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George Soros Uses His Own Success To Become A Global Philanthropist

George Soros has become a name provoking strong reactions on both sides of the political spectrum in the U.S. However, asking those who are fighting for social justice and democracy around the world will usually result in a positive view of the founder of Soros Fund Management being heard because of the strong support the Hungarian born U.S. citizen has provided over the years. Philanthropy has always been a major part of the work of George Soros, who began his career in finance as a merchant banker in the U.K. before moving to the U.S. to develop his career on Wall Street, according to Forbes and more information click here.

Soros has been a popular figure on Wall Street and would begin his hedge fund career in 1969 with $12 million as an initial investment for the company founded by a man who lived among the counterculture figures of New York’s Greenwich Village. Now worth an estimated $30 billion, Soros Fund Management recently made headlines with the appointment of Dawn Fitzpatrick as the Chief Investment Officer for the brand as George Soros continued to express his view of the brands he manages as a reflection of his own beliefs about equality and freedom of expression in all areas of life and what George Soros knows.

The Open Society Foundations reports the development of the charitable network established by George Soros in the mid-1980s by the philanthropist as he sought different ways of exploring the charitable options open to the citizens of the planet. In a difficult childhood and youth, George Soros found himself in a difficult period of life as he lived under the rule of Nazi forces during World War II who murdered more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews in a Holocaust survived by George Soros and the majority of his family who also followed Judaism and Follow his Twitter.

Most billionaire philanthropists look to take on causes they feel will improve their public image and bring them a greater level of success for the future. George Soros differs from his fellow billionaire donors in his belief in providing funding and support for good causes many believe cannot be solved in a fast or complete way in the near future. In fact, George Soros has often sought out the most difficult causes in the world and made it his mission to battle on behalf of those who feel they have been left behind by society. In creating a powerful hedge fund giving him a personal fortune of over $25 billion, George Soros believes it is his moral duty to develop the Open Society Foundations in a bid to bring freedom and democracy to the most ignored within communities across the planet and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

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Brown Modelling Agency: A Collision of Expertise Gives Rise to Talent

With the turn of September 2015, we say “goodbye” to Heyman Talent-South as we knew it and “hello” to The Brown Agency. The Brown Agency is being described as a “Model and Talent Super Agency” that consists of the union of talent and management from both Wilhelmina Austin and the acquired Heyman Talent-South. Combining what were two major talent agencies in the Austin area, The Brown Agency now dominates the Austin talent and modeling scene.


The Group is led by Michael Brown, a man who is no stranger to the modeling world. Brown himself worked his way through a business degree both as a model and as an employee of a modeling agency. Moving to Austin in 2005, he looked to the future with anticipation. “I could do what I loved to do in a city where I wanted to live. I just connected with Austin. It was big but not too big. There was some industry here, and I felt like I could make my mark.”



In 2008, he launched JB Models and Talent, licensed later under the Wilhelmina agency in 2010 as Wilhelmina Austin, and has helped it earn its place as one of the most reputable talent agencies in the central Texas area for finding modeling talent. Heyman Talent-South, on the other hand, was one of the more reputable acting talent agencies in the Austin area. The merger seeks to open new avenues of acquiring talent as well as opening up their area of operations. Brown, now CEO and President of the new Brown Group, is seeking to maintain Heyman Talent-South’s presence in the local area, remaining headquartered in Austin, while also expanding office space to Dallas and potentially Los Angeles, California. “Merging with Heyman Talent-South and becoming a full-service agency is an integral part of our growth strategy and commitment to serving our talent and clients,” he said.


Founder of Heyman Talent-South, Michael B. Bonnée, will have his hand in the Brown Agency and his excitement is palpable as well. “We are thrilled to be joining The Brown Agency family,” he said. With Bonnée leading The Brown Agency’s theatrical division, all the talent and expertise that made both Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South both successful agencies in their respective fields are now unified under a new banner. “Our combined talent and expertise make this a very exciting opportunity,” Bonnée stated, and Brown, himself, also seems to agree enthusiastically, saying, “Both agencies find pride in selecting the best, prepping them on a larger market level and delivering the most professional, elegant and dependable talent. We are now able to do this on a larger scale.” For more info, head over to

Glen Cove, New York’s Most Experienced Cardiologist – Dr. Edward Honig

Cardiologists are doctors that have special training in helping to find, treat, and prevent diseases of the blood vessels and heart. If you have a serious issue a cardiologist is able to help with, find an experienced and certified doctor who will be able to help you through the ordeal.

How is a Cardiologist Trained?

If you plan on becoming a cardiologist, expect to go through an extensive education that includes medical school for four years and general internal medicine training for three years. You will then take three to four more years of training in a specialty area. It can take over ten years to complete your training as a cardiologist.

How to Become Certified as a Cardiologist

To become certified a doctor who has completed at least ten years of education and clinical training must then pass a two-day exam that is given by the American Board of Internal Medicine. The exam will test knowledge, judgment, and their ability in providing care.

When to See a Cardiologist

Your general physician will likely be the person to refer you to a cardiologist if they believe that you might have a significant heart-related condition. Symptoms of these illnesses usually present with shortness of breath, dizzy spells, or chest pains and often they require special testing. A cardiologist will help the victim of heart disease fully return to a normal life and counsel patients about the risks and how to prevent heart disease. A cardiologist is involved with treating heart attacks, heart rhythm disturbances, and heart failure.

Jobs of a Cardiologist

A cardiologist will review a patient’s medical history, perform physical examinations like checking blood pressure, weight, lungs, heart, and blood vessels. Some of these problems can be diagnosed by symptoms and the things the doctor is able to find during an examination. Additional tests may need to be done like an ECG, blood test, or x-ray. Some problems may require some more specialized testing. Often times a cardiologist might recommend some lifestyle changes or that you take medication. Every patient’s situation is unique.

Tests in the Area of Cardiology

Here are a few examples of tests that a cardiologist might recommend:

  • An echocardiogram is a soundwave picture to help look at the heart’s structure and how well it is functioning.
  • An Ambulatory ECG is a recording that is made during activity to help look for any abnormal heart rhythms.
  • An Exercise test helps to measure and study the performance and limitations of your heart.
  • A Cardiac Catheterization is a test where a small tube is placed near or in the heart taking pictures to look at how the heart’s working, give a check on the electrical system, or to help relieve any blockage.

Edward Honig, MD of New York

If you are looking to find a good cardiologist in the Glen Cove area of New York, you should check out Edward Honig, MD. He has 66 years of experience in the field. He is located at 101 Saint Andrews Lane in Glen Cove, New York. He practices at the Glen Cove Hospital.

Dr. Edward Honig is currently licensed for practicing medicine in New York. He attended medical school at Duke University’s School of Medicine. He has more experience in the field than anyone else in the area.

If you are experiencing a heart issue, make sure to contact your doctor and a cardiologist right away. They can help you to treat and prevent future problems. See your doctor today.

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Clay Siegall Discovers Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegall co-founded the Seattle Company in 1998. He is the president of the company. It is through his leadership that several cancer therapies such as Adcetris was approved in 2011. In 2001, Siegall managed to collect over $675 to give a foundation to Seattle Genetics. He did this through public and private funding. Clay graduated with a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Maryland University.

Seattle Genetics has not only come up with some cancer remedies but also ensured that there are antibody technologies. Clay has always had a passion for helping patients. The Adcetris, which was approved in 2011 as a therapy for cancer has currently been approved in 65 countries. More than 20 ADCs in clinical developments are already using the products of Seattle Genetics. Bristol Myers was the company Siegall served at before co-founding the Seattle and becoming its president. He worked in Bristol Myers from 1991 to 1997.

Clay Siegall’s Achievements

Dr. Siegall has received some awards. In 2013, he received an award for computer, math and natural sciences. In 2012, he received the Pacific North-West Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year. Clay has 70 publications and more than 50 patents. Clay Siegall passion for cancer did not just happen. He observed how it ate up his father from when he was nine years old until his death when he was 24 years old. His primary focus at the time when he founded Seattle Genetics was to help patients.

Clay also advised young entrepreneurs that to seek knowledge because no one is the custodian of knowledge. However, to be successful, one needed to interact with smart people to understand how to keep focus when you finally get into the business. Siegall views the success of Seattle Genetics as being able to partner with other industry leaders in drug development. These leaders have also helped Siegall grow his resources into new ideas, which in return have helped more patients get the benefit. Clay aims at reaching out to more people. He is excited about dealing with cancer patients because he has done it for more than 30 years.

What Makes Highland Capital A Successful Investment Firm

People have come to terms with the reality that the future is uncertain and have included investment at the top of their priority list. The mushrooming of capital management firms have been witnessed over time due to rise in demand for their services. Highland Capital has not been left out in this race to serve the needs of the investors. In fact, the firm is in operation for the sole purpose of managing its investors’ assets. It has performed excellently to the extent of gaining worldwide recognition for giving its clients advice on how to make sound investment decisions.

Highland Capital was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Its headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas, but also has offices in New York, Singapore, Brazil, and Seoul. It is a certified investment adviser and ranks as one of the most prolific and experienced alternative credit manager in the world. The reputable firm has about $18 billion worth of assets under its powerful arm of management.

Highland Capital streamlines in a number of financial strategies. It is mainly renowned for specializing in credit strategies that encompass managing long-term funds, separate accounts, hedge funds, private equity, and collateral loan obligations. Moreover, it has presently expanded its reach into long and short equities, natural resources, and emerging markets.

The institution’s clients come from diverse backgrounds. Unlike other financial institutions with limitations on who can seek their services, Highland Capital does not alienate any of them. Among their customers are corporations, pension schemes, governments, endowment funds, financial institutions and individuals with high net-worth.

Appreciating the community is not only a requirement but also an obligation to Highland Capital. The firm prides itself in giving back to the community where its employees live and work. It volunteers in community building and donates to charitable organizations both locally and at the national level. To the firm, making a difference in the society is one of the core objectives. The initiative was commenced over a decade ago.

Highland Capital has high-performing affiliates at global levels. It has ventured into the healthcare sector in Asia, which marks a major investment industry with over a 15 years impeccable track record. Besides, it runs other conglomerates in energy, real estate, and financial institutions, which generated a 32% return for its investors in 2016.

Eric Pulier: Mind Over Matter

When it comes to successful business figures, there are numerous people across the world that can lay claim to the title. When it comes to successful figures who have succeeded across a wide playing field, very few individuals make the list. One of those successful figures that is great across the board is Eric Pulier. Pulier is a man of many acts. He is well-known in the technology field, but he is a master of other fields. The guy is known as an author, a technologist, a philanthropist and an investor.

Eric Pulier has always had a strong interest in technology, and he has used many of his very own concepts to better mankind. He is the founder of up to 15 different companies. This includes XPRIZE, Akana Software, Digital Evolution and any more. Information technology is his thing, and he has used some of the best advanced technology to get his point across. The “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform was built by Pulier, and it was displayed at former President Bill Clinton’s second inauguration. He’s also worked with former President Al Gore on health and climate issues around the world. To reach his goals, Pulier tends to use tried and true business practices, which has surely helped him to succeed. He’s pretty much a thinker, and he uses his unique way of thinking to come up with solutions. When speaking on highly accomplished individuals, few people are more accomplished than him. Pulier has received numerous awards from many different fields. In 2010, he was the top billed honoree in New York at the “US Doctor’s for Africa” benefit. Thanks to his wide range of interests, the guy tends to brainstorm to come up with solutions for almost any issues. There just isn’t too many other people on the planet who thinks and sees the world this way.

This Teaneck, New Jersey, native is an American icon in a sense. His inventions and ideas have made other peoples lives much better. With Eric Pulier on the scene, the world is a much better place.

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Cancer Treatment Center of America Aids In Cancer Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has made it their mission to partner up with NantHealth and Allscripts to enable eviti, a cancer software that allows health plans to provide oncologists with immediate pre-authorization for cancer treatment. Alongside eviti is the Clinical Pathways program, which helps provides treatment options to eliminate guessing from clinicians. CTCA’s Clinical Pathways platform alongside NantHealth’s eviti provides advanced cancer care to improve chemotherapy and ordering process, as well as CTCA’s ability to provide better care for each individual patient.

Established in 1988, by Richard T. Stephenson, who lost his mother to cancer, CTCA has been known to provide a combination of cancer treatments through various technologies and evidence-based support to aid each and every patient. For treatment, the use of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy are implemented to start cancer care, and therapy is provided to eliminate side effects such as pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, and depression. A team of oncologists are always on site to help patients decide on a treatment most suited for them. CTCA understands that all cancers aren’t made the same, so each individual is provided with their own unique care plan to help them reach their treatment goals.
CTCA has grown and developed through the use of state-of-the-art technologies that give precise care to each cancer patient. Old cancer treatments were created for the average cancer patient, excluding all those who were unique. Today, there’s a better understanding of how cancer forms and how to treat those with rare, hard to treat cancers. Experts use personalized treatments to ensure that every patient gets taken care of. CTCA is located in five major metropolitan cities across America: Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Fantasy Football Rankings: Martavis Bryant is All Over the Place.

Fantasy Football rankings have been around as long as Fantasy Football itself. One of the most exciting and prolific players to come into Fantasy Football rankings was Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, Martavis Bryant.

In the 2014-2015 season, Martavis Bryant came out of nowhere to help the Pittsburgh Steelers win games. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger came back from an injury and the production for Bryant soared. Fantasy Football rankings took notice of the powerful receiver as his stock for players went up.

Some Fantasy Football rankings have Bryant all over the map. Some say that Bryant is very skilled at the position while others value him much lower. Whatever the case may be Martavius Bryant can be quite the steal if taken in the right round.

Fantasy Football rankings are purely subjective. One person may rank a player higher or lower than you. The debate is the fun part of Fantasy Football.

How Neorocore is transforming people`s Health

A vast number of individuals in the United States suffer silently from mental illnesses, and a significant number of them are barely aware of their situation. Major depression is one of the most dangerous diseases in the country that affect most people, especially those that have reached adolescence. Adults are also among the victims that suffer from the disease and women, to be particular, are the principal victims. Besides, a significant number of people suffering from this diseases barely seek help from medical practitioners and choose to suffer in silence due to the stigma associated with the diseases.
The month of May being the mental awareness month, various organizations look forward to making people aware of the serious effects of depression. There are various issues that lead to depression, and in most cases, it develops without any identifiable symptoms. People should, therefore, be conscientious and research issues like family history, divorce, financial problems and many other matters. Family history is also one of the major contributors of depression hence one should be aware of their family history to ensure that they take all the required precautions to avoid falling victims. The disease may also lead one to commit suicide or taking other actions that may put their lives at risk.
Neorocore has played a significant role in providing people with depression issues to deal with their depression issues. The firm offers training to the victims with the aim of assessing their brains to relieve them from the stress they may be experiencing effectively. Neorocore has established in many areas including Florida, Michigan, among other places. Besides, the firm has played a significant role in applied neuroscience and aims at relieving people from the mental stress they go through to help them get some sleep, off from their daily mental struggles.
Besides, Neorocore has always relied on the use of the current technology to conduct their activities and believe that with the unique equipment, they can efficiently take care of their patient’s disease. The firm`s highly experienced team of employees has also taken great care of their patients, and their vast understanding of the severe disease has seen them offer them the best.

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Why Working with Agora Financial Can Build You Lasting Wealth

Agora Financial’s latest video drop consisteted of a fun and interesting saga that followed the path of a dentist named Bob as he moved onto his way to wealth management. Bob, the dentist, is a master of his craft. He knows root canals and fillings and has saved up for years to build a nice little nest egg for himself. Yet, as he nears retirement he doesn’t know exactly how to invest that money and turn it into more money.

The security of wealth is essential in today’s day and age to making sure you have a clear path to retirement and to enjoying the life you have worked for. However, there are many hurdles you need to jump in order to have that financial freedom. The first hurdle is finding the right company to trust with your investment decisions. In the video, Bob does not want to simply turn over his nest egg to an investment broker. These brokers are simply working to earn themselves commission and many of them utilize financial jargon and speak over the heads of their clientele to continue growing their commissions while not putting their clients first.

The video then moves on to explain the offerings of Agora Financial. Agora Financial’s team is stacked with the industry’s top analysts and executives that not only know the investment game, but dedicate their time and efforts to finding new opportunities for their clients. The video details how many top companies may seem like good investment opportunities, but by the time they become household names, the buy in price is too high and it is early investors that win the funds.

Agora Financial sends its employees all over the world to learn about early investment opportunities and to research trends in the financial market. They then bring that knowledge back their website visitors to help “share the wealth,” literally.

Agora Financial offers a huge variety of publications and videos on their website to help people learn about wealth management on their own timeline and terms.

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