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Clay Siegall: the Undisputed Genetics Legend, Shares Articles on His Official WordPress Page

Clay Siegall has been posting blogs on his official WordPress page. He posts extensively on different topics, findings, and occurrences that have been well sourced and supported by reputable researchers. Here is a summary of a couple of such blogs.

How to Be a Dog

On 8th June this year, Clay Siegall posted a blog that discussed how people could borrow a leaf from man’s best friend, dog, in order to have a better experience of life. This blog was supported by research by Alexandra Horowitz, a renowned psychologist. The research shows that the smelling sense is not as useless as some people tend to believe. Dogs, unlike humans, value their sense of smell. Dogs have more olfactory receptors than us and are thus enabling them to sniff better than we do. Their respiratory system is made in such a way that they can smell and retain the odor better than humans. That notwithstanding, professors have done research and established that humans, just like dogs, have a high sense of smell. By following what dogs do, therefore, and treating smell as a tool of communication, we can live a more gratifying life.

Environmental Conservation

Another blog was posted on 7th June. The blog was encouraging people to take environmental conservation seriously. Instead of tweeting about their environmental concerns, citizens now have a cloud channel through which they can call relevant authorities to action. Scientists have played a key role in developing this cloud so as to make drinking water clean and available for all. According to development officer at Water Integrity Network, Mr. Umrbek Allakulov, this new development is a huge stride in reaching UN’s 2030 environmental goals.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a researcher, entrepreneur, and scientist. In 1998, he started Seattle Genetics, and he has since been serving as its board chairman, CEO, and president. He focuses his research on finding solutions to cancer-related diseases by developing effective therapies.

With a Ph.D. in genetics, he is sufficiently equipped to take on sensitive research in the field. He provides his insightful guides on boards of several entities, such as Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. and Mirna Therapeutics, Inc.