldenberg was promoted to COO within two years. This made him the youngest person to hold such a position in a publicly traded company. It was here that he would meet his longtime partner Don Ressler. The two became great friends, and would go on to build a fantastic business relationship.

When Intermix was bought out by a larger corporation, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wasted no time in forming a powerful duo. They initially focused on health and beauty, and how their products were discovered by consumers on the internet. This would eventually lead to a journey in fashion.

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JustFab became the concept created by Goldenberg and Ressler. The idea was to tap into undiscovered markets. Providing cutting-edge fashion at an affordable price was a concept that had not been explored up to this point. Consumers would be able to receive a number of items tailored to their taste, for a fixed price every month.

JustFab focused on women’s apparel, an unlikely venture for two young men. However, they were convinced that their business model was innovative. They enlisted the help of knowledgeable fashion experts to assist with the distribution of their products. This led to a working relationship with Kimora Simmons, a long-time fashion icon. Kimora had been friends with Don, and grew very interested in their business platform. She would soon come on board as the president of JustFab.

The popularity of the company grew faster than expected. Goldenberg would have to quickly discover new partnership opportunities in order for this new venture to thrive in the manner it was envisioned. Before long JustFab was a global brand. The company’s influence expanded worldwide. This made for enormous success. Business interests have reached as far as Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Thinks Brazilian Entrepreneurs Can Help The Economy Recover

Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America, and the country has more beautiful beaches than any other country in South America. The people of Brazil are a fun-loving group that enjoy football, a good laugh and lots of beer, according to an article published by But some of laughter is gone these days thanks to a recession that is turning the country into a shadow of its former self. Brazil’s economy has been shrinking for the last two years, and the government hasn’t been able to stop the contraction.

Two credit rating agencies have downgraded Brazil’s debt to “junk” status, and the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff says the only way to pull out of this economic nightmare is to cut spending and raises taxes. But BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães disagrees with Rousseff, and he is not the only private citizen that does. Most Brazilian want to see Rousseff impeached, but that could take years because of the way the Brazilian parliament operates

Ricardo Guimarães recently told that he thinks Brazilian entrepreneurs can help pull the country out of a recession. Mr. Guimarães told that there are four types of entrepreneurs in Brazil and they all possess creativity, vision, and dreams but only a few of them have the proactive attitude to help the country beat the recession. Ricardo believes the country will begin to rebound from the recession in 2016 because of the entrepreneurs that will help kick start the economy by developing innovative products that can be exported.

Brazil has unlimited natural resources, and there is a technology boom is happening in Brazil, and that will pay off, according to Guimarães. But Ricardo also thinks Brazilian entrepreneurs step up and become more proactive in government as well as in business.

Guimarães is a well-known public figure in Brazil not only for his banking expertise and his social statements, but also for his participation in Brazilian soccer. BMG Bank sponsors seven football clubs and Ricardo was chairman of his home state club for five years. BMG Bank has a reputation for being the bank that has the best payroll loans rates in the country thanks to Ricardo’s advertising campaign that mixes football with payroll loans. Wiki says the total thing about him.

Mr. Guimarães has won numerous awards for his participation in the banking industry. But the award his is most proud of is the Belo Horizonte Diploma of Merit, according to Belo Horizonte is Ricardo’s hometown, and he has helped the city become one of the most forward thinking cities in Brazil.

Steve Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital, Passes On

CCMP Capital Advisors is a very popular private equity organization. The company mostly deals with buyouts and growth equity activities, especially in the upper middle market institutions. Since it was formed, the company has invested lots of money in consumer, retail and services, industrial, media and telecom, healthcare infrastructure, and even financial service sectors.

In the consumer services and retail industry, the institution focuses mostly on specialty retail, consumer packaged products, direct marketing, service industry among other activities. In the media and telecom investment department, CCMP mostly specializes in consumer trade publishing, broadcasting, content and programming, cable and wireless and wireline communication department. In the industrial department, CCMP makes investments in manufacturing, chemicals, distribution and automotive activities.
CCMP Capital is believed to have been established in the year 2006. The company was founded to precede with the investment strategies that were developed and also implemented by the organizations professionals as part of J.P Morgan Partners. The company had other predecessors known as Chemical Venture Partners, Chase Capital Partners, and Manufacturers Hanover.

Just recently, CCMP Capital Advisors named Robert Toth to become the Managing Director of the institution. Toth is expected to become an investment team member for the organization full time, and he is expected to work closely with the institution’s current portfolio companies. Toth has acquired a lot of experience while working in leadership roles in various organizations and this proves that he is the right person for the job.

Before getting this position at CCMP, Toth was working as the CEO and president of Polypore International. He was also a member of the board of trustees for this company. He has worked in many other senior positions, and it has enabled him to have the expertise required to handle a big institution like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

Since it was formed several years ago, the company has grown significantly, and it has managed to employ several people in its offices. Although the institution is based in New York, it has managed to open several branches in different cities. There are offices in London, Hong Kong, and even Tokyo. In the year 2008, the company appointed Mr. Greg Brennenmen to become the chair of the institution. In 2007, they had appointed one of the founding partners in the company to become the CEO, Mr. Steve Murray CCMP Capital.
In February last year, there was a report that Steve Murray had left the New York-headquartered organization. Steve Murray had worked in the institution for very many years, but in 2007, he was appointed to become the CEO of the powerful company. When he was leaving the company in February, the management of the company said that the reason for his departure was health related problems.

Just recently, Steve Murray passed way at his home at 52 years of age.