Vincent Parascandola, the man with top-notch leadership skills

Vincent Parascandola is a name that many people in the financial sector are familiar with thanks to being in the industry for close to three decades. He is the current senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors, and some of his primary duties include the recruitment of employees, managing the development, sale management, development of new and experienced financial advisors among many other roles. Victor is a man of many facets and has proficiency in various areas such as asset management, estate, and retirement planning among many others which makes him the top choice for many clients. Thanks to this he has helped AXA advisors get many wins. All his expertise did not come on a silver platter and can be attributed to the skills he gained from Pace University Lubin School of business where he graduated with a bachelor in computer science.

Vincent did not just sleep and wake up successful instead he has worked smartly for it. Like many other successful people, he began small as an agent at Prudential in 1987. Since then Vincent Parascandola has never looked back, and in 1990 he joined Mony, a life insurance company where he held different managerial positions. The experience he gained here helped cement his career, and when he entered AXA advisors, he was quite a sharpened man. Vincent has worked with various prominent companies and has occupied senior positions such as being the former chairman of Field Officers committee of LIMRA. Vincent is a man who prides himself on some rare leadership skills and is good at everything he does something that the world seems to have taken note of. Hence he has bagged quite some awards such as the GAMA career development award and the Master Agency honors.

According to RocketReach, during his free time, Victor likes to spend his time educating people about the state of finance, the best investment strategies and even how to make profits from financial responsibilities. He is able to achieve that by creating videos which he posts on his social media platforms and even YouTube. Parascandola is an excellent speaker something which enables him to empower members of the community through the various talks he delivers in conferences such as the Public Lamp meeting of Gama among many others.

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