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Eric Lefkofsky – Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

When it comes to disrupting industries, Eric Lefkofsky is no stranger. Lefkofsky is founder of Groupon and is a major tech figure in Chicago. He has donated millions of dollars toward cancer research in lifetime. Now, he has created a startup that will take an innovate approach in fighting cancer.

Tempus is a health-tech startup that seeks to modernize treatment for cancer. His company’s innovative approach purposes itself to help healthcare professionals make decisions in real-time. Doctors will be able to analyze a patient’s genetic context in tandem with therapies on the molecular level. Indeed, it is high-tech. Cutting edge analysis methods and genomic sequencing will help medical professionals to better understand a patient’s tumor.

He received his education from the University of Michigan, and the University of Michigan Law School. His foundation focuses on several key areas: Education, human rights, medical research, and arts and culture. Much of his philanthropy takes place in his hometown of Chicago. Arts and culture receive the largest share of donations. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz offer strong support for children’s charter schools, after-school programs for disadvantaged youth, and various scholarship programs. One of the most innovative programs supported by he and his wife may be MoneyThink.

The program provides mentors who help teach financial education in urban schools.
Many philanthropists operate quietly and their contributions often go unnoticed by the public. Perhaps this is the way that it should be. It may indicate a desire to remain out of the spotlight and focus on the things in life that count for others. The Lefkovsky Family Foundation also partnered with the Motorola Mobility Foundation and Google to create 1871 FEMtech. FEMtech encourages women to break into the field of entrepreneurship in the following: click here.

His life also underscores the importance of education. As such, he is in step with the “life of his times” and is able to leverage his education and drive to help others.

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