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The Power And Strategies Of Avaaz Have Made A Positive Differnece In The World

In a world where refugees often have no place to go, many individuals refuse to accept the concept of climate change, and nature is often destroyed for technology, one organization advocates for a better world, resolving conflicts, preserving nature, and helping individuals affected by disaster, and war. The organization is known as Avaaz, and consists of members all over the world. These members unite when they see injustice, disaster strikes, conflicts arise, or governments seek unjust laws. They have proven repeatedly the power of a strong voice, millions of emails, phone calls, marches, actions made for peace, and the preservation of the world for the future generations.

The member of Avaaz have fought for ending fossil fuels, the preservation of a free, and open internet, and the allocation of protected marine reserves. They have provided aid, and critical supplies for victims of natural disasters all over the world, and helped refugees, and children forced from their homes in countries torn apart by war. The victories they have established have made an important difference in societies forced to see the truth of their actions. The have battled large corporations to prevent damage to the earth, and fought for animal rights.

With the magnitude of Avaaz’s successes, it is hard to believe they have only been around for five years. They are a powerful collective force, speaking fifteen languages, encompassing six continents with core teams, funding effective media campaigns, consisting of scores of volunteers, lobbying governments, and preserving the values, and views that effect the entire world. The member choose which campaigns Avaaz will participate in, resulting in a unified force that cannot be overlooked. Avaaz continues to grow in numbers, and strength, as they strategize the best way to accomplish their current goals. They have the resources necessary to carry out their strategies, and secure a victory.