Brown Modelling Agency: A Collision of Expertise Gives Rise to Talent

With the turn of September 2015, we say “goodbye” to Heyman Talent-South as we knew it and “hello” to The Brown Agency. The Brown Agency is being described as a “Model and Talent Super Agency” that consists of the union of talent and management from both Wilhelmina Austin and the acquired Heyman Talent-South. Combining what were two major talent agencies in the Austin area, The Brown Agency now dominates the Austin talent and modeling scene.


The Group is led by Michael Brown, a man who is no stranger to the modeling world. Brown himself worked his way through a business degree both as a model and as an employee of a modeling agency. Moving to Austin in 2005, he looked to the future with anticipation. “I could do what I loved to do in a city where I wanted to live. I just connected with Austin. It was big but not too big. There was some industry here, and I felt like I could make my mark.”



In 2008, he launched JB Models and Talent, licensed later under the Wilhelmina agency in 2010 as Wilhelmina Austin, and has helped it earn its place as one of the most reputable talent agencies in the central Texas area for finding modeling talent. Heyman Talent-South, on the other hand, was one of the more reputable acting talent agencies in the Austin area. The merger seeks to open new avenues of acquiring talent as well as opening up their area of operations. Brown, now CEO and President of the new Brown Group, is seeking to maintain Heyman Talent-South’s presence in the local area, remaining headquartered in Austin, while also expanding office space to Dallas and potentially Los Angeles, California. “Merging with Heyman Talent-South and becoming a full-service agency is an integral part of our growth strategy and commitment to serving our talent and clients,” he said.


Founder of Heyman Talent-South, Michael B. Bonnée, will have his hand in the Brown Agency and his excitement is palpable as well. “We are thrilled to be joining The Brown Agency family,” he said. With Bonnée leading The Brown Agency’s theatrical division, all the talent and expertise that made both Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South both successful agencies in their respective fields are now unified under a new banner. “Our combined talent and expertise make this a very exciting opportunity,” Bonnée stated, and Brown, himself, also seems to agree enthusiastically, saying, “Both agencies find pride in selecting the best, prepping them on a larger market level and delivering the most professional, elegant and dependable talent. We are now able to do this on a larger scale.” For more info, head over to

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