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Glen Cove, New York’s Most Experienced Cardiologist – Dr. Edward Honig

Cardiologists are doctors that have special training in helping to find, treat, and prevent diseases of the blood vessels and heart. If you have a serious issue a cardiologist is able to help with, find an experienced and certified doctor who will be able to help you through the ordeal.

How is a Cardiologist Trained?

If you plan on becoming a cardiologist, expect to go through an extensive education that includes medical school for four years and general internal medicine training for three years. You will then take three to four more years of training in a specialty area. It can take over ten years to complete your training as a cardiologist.

How to Become Certified as a Cardiologist

To become certified a doctor who has completed at least ten years of education and clinical training must then pass a two-day exam that is given by the American Board of Internal Medicine. The exam will test knowledge, judgment, and their ability in providing care.

When to See a Cardiologist

Your general physician will likely be the person to refer you to a cardiologist if they believe that you might have a significant heart-related condition. Symptoms of these illnesses usually present with shortness of breath, dizzy spells, or chest pains and often they require special testing. A cardiologist will help the victim of heart disease fully return to a normal life and counsel patients about the risks and how to prevent heart disease. A cardiologist is involved with treating heart attacks, heart rhythm disturbances, and heart failure.

Jobs of a Cardiologist

A cardiologist will review a patient’s medical history, perform physical examinations like checking blood pressure, weight, lungs, heart, and blood vessels. Some of these problems can be diagnosed by symptoms and the things the doctor is able to find during an examination. Additional tests may need to be done like an ECG, blood test, or x-ray. Some problems may require some more specialized testing. Often times a cardiologist might recommend some lifestyle changes or that you take medication. Every patient’s situation is unique.

Tests in the Area of Cardiology

Here are a few examples of tests that a cardiologist might recommend:

  • An echocardiogram is a soundwave picture to help look at the heart’s structure and how well it is functioning.
  • An Ambulatory ECG is a recording that is made during activity to help look for any abnormal heart rhythms.
  • An Exercise test helps to measure and study the performance and limitations of your heart.
  • A Cardiac Catheterization is a test where a small tube is placed near or in the heart taking pictures to look at how the heart’s working, give a check on the electrical system, or to help relieve any blockage.

Edward Honig, MD of New York

If you are looking to find a good cardiologist in the Glen Cove area of New York, you should check out Edward Honig, MD. He has 66 years of experience in the field. He is located at 101 Saint Andrews Lane in Glen Cove, New York. He practices at the Glen Cove Hospital.

Dr. Edward Honig is currently licensed for practicing medicine in New York. He attended medical school at Duke University’s School of Medicine. He has more experience in the field than anyone else in the area.

If you are experiencing a heart issue, make sure to contact your doctor and a cardiologist right away. They can help you to treat and prevent future problems. See your doctor today.

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