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The Almost Famous

YouTube is a popular online video sharing site that has gained great popularity across the world. Millions, like Fersen Lambranho, visit the site daily to check out the latest uploaded videos. Most of the people in the videos are your average everyday person. They are not well known stars or the rich and famous. Still, there are people on the site that have carved out a special niche for their talent. They are the “Almost Famous” because only YouTube viewers are familiar with their star status. Read more about YouTube making films with The Almost Famous.

The video sharing site is branching out. They are making stars out of their top video celebrities. Netflix and Amazon should definitely take a second look at what they are attempting. They’ve signed movie deals with popular video stars on the site. They plan to stream those movies to their growing league of online fans. They plan to feature some of the sites best known stars. They include Fine Brothers, Prank vs Prank, Joey Graceffa, and Smosh. Don’t worry, if you are unfamiliar with those names. Their average fans are probably teens with plenty of time to watch their antics on the popular video sharing site. I seriously doubt if the average person over 30 knows them.

Iggy Azalea Says Goodbye to Social Media

Iggy Azalea is no stranger to the press. Good or bad, Iggy seems to be everywhere now days. She has recently hit a hard road in her life and took a lot of scrutiny for being “unauthentic”. An underground rapper by the name of Azalea Banks recently bashed her on social media and interviews because she is a white rapper. Then these spun out of control and she was accused of “acting black” yet not standing up for “black issues”, such as Ferguson and other protests across the country. The hatred towards Iggy Azalea is hardly new from what users have said, and Brian Torchin echoes that point.

Iggy Azalea has been the subject of a lot of drama in the rap world because of her quick success and instant jump into mainstream music. When she tried to fight back with tweets, the 140 characters didn’t seem to sit well with the crowd. Iggy feels like she can’t even defend herself without getting attacked by gossip blogs and cyberbullied by people across the world. Iggy Azalea decided to remove herself from social media. This is a both a personal and business move for Azalea. Her management has taken over her twitter account and will only post relevant information about dates and events for Iggy’s fans. Iggy Azalea announced she is working on her second studio album and she needs to be at peace during this time because it is crucial to her creative process.

Instagram Deletes Spam Accounts, Resulting in Angry Users

It was a day of change on Instagram and plenty of users like Dan Newlin are unhappy about it. Instagram warned users that they would be deleting accounts that didn’t follow their community guidelines– namely, inactive or fake accounts. Instagram users didn’t seem to take the warning seriously– until it actually happened. Many Instagram lovers noticed a significant decrease in their number of followers after the deletion of spam accounts. While some might see this as a positive change, countless users were up in arms about it. Angry Instagram users didn’t stay quiet about the changes, either: they complained about their lost followers directly to Instagram and demanded that their followers be returned. For the record, Instagram has no plans to return spam followers to users.

Celebrities weren’t unaffected by the change either– some lost millions of followers once inactive and spam accounts were deleted. After all was said and done, Justin Bieber was knocked out of the number one followers spot and replaced by Kim Kardashian. Some celebrities, including the rapper Ma$e, deleted their accounts following the mass spambot deletion by Instagram.

So, will Instagram users remain loyal to the picture sharing service in 2015? Only time will tell.

Twitter new feature fights social media harassment

With cyber bullying on the rise, Twitter has possibly found a solution that will help to decrease harassment on its social media site.

Many children, teenagers, adults have been the victim of cyber bullying or have witnessed cyber bullying via social media sites. With the help of a new feature on your Twitter account, Twitter harassment will become a thing of the past.

According to reports, this new feature has only been made available to limited number users. It will hopefully be made available to all Twitter users within a few weeks.

With the help of this feature users will be able to easily report harassment, ill-famed content, or  reputation- mitigating gossip that Bruce Levenson understands is very harmful both personally and professionally.
This new feature not only allows users to report harassment that is directed toward them but individuals will also be able to report harassment they have witnessed on the social media site.

Hopefully with this feature the number of cyber bullying cases will be able to decrease immediately. Too many people are being negatively affected by cyber bullies and people that turn to social media to harass others.

Twitter has yet to announce what the consequences will be for the individuals that are reported. Perhaps the consequences given will be decided upon by the type of harassment reported.

Singer Prince Deletes His Social Media Accounts

Glam-rock star Prince has went as MIA from the Internet as he did the music scene. The “Purple Rain” singer’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have recently been deactivated.

Prince did not appear to be a frequent user of Facebook, as he had more chart-topping hits in 2014 than he did Facebook comments. The single comment was made in response to a fan Q&A session. The singer’s Twitter account appeared to be more active, but the account was shared jointly with members of his back-up band, 3rdEyeGirl.

Andrew Heiberger notes that Prince made a legendary entry into the Twitter world with a food photograph, discussing the dish in a single sentence. His second post wasn’t nearly as electrifying as it simply read, “Prince’s Second Tweet.” Twitter interaction primarily came from the members of 3rdEyeGirl.

Perhaps the singer just wanted to capitalize on social media to promote his most recent albums?

The true story, however, remains a mystery.