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Jeffry Schneider Tackles Finance and Fitness

It might seem like an unlikely combination for a professional to excel in both finance and fitness. For Jeffry Schneider, there is no other path to success, and this is what he has been preaching to his peers and employees for decades now. Schneider is the embodiment of a healthy lifestyle and is the first person to be willing to share the secrets behind his success. He also strives to eat a balanced diet and is a great source of information on healthy eating.


Schneider previously worked for Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors before launching his own boutique investment firm. He has held a range of management positions throughout his career in finance and has learned invaluable lessons about inspiring and empowering others through his leadership responsibilities. He is a strong believer in the power of physical fitness to transform your attitude about work and beyond. His commitment to training for marathons and triathlons instilled a sense of dedication in Schneider to allow him to see even the most challenging projects through to completion.

One of the unforeseen benefits of taking up marathon training for Schneider has been the opportunity to travel to some remote and gorgeous destinations around the world. Schneider writes about his travels frequently because he loves to pass along the beauty of different cultures and provide a window into parts of the world that most people will never visit. He has been exposed to different cultures and languages, which has been fulfilling for him personally and has added an international dynamic to his work relationships.


Schneider’s unique perspective on the world and willingness to step outside his comfort zone have allowed him to serve investment clients on a level that most other financial advisers are unable to imagine. His clients and peers consistently comment that Schneider is always willing to rise to the occasion and treats each client as if they were family. This is how Schneider has trained all of his employees to approach serving their clients in the finance industry, and it has created a welcoming and supportive culture at his workplace.

ECU Fights Against Moore

End Citizens United officially announced on Wednesday, that they have plans in the coming election for U.S Senate, to endorse the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones. Current Democratic Nominee Jones, is running for senate, based off of his credentials as a previous United States attorney, and is running against rival republican candidate, Roy Moore. He’s currently nominated for the Alabama special election, which is set to take place this December on the 12th of the month. In defense of their endorsement, ECU made statements regarding Candidate Moore that weren’t of the most pleasant nature, claiming that he was “An extremist with a racist, bigoted agenda, who will defend a corrupt, rigged system in Washington that favors the priorities of special interests over everyday Alabamians,”.

President of ECU also made statements concerning Moore, accusing him of having a “radical agenda” which was not fit for any member of the United States Senate to posses. Tiffany Muller is currently active president of End Citizens United and stands firm aside her beliefs that Moore is an unfit and inappropriate choice for office. She later went on to question Moore’s set of values, while continuing to give hard reasoning on why Doug Jones was a far more suitable candidate. “Doug Jones is a man of character and integrity” Mrs. Muller went on to say; as she gave various reasonings for ECU’s endorsement decision.

End Citizens United is an organization created to be a leading role in assisting the election of particular members of Congress, who are dedicated to putting an end to Citizens United. They support candidates who will uphold important, core principles regarding current economic faults in our federal governmental system. The group has been active for a little over 2 years, and has since expanded into a vast organization with over 3 million dedicated partners and members. ECU takes a stand against policies allowing undisclosed money supplies, that are essentially endless in nature, and pose great threat to our nation’s economy.

ECU is a well known, grassroots institution; that promotes political ideologies which demand finance reform while remaining entirely donation funded. They fight day and night to withstand the economically damaging political philosophies, up kept by Citizens United.

ECU was first begun on the 1st of March in 2015; as a passionate response to numerous, political groups, set in place to fund and influence elections across the country. They are not a corporately funded entity, but rather take pride in being a true voice of the people, as a donor based organization. Their main purpose of ECU is to remove the heavy influence of money in politics and promote pro-reform, progressive candidates that will uphold their values.

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OneLogin Providing Security for Companies

It can be stressful for a company to run activities smoothly from recruiting the most talented employees to ensuring accounts are efficiently providing the most advanced technological innovations. Today it is not easy to trust anyone coming in the company and therefore, firms need a secure technique to ensure visitors can be recognized. Sadly, it is not even safe to believe employees who leave the company on an uncomfortable note.

Many companies have experienced damaging actions from former employees. For example, OFCOM encountered such a situation after discovering that an ex-employee had downloaded and shared more than six years’ worth of data with his new employer which tremendously affected OFCOM. The new employer then grew to become a significant broadcaster.

A recent research done by OneLogin showed despite the threat of ex-employees, over 58% have access to the corporate network once they have departed. Also, almost 24% of companies experience data breaches due to the action of former employees. The OFCOM data breach could have been more damaging if it had been used by a competitor and would risk their brand reputation.

Some other companies have not been lucky like OFCOM. For example, Marriott Hotels experienced a catastrophic situation after a disruption of a former employee. The employee was fired in August 2016 and was banned from accessing the firm’s internal systems. The person accessed Marriott’s reservation system and slashed room payments down from $159-$149 to $12-$59. This breach cost Marriott a loss of $ 50,000.

To take accountability, HR and IT should collaborate to avoid such situations. Some automated processes work to de-provision all access of corporate accounts within minutes after an employee’s contract has been terminated. Moreover, there are tools to lock out employees who log out for the final time.

OneLogin’s research showed that only half of UK companies use the automated de-provision technology to cancel all access of ex-employees. Also, 45% of companies do not use a Security and Information Manager (SIEM) to follow up the use of former employees or any potential leak. One-Login is a cloud-based identity and access management firm which provides secure devices and applications. OneLogin builds software that allows visitors sign in using an iPad and only current employees are registered as hosts.

Talkspace Talk to a Therapist Online in a Private and Secure Environment

People with Borderline Personality Disorder are often difficult to deal with. Since they are quite impulsive, people close to them often find it difficult to reason with them. People with BPD usually consider everything as completely good or bad, black and white and do not want to admit anything in between these two extremes. They can often take impulsive life decisions that can be threatening for themselves and people around them. Since people with BPD often have a low self-image, most do not seek treatment and end up suffering alone. The causes of BPD vary from person to person and thus, even the treatment will vary depending on the extent of the problem. Many people refuse to seek help for their BPD as most are unaware that they have some issue. Using online therapy sessions, people can learn the reason behind their impulsive behavior and seek medical treatment for the same.

Talkspace offers private and secured online counseling to people when they need it. People can find a professional therapist and talk to them about their issues. The online app allows people to connect with a therapist in a more private environment. They can speak to the therapist at their own pace and talk to them whenever they feel the need to. Also, it is a more affordable way to seek help as conventional therapy can be expensive for many.

Talkspace offers many benefits to their clients. People do not have to be afraid of the social stigma when it comes to speaking to a therapist near them. People are free to choose to seek advice from therapists regarding their private matters. Since everything is anonymous, people can be open about their personal lives and share everything that is going on in their lives without feeling ashamed. It is this kind of privacy that makes it easier for the people to share their concern and get started with therapy without having second thoughts.


Greg Secker the Trader with a Passion for Helping Others

At the age of 45, Greg Secker has achieved a lot in business, philanthropy and his personal life. Greg started his career life at Thomas Cook Financial services before branching out to the foreign exchange business. The Virtual Trading Desk, one of Greg’ invention is the pioneer online forex trading platform enabling customers to receive real-time quotes for transactions in the forex market. Greg managed the Virtual Trading Desk and won the 1998 British Telecom Award for innovation and setting the trend in e-commerce.

By age 25, he became Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. With years of experience and exposure, Greg’s trading accounts expanded significantly. He decided to leave Mellon and start his first enterprise Learn to Trade, from his home. Greg’s primary motivation was to help other people make money through trading using the same tools and ideas he had. Over a period of 13 years, Learn to Trade branched to London, Manilla, Sydney, and Johannesburg reaching over 200,000 people through its programs and seminars. Learn to Trade is a two-time (2013, 2012) recipient of the World Finance Magazine Best Educator Award. The company also won the 2015 Wealth Finance Magazine Best Trading Education product and Best Trading Forex Training awards and 2015, 2016, and 2017 Global Banking and Finance Review Best Forex Educator Awards.

In 2003, Greg Secker began the Knowledge to Action Group a conglomerate of companies including SmartCharts Software, FX Capital, Capital Index and Learn to Trade. Capital Index is a brokerage firm dealing with futures, indices, forex, and CFD while SmartChart Software is a firm that offers technology-based trading solutions. FX capital provides forex investment services.

Greg, an alumnus of the University of Nottingham, also runs the Greg Secker Foundation, a nonprofit working around improving other people’s lives around the globe. The foundation focuses on life skills and youth leadership initiatives and supports programs in early childhood development and youth mentoring.

Greg Secker has shared forums with world-renowned personalities like Harv Eker and Robert Kiyosaki. He has also spoken on Bloomberg, CNBC, and other international gigs. Greg is the organizer of events such as the Global Tradethons and the Flying Trader Project. The father of three believes in empowering and educating others to make a difference in their lives.

The Positive Impact Oncotarget Has Made To Cancer Patients

Oncotarget is a medical journal that focuses on oncology, a branch of medicine dealing with prevention of cancer, accurate diagnosis of cancer and proper treatment of cancer. Oncotarget had done a lot to raise public awareness of cancer since 2010 when it was established. It has also helped to demystify myths linked to cancer.

The journal is published weekly, and it aims at;

  1. Highlighting insightful reviews of various researches conducted in oncology,
  2. Sharing widely new and existing beneficial information,
  3. Linking multiple medical fields to work together,
  4. Promoting primary clinical ways of fighting cancer.

The journal revolutionized medical journalism, and it lead to the publication of other articles that are not necessarily linked to oncology. After all, knowledge is power and there are many people out there suffering from other chronic illnesses that would greatly benefit from the journal.

Oncotarget has gone out of its way to focus on research and recent developments in the medical field. Their support for research has helped a lot of people to be aware of upcoming medicines and other ways of treating chronic illnesses. Hope never disappoints. Gone are the days where being diagnosed with a chronic disease was equal to being handed a death sentence.

Research has helped a lot, and new treatment plans are adopted every day. Patients suffering from chronic illnesses have a reason to smile because of the studies. The Oncotarget journal has received positive reviews from many people who have gained access to it.

IntegraGen recently announced publications in the Oncotarget. It is a company that deals with interpreting information obtained from biological samples into useful information used for diagnosing purposes, especially in oncology. The company stated that it was delighted to have a platform where they could publish data from their clinical trials which will help many clinicians to improve their practice. The recent information released will enable clinicians to offer better treatment plans to patients diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer

The Oncortarget journal has dramatically bridged the gap between researchers, clinicians, and patients. Everyone can be on the same page and well informed on developments on chronic illnesses. The journal is now published twice weekly due to the high demand from eager readers.


David Giertz Offering His Expertise With Financial Planning

One of the financial worries that are always running at the back of the mind of most professionals is retirement planning. Considering the volatility of the financial markets in today’s date and the way the prices are going up of just about everything, there is much left to the imagination as to how things would be a few decades from now. It is a matter of concern for most of the working people who are trying hard to keep their retirement planning well-funded to be financially secure in the future.

David Giertz, who has held a prominent position at the highly reputed financial firm, Nationwide Financial, for many years and is known for his economic expertise, has a few pointers about retirement planning that can be helpful. He says that people should not only start saving early for their retirement planning but also start investing soon. There are many retirement planning based investment options that help in long-term wealth creation, and which cannot be missed.

David Giertz helped in increasing the sales of the Nationwide Financials comprehensively when he was with the sales and distribution department of the company. David has been in the financial industry for nearly three decades, which has helped him gain a very accurate perspective and idea about the financial markets. As retirement planning based financial products was one of the essential products offered by Nationwide Financial, he has studied this topic quite profoundly. David Giertz says that diversity in financial investments for retirement planning is essential to multiply the money you put aside. He says that just putting money in the retirement account, year after year, is not enough. There has to be a proper plan in place to make your dream of financial stability upon retirement to come true.

David Giertz says that one should have a Roth IRA or the traditional IRA, whichever you are eligible for. Along with the IRA, one should have a brokerage account and a savings account. It would help make way for traditional savings, annuity, and investments in the equity market, which collectively would help in creating a dependable wealth upon retirement.


Sheldon Lavin Is the CEO of OSI group which is a leading meat and food processing industry. After working in his own company for long, Otto and sons convinced him to join them because of his leading financial services. He helped Otto and sons to secure sufficient capital to run their business. Sheldon Lavin later took ownership of the business after the two sons sold shares to him. This company later developed to be OSI group. The group under Sheldon Lavin’s management has more than 60 locations in different countries. Sheldon Lavin is always passionate and hardworking.

Following to expansion of operations in OSI group around the globe, the company has received many environmental and sustainability awards under Sheldon Lavin supervision. Lavin hopes that the next generation of corporate leaders will always prioritize. Lavin aims to inspire the next corporate leaders to dedicate themselves to growing their companies in responsible ways to contribute to the growth of global commerce and many opportunities for the employees.

Sheldon Lavin started as a banking executive and an entrepreneur and later joined OSI group as a financial supporter. Sheldon has been awarded for business production, community involvement, integrity and much more. Although OSI group has many facilities worldwide, Sheldon Lavin is still pushing for the establishment of more factories especially in China because of its population base. Sheldon Lavin has contributed to several charitable works including Ronald MacDonald house charities, boys and girls club Chicago, Evans scholarship fun, and the inner city foundation in Chicago.

Lavin has acquired services of quality leadership to help him offer visionary leadership at the company. Lavin has inspired the employees to produce a variety of processed meat products that include all meat products, fruits and vegetables at large. His commitment to attaining excellence makes him sacrifice himself to ensure high-quality production and efficiency is maintained. Quality and effectiveness are always his priorities. He has been the role model to many and an example of what it means to be a servant leader. Despite the fact of him being busy, he has been able to raise his three children being a good father and husband. Sheldon Lavin received a global visionary award from Indians vision world academy in 2016, this was an accomplishment of bringing OSI group to an international level contributing to employment creation all over the world.

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Brazil and Felipe Montoro Jens

This article will recap another article about French tribune and Felipe Montoro Jens. Then it will give some biographical information about Jens. It is true that Brazil has always had a strong persona with the state. According to Jens that fact showed even more essential in the 20th century. In the end of the 80s Brazil found itself in a great debt issue. It was established by the (CNI) or National Confederation of Industry, that Brazil needed to participate in the sector of infrastructure to get modernization.

Backing to the 1930s Brazil had experienced 50 years of continuous growth of the State. This included business that was owned by the state. In April of 1990 the National Privatization Program started. This is where privatizations ended up being standardized economic reform platforms the government proposed. Also, a couple years ago in 1995, the Concessions Law was passed by the government which created some types of industries as priority privatizations.

Now some general information about Jens. Jens main occupation is an infrastructure specialist. That means he is a treasurer, controller, and planner of the finance divisions. The divisions are located the countries of Singapore, Brazil, and the U.K as well.

Jens graduated from the (FGV) Fundao Getlio Vargas. He, owns a degree in international management he received from Thunderbird, the American Garvin School of International Management. Finally, he has served from 2010 to 2013 as the director of Braskem S.A.

Jens is known for his leadership skills. He has skills that are both valuable and unique. These qualities will keep on helping the economy by putting down a limit on the expenditures that aren’t required.

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Analyzing the Conspiracies About George Soros

George Soros has become a controversial figure in the political and economical structure of the modern day world. While he keeps a low profile for the most part with only the occasional opinion commentary for interviews, he has in recent years become a more prominent figure based upon conspiracies made up about him out of thin air. There are a few reasons why the billionaire hedge fund manager has become the target of conspiracy theorists.

To liberals George Soros is a donor toward liberal rights issues that they care about. Soros donates to various liberal human rights causes and to liberal or liberal-moderate politicians. To people on the far right George Soros is painted as something sinister. He is spoken of as a “puppet master” or a bogeyman of the left who uses his wealth to control and influence politics and economics all over the world and learn more about George Soros. Soros has power since he is a wealthy man. At one time he broke the bank in England by putting money against the pound. This made him one billion dollars in one day. His wealth has allowed him to donate money to causes that he believes in, which has made those with right minded politics dislike his liberal leaning donations. Wealthy donors are a commonplace fixture for right wing politics in the United States though. Soros is just one of the few liberal big donors in the United States and elsewhere around the world, which makes him more of a target by right wing donors to target in advertisements and internet social media.

During the presidency of US President George W. Bush, Soros repeatedly and loudly decried the war in Iraq. He additionally donated to numerous groups that sought to stop the reelection of President George W. Bush. Ultimately his donations failed to stop the reelection of President Bush, but it did cement him as someone that far right conservatives chose to turn into a conspiracy caricature with secret intent to take over the world. In more recent years, the war in Iraq has faced much debate at it being a mistake by both conservative and liberal politicians and citizens in the United States, so Soros was onto something by denouncing it and what George Soros knows.

Soros is not secret about his donations and causes however. His foundation Open Society Foundation has information on various causes that he fights for. Causes such as social justice, fighting against communism, and human rights efforts are discussed on the Open Society Foundation website. He is open about his political views and about his decisions to donate to various groups and causes to improve human rights. While his money does impact causes he donates to, Soros consistently strives to be open about his stance on political and global human rights issues and Follow his

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