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Advantages of Utilizing Shared Office Space: Comparing Manhattan Offices For Rent

The practice of different companies pooling their resources and sharing the same office space is growing in popularity in many big cities around the world. It has become common for many startups to used a shared office as their first base of operations until they can afford to move into a place of their own. This would have been unheard of several decades ago. Companies would have been very nervous about sharing office space for confidentiality reasons. However, times have definitely changed. Companies are now very eager to enter into an agreement to share their office space because of the advantages it presents to them. Here are a few of those advantages.

1. New companies can save money and avoid spending much of their budget on expensive office space.

As you might expect, this is the primary reason why most companies that are working in a shared office environment choose to go this route. Money is usually very hard to come by in the early days of startup companies. This is when these companies are trying to attract customers and generate a steady source of income. Therefore, paying only half the rent of a nice office space is a substantial savings that may give the company more time to generate the sales that will keep it afloat. The money that is saved could literally be the difference between the company succeeding or going out of business.

2. Companies that use shared office space can afford better offices than they otherwise could on their own.

Some companies require an office that is a certain size in order to fit all of the equipment they need to perform their jobs. Renting an office that is the size they require can often be cost prohibitive if they are doing it alone. However, bringing another company into the equation changes the financial situation dramatically.

Workville is a company that has established itself as one of the premiere suppliers of New York offices for rent. They have built up a successful business by offering their clients shared office spaces in a variety of sizes that are ready for them to move into immediately. Internet service is also provided along with several copiers. Workville cleans their offices daily.

Sam Tabar Named Chief Operating Officer by Full Cycle Energy

Sam Tabar is Enthusiastic and Honored
Sam Tabar had expressed much enthusiasm over being named Chief Operating Officer. He had been appointed at FullCycle Energy Fund to be responsible for the fund management strategy at this company. Tabar is honored to play this role. This had been reported originally on the PRNewswire. Sam Tabar is proud to have the opportunity to partner with this senior leadership team. This team takes pride in delivering the company mission. The mission is clear. This team is moving away from polluting fuels and high cost fuels. The goal is to provide environmentally friendly fuels at a lower cost. Dedication and solid team work is included in this mission.

Sam Tabar Brings Experience and Knowledge
Sam Tabar does have solid experience and sound knowledge to offer to this position. Much of his career has included overseeing budget strategies. This has been done by Tabar for several financial institutions. Tabar has much financial and management experience to offer. Previously, he had also worked as an attorney. This was for Skadden, Aprps, Meagher, Slate & Flom. He also worked for Schulte, Roth & Zabel. Tabar is highly educated. He obtained his Masters of Law from Columbia Law School. At this time, he is involved with the New York State Bar. He is an esteemed member of this bar, and can be contacted for legal advice through Thumbtack.

More About FullCycle Energy Fund
In the year 2013, FullCycle Energy Fund was founded. This company had been originally created for the following reasons:
* finance and own projects
* revolutionize relationships with waste
* convert expensive environmental problems
* turn these problems into valuable and clean fuel
* use this clean fuel to power communities
The goal has incorporated the powering of communities across the entire globe. FullCycle Energy has a clear mission. This mission strives to invest in the following:
* new and retrofit traditional electric generation plants
* lower costs
* environmentally friendly fuels
* these fuels are derived from Municipal Solid Waste

Bernardo Chua’s Success With Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a very large and successful company, and it continues to grow. This company was started by a man named Bernardo Chua. CrunchBase reveals Chua has successfully run a number of different business. Originally, he was from the Philippines. However, he moved to the United States for business reasons. While in the United States, he has worked with two companies that sell coffee. For the first, he worked as a manager for the US division of a company, called Gano Excel. Then, he founded his own company, called Organo Gold.

Both of these companies made a special type of coffee. The coffees and teas sold by these companies contain a medicinal mushroom, called Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum has a lot of healing properties that have been used for many thousands of years. It has shown effectiveness with helping a number of different bodily systems. Ganoderma lucidum has benefits throughout all areas of the body, and it can benefit the health of anyone. In addition to having a lot of health benefits, the products sold by Organo Gold are quite tasty. In fact, they have been highly rated in terms of taste.

The products from Organo Gold have been sold in a variety of different countries. Now, they are being sold in a new country. The products of Organo Gold are now being sold in Turkey, which has a long history with fine coffees. In fact, the world’s first coffee house was in Turkey, several centuries ago. The fact that Organo Gold’s products are being sold there and are popular there is a testament to the quality of the coffee made by the company.

Bernardo Chua was not originally in the coffee business. Instead, he got his start with multi level marketing. When he succeeded in this area, he began to move on to the coffee business. He began working for Gano Excel in the Philippines. Then, Gano Excel began to expand. Gano Excel ultimately transferred him to the United States, and he managed the division of their company located there.

Organo Gold can be expected to continue to become more successful over the years. It is expected that the company will be quite successful in Turkey. This will have an effect on the entire business, making it more successful. In the future, it is likely that their products will be sold in an even broader area. They are already sold in numerous countries, throughout the world.  Read more about Bernardo on Wikipedia.

Kyle Bass: What Bad Decision Will We Read About Next?

Kyle Bass was the founder of Hayman Capital Management, LP. He created the company in 2006 to start a hedge fund. Initially he became very wealthy and successful by predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Bass researched and invested in unstable loans that were most likely to default. His prediction came true, and while homeowners were being foreclosed on, Bass was making half a billion dollars.

However this apparently was where his success ended. Since this time Bass has made multiple bad business decisions and questionable alliances. A recent article on talked about Bass’s partnership with Argentina president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. In a move that was wildly unpopular with other investors, Bass supported her economic strategies which have since driven Argentina into poverty. He has been her supporter and sung her praises as she has passed irresponsible economic policies and ripped off her own people. When Kirchner defaulted for a second time on her country’s loans, Bass stated that he thought it was “immoral” that the creditors wanted to be paid back.

This was not the end of Kyle Bass’s questionable practices. He defended General Motors when they were experiencing problems with faulty airbags not deploying in crashes. Instead of investigating why the car company had not addressed the problem, Bass went on television and blamed the victims of the crashes. He stated that they must have been irresponsible and intoxicated.

Kyle Bass’s most recent ventures have included dabbling in the pharmaceutical industry. His new practices involved short selling pharmaceutical company stocks and then filing a challenge for one or more of their patents. This move caused the company’s stocks to go down. Bass would then profit from his own stocks. Bass set up an organization called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs just for this purpose. Bass maintained that he was looking out for the good of the people. By breaking the patents that the companies had, medication prices would be driven down. The public was able to see right through this excuse, and later Bass did admit that he was in it just for the profit. Bass’s logic was that the pharmaceutical companies were likewise in business for profit, and this made his practices acceptable. In the meantime, innocent people who depended on those medications were not able to get their prescriptions filled.

After his first lucky break, Kyle Bass has made one poor decision after another. It does leave a person to wonder where his name will turn up next in the media, and what his next scam will be.

CEDC’s Executive Vice President Kevin Seawright Discusses Plans For Local Economic Development In The City

Newly appointed CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark CEDC, Kevin Seawright, is no stranger to the field of real estate development. With over 13 years of experience in capital management under his belt, Seawright is one of the few finance professionals to have successfully juggled working in both the private and government sectors.

Career Beginnings

Seawright began his career with a public sector position in Baltimore, Maryland. After a solid eleven years’ experience in the fields of education and real estate, he took his experience to the private industry. Seawright has had a lifelong commitment to bettering the living conditions of urban communities, a passion that shows in his enthusiasm for his upcoming projects.  When speaking to WorldClass Magazines Kevin Seawright really highlighted the good they’ve done for New Jersey as a whole.

Having worked for community betterment in Philadelphia even as a boy, Seawright credits his parents for having inculcated the principles of financial stewardship in him by having him sign up for youth programs. His drive for social betterment hasn’t waned in adulthood, as is evident from his dedication to working for change in Newark.  That’s a big part of what led to Kevin landing the NCEDC job.

Current Projects

Newark CEDC is currently in the process of collaborating with Mayor Ras Baraka to develop a capital management model for small businesses, and an employment program that has already employed about 3,000 students in Newark so far. Development of ports and railroads, and better wifi access is also underway.

Having worked in the education sector, Seawright voices on Twitter that he considers both online and formal education equal parts effective in bringing change. He is credited with developing University of Notre Dame’s three part executive leadership course. The program, taught in the university’s Mendoza College of Business, focuses on leadership roles in transformational organizations, fundraising strategies, and financial management in the competitive landscape of today.

Focusing On The Future

Seawright attributes his successful career and wins to his focus on improving people’s lives, which he says is his biggest motivator. His data focused analysis, flexible management, and creative problem solving skills are some of his biggest strengths. Seawright believes in using his expertise to make a difference in small ways, like the time he was able to provide credit to a Newark entrepreneur who had been turned away by other banks. As CFO of Newark CEDC, he hopes to continue provide easy access to capital for owners of small businesses. In his opinion, boosting entrepreneurial businesses is one of the best ways of boosting Newark’s economy.

Personal Life

Even amidst tight travel schedules, Seawright finds time to indulge in some of his favourite hobbies, which include playing basketball and football. Seawright also shares an extremely close relationship with his daughter Tia, and loves spending his free time watching her play basketball and softball. He counts his great relationships with his extended and immediate families as the true measure of his success, and hopes to take this filial spirit to his work projects with the aim of bettering Newark’s community and economy.  LocalTalkNews had another cool interview with Kevin Seawright, that sheds even more light on his professional life.

The Growth and Success Registered at Eucatex

Eucatex uses eucalyptus as its main raw material to manufacture its products. The firm manufactures paints, floors, doors, panels, ceiling tiles, hard boards, wall partitions, and T-HDF and eucalyptus seedlings. The firm’s history dates back to 1951 when it was officially set up. The entity was formed from Americana Sawmill Americana, which was formed in 1923.The first Eucatex mill was set up in Salto in 1954.The mill started producing soft boards and later went a notch higher to start manufacturing panels and tiles.

Eucatex was able to open up offices in various Brazilian cities and in Buenos Aires, Argentina between 1956 and 1965. During this period, the capacity of production went up to a hundred tons daily. By 1965, the firm had started exporting panel and ceilings tiles to Europe. In the following years, Eucatex set up a metal industrial unit in Barueri and a hard board mill in Salto. In order to match their expansion plans, Eucatex opened branch offices in Germany, USA, Holland, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

The company started producing paints for coating their panels and ceiling tiles. The firm invested in a huge tract of land where they started planting eucalyptus trees to ensure a steady supply of the raw material. By the end of the 1980s, Eucatex had expanded exportation to over 50 countries and had divided their production areas into mineral, wood, metallic and forestry.

In 1994, Eucatex opened an additional factory in Salto and started creating their own brand of varnishes and paint. The firm also started manufacturing MDP panels. The quality of their products saw Eucatex receive an ISO 9001 certification. Later, Eucatex started an industrial facility in Salto that they used to produce superior technology, mechanical resistant panels and a new MDF line.

Flavio Maluf is a successful Brazilian businessman. He was born in December 2nd 1964. Flavio attended Fundacoa Armando Alvares Penteado where he received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering as per his LinkedIn. He pursued other specialization courses in accounting for non-accountants, foreign exchange principles, rural management and foreign trade principles in various learning institutions.

After graduating from FAAP, his website says Flavio’s career started in Sistema S.A Corretora de Titulos e Valores Mobiliarios. He later moved to Citibank in New York where he worked as he pursued some of his specialization courses. Flavio moved back to Brazil where he joined Eucatex, as a part of the family empire. He worked his way up the corporate ladder and in 2005, he was appointed the president and chief executive officer of Eucatex, a position he serves up to date.  Right now he’s also involved with producing new videos to help people understand the world of finance.

John Textor Makes Fantasy a Reality

John Textor is Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, a name that has some deep Hollywood connections. With the likes of big budget CGI productions such as Transformers, Ender’s Game, and Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s not yet a household name. However, their work certainly is. Textor was named chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Media Group in 2006. During that time, over 80 films boasting extensive visual effects were produced. Some of the titles included Some of these included Real Steel, Tron: Legacy, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Textor and company received an Academy Award for best make-up for 2009’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, despite the character being almost entirely virtual.

Textor and the Digital Domain group have more recently drawn the admiration of Tupac Shakur fans when they brought the late rapper back to virtual life for a duet with Snoop Dogg at the Coachella music festival in 2012.The Shakur concert created the foundation for an appearance by Michael Jackson, the late “King of Pop.”

Michael Jackson’s “Slave to the Rhythm” was a complex project, boasting a guided background, dozens of live dancers, and recorded with and incredible 8k resolution. With the finalized product, it appeared that the singer had been resurrected for the Las Vegas MGM Grand audience. It was noted that those who knew the late artist best were moved to tears due to the realism of the illusion.

Other artists being considered for the possibility of “live” holographic appearances include “The King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and “Ol’ Blue Eyes” himself, Frank Sinatra. Since the Tupac / Snoop Dogg appearance, the possibility of a full-length concert has been in the minds of fans of a number of popular, but deceased musical stars.

Following his groundbreaking work with Digital Domain, Textor is also bringing his leadership expertise to the animated feature film Art Story, serving as producer, along with Chuck Williams and Aaron Blaise of Disney Films. Through Kickstarter, the crowdfunded campaign drew a record-setting $365,000 in only 45 days.

In the past, Textor served as CEO of Sims Snowboards. Before that, he was CEO of BabyUniverse and Director at VirtualBank. With his groundbreaking innovations in the cut-throat Florida skateboard scene, he won numerous events, leading him to his position with Sims. John Textor earned a B.A. degree in Economics at Wesleyan University of Middletown CT.