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IDLife Continues to Scale Up to the Global Market

Over time, health and wellness have grown to a billion dollar industry. People are now becoming more interested in improving lifestyle and overall health and reducing stress. As technology evolves, scientists are developing various ways in which individuals can improve their overall health while lowering their odds of suffering from diseases and disabilities. IDLife is a budding health and wellness company that specializes in the development of dietary supplements. IDLife recognizes that everyone has unique nutritional needs. Nutritional requirements and deficits vary depending on individual’s current level of physical activity, medications, and personal circumstances.

The concept of living a healthy life seems overwhelming and complicated to many people. With so much conflicting information from the internet, people often get confused even before they get started. Through its 3-step program, IDLife attempts to eliminate the guesswork out of the process of improving one’s health. Just a few steps help IDLife’s clients to reduce their odds of getting ill, increase their energy, lower their needs for medications, lose weight, and live a happy life.

Meanwhile, IDLife has announced that it will partner with Garmin, a technology firm that specializes in the creation of wearable fitness trackers designed to enhance an active lifestyle. Whether your passion is cycling, swimming or aerobics, Garmin creates devices that can help you collect valuable information about each fitness session. That allows you to improve your overall health by comparing your previous workouts with the current ones. With Garmin’s technologically advanced devices, monitoring calories burned, distance traveled, and time spent in the gym become easy to track and monitor.

The goals and mission of IDLife and Garmin collide. As such, it makes sense for them join forces and to offer the most exciting benefits to individuals around the world. That is the reason why IDLife and Garmin have formed a partnership. The two companies share a common belief that health and wellness go beyond eating a balanced diet. For them, the greatest protection from discomfort and disease is living an active and healthy lifestyle. That can result in greater success in other aspects of life, increase productivity, and make an individual happier. Therefore, Garmin and IDLife focuses on making positive lifestyle changes and to ensure that these changes are permanent. For the past ten years, Garmin has been developing some of the most advanced fitness equipment. On the other hand, IDLife is known for the creation of customized nutritional supplements to improve one’s health and wellness.

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Investor Sheldon Lavin — Handler of Difficult Details in the Modern Business World

Investor Sheldon Lavin — Handler of Difficult Details in the Modern Business World

The modern world of business has plenty of young entrepreneurs who wish to refashion the markets with brilliant products. The problem is many of these enterprise leaders don’t have the insight into managerial capability — with a lack of knowledge, their companies failed. For over 40 years, Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s lifework has contributed to his professional reputation in building and leading business establishments.

Thus, Mr. Sheldon has run his own financial consulting firm — including another accomplishment as an investor and banking-industry executive. From there, he attains standing Chairman and CEO of the OSI (Otto & Sons Industries) Group. Having a specialty in the large-scale financial processes, Sheldon Lavin enables companies to maintain difficult food supply lines.

However, CEO Sheldon handles tasks such as technical changes, consumer preferences, and supply shortfalls. When considering the price system, it’s challenging to measure these causes. Furthermore, there are no easy answers for many questions from businesses that prefer particular details.

However, Sheldon Lavin deals out his office work with the vastly skilled businesspeople in his company. So, with delegation and research, he can provide up-to-date decisions about companies. The OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. About Lavin’s meat industry career which started in 1970 and financial consulting services, he presents a vast scope of guidance and managerial experience.

As current CEO of OSI Group, Lavin has directed the company as a number-one supplier of food-processing services and meat-packing. In addition, he has half of the controlling interest since becoming full-time with the McDonald’s business during the late 70s. Today, The OSI Group expands into Australia, South Africa, China, and into the Philippines.

Further, we are the most prominent protein supplier in the world for the McDonald’s organization. The increased presence of the OSI Group was already running in Brazil and Europe. Additionally, Lavin is a philanthropist to and active in many charities not to mention Ronald McDonald House Charities.

On Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s educational history, he holds a Finance and Accounting Degree. He’s received several tributes for business and nonprofit events. Lavin has also given to the Inner-City Foundation, Evans Scholarship Fund, Jewish United Fund, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS).

Sheldon Lavin has survived with his wife for 55 years. They have raised three children who are all married with grown-up children as well. So, he considers the OSI employees as part of his global extended family.

Rick Smith: Serving Correctional Facilities Through Securus Technology

Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technology, a position that he has held in the company since 2008. For most people, Rick’s appointment did not come as a surprised but one they had longed for. The professional comes with an impressive skillset and educational qualification required to take the company to greater positions in the industry when it comes to the provision of quality services.

Securus Technologies on the other hand is an inmate service provision company headquartered in Dallas, Texas that is popularly known for its wide range of services. The company serves at least a million inmates and two thousand six hundred correctional facilities, public safety organizations and other law enforcers in the wider North American region. Ideally, Rick Smith is responsible for ensuring that all services including technology, communications, analysis, investigation, public information, emergency response, inmate services and incident management are handled with utmost caution and care to guarantee the safety of both the outside community and the incarcerated members. Visit for more info.

As a CEO Rick has been able to serve the company at all levels. Thanks to his educational and industry experience, this he has done without breaking a sweat. Rick is both a trained engineer and business executive. He holds an engineering degree from New York State’s University an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and equally an MBA from RIT. The different position of leadership Rick has served at the different companies he worked for can also be attributed to his success. Rick has been worked as business developer, operations manager, finance officer and a telecommunication expert.

The other function that Mr. Rick Smith is involved with Securus in employee recruitment. With employees playing a key role in the organization, Rick is mandated with the task of deciding which employee makes to the team and who does not. One of the recent additions Mr. Rick has chosen to help with the transformational agenda of the company include, John Bell who joins Securus as the senior Vice President responsible for sales. John’s appointment comes in the wake of the company’s acquisition and development of safety and efficiency products. According to Rick, Bell has enjoys a decorated resume of 35 plus years in sales and has a good track record of helping organization transform their performance and culture into greater success for the company.

Serving the correctional facilities, the inmates and other valuable stakeholder including the government, and still retaining the smile at their face is hard, but one Rick Smith has committed his expertise to achieving. Surely, with the valuable help of his staff the dream is slowing being realized as the company remains unchallenged when it comes to quality service provision. In the next coming years, more is to be expected. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Thor Halvorssen; The Voice of the Powerless

Thor Halvorssen is a renowned civil rights activists and the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. From a tender age, Thor was exposed to situations which made him who he is today. His father was a victim of torture subjected by the Venezuelan government, while his mother was murdered in a demonstration against Hugo Chavez’ dictatorial regime. Thor’s cousin is also a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Unlike other human rights champions, Thor does not moan over a load of issues. Mr Halvorssen has an adoration for people, particularly dissenters and defectors as well as brazen troublemakers who will not stop until their grievances are heard. He heads the HRF in partnership with Garry Kasparov, a well-known activist who is strongly against the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Kasparov has experienced the first-hand agony at the hands of the Russian regime, having been jailed for two years for chanting dissident songs.

Like his ally, Thor has also undergone suffering while championing his ideas. In 2010, he visited Vietnam’s capital to interview Thich Quang Do, a leader of the local Buddhist Church, whose movements had been restricted to his home for nearly three decades in addition to his denomination being banned. Thor sneaked into his monastery and managed to record an interview. However, on the way out he was confronted by Vietnamese police, who demanded a concrete explanation. Despite being a staunch Catholic, Thor convinced the authorities that he was a Buddhist Seeker. They let him go, but his cameraman had to hide the interview tape in his rectum to avoid apprehension.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a vociferous human rights champion, whose roots trace back to Venezuela. His relentless efforts in advocating for democracy have earned him multiple plaudits, with media outlets labeling him as the ‘voice of the underprivileged.’ He has contributed to the establishment of various activist groups, including the famous Oslo Freedom Forum.

Beside activism, Thor is also a film producer. The movies he directs are also pro-activists, signifying his adoration of the subject.

Who Would Benefit the Most Working with Equities First

Equities First Holdings is one of the world-renowned alternative sources of lending capabilities. For the company, nothing creates a better working capacity those individual solutions. For those who want non-purpose capital, they must seek the fast working capital using stocks as collateral. For this reason, they end up allocating the use of stock-based loans to offer solutions during the harsh economic conditions, during the harsh financial climate, Equities First Holdings has seen more traction in the use o stock-based loans as the best way of securing fast working capital. For this reason, everyone will end up working for reason and stability in this structured capability. As a matter of fact, we might all end up working to detain this functionality if we do not adopt its use when banks and other credit companies cut down their lending capabilities.


While many other options exist during the harsh economic climate, companies like Equities First Holdings will always thrive. The financial crisis onset is a signal of beer business for Equities First Holdings. Because they are the most trusted option concerning the use of stocks to secure fast working capital, the company has developed fast working capital in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. Therefore, they must seek better business management in a manner that cannot be paralleled in this industry.


The non-recourse feature characterizes Stock-based loans. This is a feature that lets all loan borrowers disengage their lending capabilities from the company. As a matter of fact, Equities First Holdings has seen more traction in the intake of the loans in a manner that depicts the true leadership in the industry. For you to secure the loans with the company, you might want to become a better business agent in this industry. Therefore, work towards sustainability to get a better understanding of what goes on in business.