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Dr. Jennifer Walden Successfully Combines Family Life And Career

The career of Dr. Jennifer Walden is something the cosmetic surgeon is rightly proud of, but she is also just as proud of the family life she enjoys with her two sons and extended family following her return to the Austin, Texas region. Dr. Jennifer Walden was raised in the Austin region of Texas, but made her way to New York after becoming one of the most impressive plastic surgeons from her graduating class. Dr. Walden is hoping her own story will inspire young girls and women to push themselves further than ever before to have the success they feel they deserve in their home and family lives.


An area of success Dr. Walden is rightly proud of is the fast rise of her own practice she saw become a top Manhattan based destination in just seven short years. The continued success of her Manhattan based practice seemed assured, but Jennifer Walden also hoped to achieve personal success by starting a family and living as a successful single mother. Jennifer made her way from New York back to the bosom of her family in Austin, Texas in a bid to continue her career and provide the best possible family life for her sons.


Dr. Walden sees her return to Texas as a great choice for the standard of life her family is now enjoying as she believes the support of her parents offers the best environment to bring up her children. Specializing in cosmetic surgical techniques has given Dr. Walden the chance to offer procedures ranging from nose jobs, to breast augmentation, and soft tissue fillers.


The journey Dr. Walden has undertaken through the plastic surgery industry has given her a unique perspective on how the industry is changing and she believes more welcoming to women. The small number of female surgeons in relation to their male counterparts allows Dr. Walden to share her own experiences with her female patients of pregnancy changing her body; the surgeon herself is open to future surgeries for herself when and where she requires it.



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