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ClassDojo Is Setting The Standard For Improving Education For Everyone

ClassDojo first launched back in 2011 with the goal of improving the quality of education for all students around the country, and eventually around the world. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the founders of ClassDojo, found the inspiration for the company and their platform after speaking with teachers all around the country about the severe lack of communication available to students and teachers, which they know first hand as ex-teachers themselves. ClassDojo is focused on greatly improving on the communication that is available to all parties, including students, parents, and teachers, in an attempt to keep everyone more connected and becoming more engaged in the schooling experience. Since the company’s start 5 years ago, they have impressively managed to spread across the United States into more than two thirds of all schools.

Sam and Liam are aware of the importance of communication for students in school, since it takes proper encouragement and communication for a child to develop properly. The two also created ClassDojo for all ages groups, from child to adult, and the application is easy to use for everyone regardless of an individuals capabilities with technology. Practically all devices on the market can run and download the application, as long as they are connected to the internet. Although user’s need to connect to the internet to use the application, all user information is safe and secure as the applications data is secure. Plus no personal information is required for anyone to recieve and invitation or sign up for ClassDojo.

To date, ClassDojo has managed to spark many connections all over the schooling community to brings parents, teachers, and students closer together. The platform has also gone a long way in building the confidence of students and the overall positivity of the schooling community as a whole. This is also why ClassDojo released their growth mindset videos, to help teach and inspire students through important life principals and learning lessons. All one needs to participate in the unique and exciting tool for education just needs to download the application for free on any device and ask for an invitation from a classroom instructor.

Talk Fusion Will Take Its Representatives to Milan as a Reward

Talk Fusion, a direct company that focuses on video marketing, announced this month a trip to Milan, Italy in order to reward its independent representatives.


Talk Fusion, a prominent marketing business, wants to reward its hard-working independent distributors with a trip to Milan, Italy so that they can experience this great country’s culture, which is full of exceptional top-of-the-line fashion and exquisite cuisine.The event will take place in December of 2017, and Talk Fusion will provide to its winners with first-class accommodations. In order to qualify for the destination, Talk Fusion’s representatives must reach the level of “diamond” by October of 2017.


According to Bob Reina, the chief executive officer and founder of Talk Fusion, he was very happy to announce the trip. Providing to costumers and representatives with genuine and unique experiences is part of his company’s mission. Talk Fusion is known for awarding its distributors handsomely and by giving away things such as expensive cars, diamond rings and Rolex watches. Talk Fusion’s independent representatives will also travel to Dubai, Hawaii, Tampa and Orlando this coming December.


The trip to Italy will be available to current and future representatives of Talk Fusion, and they must be involved in the company’s current compensation plan, which is taking place in approximately 140 countries. The independent distributors of Talk Fusion have more than a year to prepare and to grow their businesses. Independent representatives promote Talk Fusion’s marketing products and services. They also share the business opportunity with other people. According to Allison Roberts, a vice president of Talk Fusion, one of the goals of individuals across the world is to become financially independent. People want to have free time, leisure and be able to spend more time with their love ones. Talk Fusion wants to improve the quality of live of its distributors, which is why the company promotes several trips every year. Talk Fusion will also reward associates with a trip to Maui, Hawaii the following year.


Bob Reina, who is the founder of Talk Fusion, founded this company in order to help businesses grow and be able to compete efficiently through its fun, engaging and unconventional video email marketing products. Talk Fusion has revolutionized the way people communicate through email with its products and services. Talk Fusion’s video marketing solutions are also ideal for personal use. Talk Fusion does provides free trials and packages tailored for individuals from all walks of life.

Charity Efforts From Skout Help Make A Wish Foundation


New Discovery In Social Media

One of the newest applications I have discovered for meeting people online is Skout. I found out about them a couple months ago, and their application has seriously changed my way of meeting people. I feel like my social circle has become bigger by using Skout’s application. They have all kinds of fun and interesting people on their application who are wanting to meet friends, online friends or romantic relationships. There is someone out their for everyone, and that someone might be waiting for you on Skout’s platform. It is 100% free to download Skout. Signing up for Skout is free, and it is free to use their messenger and other services.

Most dating sites out there on the internet are filled with bots, and most of those sites cost money. They are not worth the time you are investing. Skout is different because it is free to use, and the people on Skout are real. The people on Skout are interesting to talk to as well. I have had quite a few people message me from all around the world. I have met people in the neighborhood that I live in from Skout. I have also chatted with quite a few people from other countries. It is nice to hear about their cultures, and I have even considered traveling to their country. The travel feature that Skout launched recently is called Passport, and I highly recommend trying it.

New Survey And Charity Efforts

PR Newswire recently published the results of a survey that Skout conducted about National Superhero Day. The survey results are pretty interesting. The majority of men and women who picked their favorite superhero was actually different, believe it or not. Men went with picking Superman as their favorite superhero of all time. Women ended up picking Batman as their favorite. Also, around 80 percent of people surveyed admit to wanting to be a superhero in real life.

To celebrate and give back to their community, Skout started a charity to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation. This charity took place on April 28th, National Superhero Day. The charity involved some innovative practices where the developers added a new superhero themed gift for people to purchase, and the proceeds were sent to the Make A Wish Foundation. Here is the original article referenced earlier from PR Newswire’s website.

Handy Cleaning Services Is the Best

Handy Cleaning Services has really been a blessing to me and my family. I got a promotion in the last year and we moved into a bigger house. I didn’t think that cleaning the house would be such a chore, but it really was difficult. I think it was harder for me to find the time because the new position required longer hours at work. I realized that it would be in my best interest to hire a company with cleaners, and that is how Handy Cleaning Services came into the picture.

I live in Atlanta, and this is one of the metropolitan areas that Handy services. I have praised this company for the excellent job that these workers are doing. I have small children that do more messing up than cleaning up, but I entertain a lot. I don’t have a lot of time to keep going behind the children to get things in order. That is why I schedule service with Handy and move on to something else. This gives me less to worry about during the week because I know that I can trust Handy to do a great job. I have never been disappointed, and I think that the contractors aspire to please. They know that this leads to repeat business like the ongoing relationship that I have built with this company. I appreciate all that these workers are able to do. I also like the fact that they do their cleaning in such a timely manner. I like the fact that I can book in less than a minute and get someone out to clean the next day.

I also discovered that this organization has contractors that can perform other tasks, but my experience at the moment is based on the cleaning services alone. I am sure I will contract out some other services in due time if the service for things like plumbing and painting are as good as the services for the cleaning. I believe that this company is among the best when it comes to cleaning homes in metropolitan areas.

Explaining Handy’s New Tipping System

Handy has recently announce that they have included a feature in their application that allows clients to add a tip for the cleaning services provided. This can be added both before and after the services are completed. Clients have only been able to provide cleaners with tips in cash in person, but now Handy has helped changed this and made it much more practical for home owners to give cleaners tips.

Handy is a very popular app that lists many cleaning services and other tasks and jobs that sometimes need to be performed around, on, or in a house. It is difficult for many people to find listings with home cleaners, let alone many listings to provide a sense of competition to find the lowest price. It has been expensive in the past to pay people to clean homes because of the common inability for people to have trouble finding home cleaning service providers.

Fortunately for both cleaners and customers, Handy is an app that was founded in the middle of 2012 by two Harvard Business School dropouts that offers the ability for people with smartphones and the willingness to submit to a background check and screening process can be able to be listed on Handy. This gamble has paid off with Handy recently receiving $50 million in funding.

Today, there are more than ten thousand people who have completed a home cleaning service in the past month and hit the one million booking mark in July. Some people book only one or two cleaning jobs a week while some people make a living off of Handy, although the majority of home cleaners, also known as Pros, are using Handy to make a little extra supplemental income.

There was a large debate started back in October of this year about whether waitresses and other people who relied on tips for a living should continue to be paid partially in tips or be paid totally by the restaurant.

Home cleaning Pros are estimated to earn about eighteen dollars per hour of work on average after an approximately twenty percent service fee is taken for the listing on Handy. This is a great deal for most people because getting the word out about cleaning services is difficult when one doesn’t have money to be expensed for advertising.

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Slyce Ups the Power of Internet Shopping

Slyce is taking business-to-customer relationships to all new levels of mobility. Through the utilization of advanced visual search on and recognition tech currently available with desktop and smartphone apps, Slyce will allow users to identify and purchase items simply by capturing the product in a picture.

This is exciting news for both retailers and customers. Retailers will be able to convert at the customer’s precise point of interest. This is regardless of whether the customer sees a product they want to buy while walking down the street or coming across images on Facebook or other sharing sites. On-the-go customers will love the convenience and time saved as Slyce both strengthens and streamlines their purchasing power.

This platform was borne out of the company looking for new and exciting ways for customers to purchase. In a world of mobility, this was not an easy task. Erika Racicot, Slyce co-founder and COO, says, that like most great ideas, the application was born out of a question: “What if we could enable people to find and instantly buy the things they love simply through images, and what if we could take retailers to that holy grail of engaging with people at the exact moment they are inspired to buy?”

With Slyce, the company continues to build their relationship with consumer brands who will be able to integrate the app into existing retailer technology. Well aware of the power of impulse buying, retailers see the immense advantage of the Slyce app. By simply taking a picture, customers have the ability to purchase products they discover and fall in love with on the spot, enhancing retailers’ ability to embrace the point of discovery and fulfill customer needs instantly. Not surprisingly, it is a proposition both attractive and compelling.

Slyce will give customers power that can visually search in all three dimensions. This means a complete scanning solution. The app will allow customers to be able to scan QR, coupons and barcodes. It will have the functionality to return 1:1 matches from images captured on billboards and printed materials. Lastly, Slyce has the capacity to take real world images and analyze them based upon user-inputted information and returning similar, if not the same, products.

“Right now, retailers are having to rapidly adapt to the changing ways consumers are choosing to shop,” says Mark Elfenbein, Slyce’s Chief Digital Officer, and former President and CEO at Oculus. “Visual product search literally puts the retailer wherever their customer is when they become inspired to buy a product, making the entire physical world a showroom.”

Smartphones and a range of apps have certainly made shopping easier, but Slyce promises to have a significant impact on how customers buy in an intuitive and seamless manner.

Slyce Raises $10.75 Million to be like Amazon Flow

Slyce has recently raised up funding of $10.75 million by a group of investors led by Beacon Securities. Other companies in the group include Harrington Global, Salman Partners, and PI Financial. Slyce intends to add Amazon Flow inspired technology to its visual search technology. It is looking to partner with every other retailer so that customers and consumers can point, shoot and shop with the cameras on their smartphones.

For people that do not know about Amazon Flow, it is the app from the retailer which allows people to point their device at any item that they see in the real world and find the product on Amazon. With the use of this technology, more people are going to be able to experience the advantage that the Slyce software is going to offer customers. There are some limitations on the Amazon Flow app. For one thing, the product has to be in its original packaging before the app could work. The app needs the logo, OCR and other cues form the package. It is an unfortunate, but logical limitation. However, Slyce is working on a way to get through that limitation.

SLyce improves on what Amazon Flow is offering with its ability to provide the identification of the product from wherever they are. This is likely to drive more customers to make purchases due to the fact that they see products that they are very interested and yet seem very uncommon.

The fact that Slyce is partnering with a ton of major retailers so that customers will have the ability to buy almost anything from anywhere. This is going to be a very lucrative and innovative app for customers and retailers alike. Many people are going to find themselves satisfied with what they can find outside, and retailers are going to be satisfied with the increase in sales.

Should You Use Skout Or Something Else?

The future of dating is now and with it, Skout, a mobile meeting app is one of the apps that’s working to change the landscape. What’s happened is that as apps like Skout have begun to reflect a trend in how people want dating sites catered to them. The fact is, finding a person you like is not the end game alone, the experience that goes with it is everything. With Skout, the experience they want to create is facilitating meetings for people in comfortable environments, and combining some of the same notifications that you might find on Twitter or Facebook, Skout tries to bring a lively experience by using a similar model and bringing a friendly environment for people.

So what’s happened to the old dating site model? Well the truth is, that first of all people have become bored with it. After all, when you sign up for a dating service and just spend your free time trying to sort through a list of profiles, send a wink or a message hoping that someone sends one back, that can become a tedious business. Even if a site has a live chat feature enabled in it, perhaps you might feel turned away by pushy or rude people in there.

Also, traditional dating sites can be a bit demanding or intimidating for someone who’s a little more introverted. Some of them ask a lot of questions that they want on your profile, some of which you may feel are so intrusive that you don’t want to answer. Also, the criteria of what someone else is looking for in another person could be a little too blunt, and that sometimes may discourage someone from talking to them. At the end of the day, fun is no longer an option in the traditional dating world.

Well, dating sites have improved some for those who are interested in match-making services, and eHarmony is not the only one, other dating sites have started to copy this model and integrate it as an option in their features. Other sites have taken people who have certain interests who want to meet others who share those interests, and start narrowing down the options, making it a little easier. But still, fun has not quite entered the fray because for those who want someone who’s sweet and loving but has a bit of mystery to them, these sites just don’t quite cut it.

Skout, takes a lot of new elements of mystery, activities and travel plans and combines them into one big dating universe. People on this app can take risks, they can go on virtual journeys to meet people, or even when they go on real ones they can meet in person. Success with this app tends to have a much more satisfactory experience to go with it, and not only that Skout also raises dating safety awareness and education on its site so that people can avoid any potentially dangerous situations and follow all the site rules.

I Was Able To Find A Great Study Buddy Through Skout

I love how the Skout network on techcrunch is a lot of fun to use, and dating was something that I had considered doing on the network. Many people that I knew had gone onto Skout to look for dates, but it wasn’t something I was too keen on. I was really into college and my studies, so I just wanted to find a way to increase my knowledge as well as getting through college. I had even thought of using Skout as a way to find a study buddy.

I go to UCLA and I’m new to the campus. It seems like a lot of fun to go to school in another state, but it’s no fun when all your friends are hundreds of miles away. Because I was low on funds, it wouldn’t be a possibility to go home anytime soon. I’d be lucky if I could go home during any of the breaks that we are given throughout the year. I decided that I would keep my head down, and I will work hard to achieve my goals. I did want to make some friends, but I really was looking for a study buddy.

Everywhere I went on campus to try and look for someone who would study with me, I kept coming up empty. I even checked the bulletin boards at school and I found nothing. I went to people in class to ask if they’d like the study, but most of them were more concerned about partying. This is really weird, but I thought it would be a good idea to go on the Skout network to look for a friend and a study buddy. I never would’ve thought of Skout if I wasn’t desperate because it seemed more like a dating network, but anyone on the network would be more serious than some of the people I go to school with.

I started to feel as if I was the only one in school who really wanted to learn something and not party through my college years. I went ahead and started searching the Skout network for people that lived in my area. I’ve been a member of Skout for a while now, but because I was going off to school I didn’t do a lot of socializing. I was able to find tons of people that lived close to my school, but I wanted someone who was still in college, especially someone who had some of my same courses.

I can’t believe how reliable Skout is when it comes to looking for certain types of people because I was able to find some other people that were also looking for study buddies. I have several different courses, but the courses that were most important to me are the ones that I found a study partner for. I would message people on the Skout network, and I quickly got responses about studying with them. I’ve been able to find people to study with, and several of those people became my friends.

Let Skout Be The Number One Choice For Dating And Fun

Dating has changed immensely over the years, and it may be rare to see two people out on a regular date. Even if two people go out with each other, it’s possible that they met each other online before they started dating in person. Online dating is something that is all the rage these days, and it can be a lot of fun if it’s done correctly. There are some online dating websites out there today that are not reputable, and many people tend to stay away from them. It’s possible to learn about the dating websites that are corrupt by reading reviews online. The best dating websites out there will have applications that can be downloaded to a mobile device in order for a person to access the website on the go.

Dating applications are easy to obtain because they are in any online store that sells applications. Within less than a minute it’s possible for a person to get their dating application up and running, and then they can start looking for a person they might be interested in. Although it’s fun to use dating applications for dating purposes, it’s better to find an application that allows a person to be a bit diverse. Many people love social media networks these days, and not everyone wants to date when they go online. If a person wants an application that allows them to date as well as socialize, then they’ll want to join the Skout network. The Skout network is one-of-a-kind, and it’s an enjoyable place to socialize.

With so many social media networks out there today competing against one another, why should the Skout network compete when it has its own amazing network? The Skout network has so many features available that many people flock to the network every single day. The Skout network also caters to people in over 180 countries around the world, and this is why it’s one of the most popular networks out there today. With 14 different languages available on the Skout network, there are cultures that can find their place on the Skout network. Join Skout today to see what it has to offer.

Skout has hundreds of millions of people available on the network, and at least 1 million people are on the network every month. Over 50,000 people join Skout every day, and the more people that share their love of Skout with others, then the more the website will grow. The Skout network is used for a lot of different things, including helping a business to thrive and also socializing. With so many people on the Skout network, there’s no reason for anyone to be left out, even if the person is in another country. Skout supports enough languages that two people from different demographics can come together and learn from one another. Skout has more available to offer users out there than any other dating and socializing network.