Wine Is Important, But The Traveling Vineyard Explains California Offers So Much More

As one of the fastest growing wine sales companies in the U.S. The Traveling Vineyard sees its Wine Guides often seek out vacation spots where the wine industry can be explored in a way that is enjoyable and will often include a range of activities outside the wine industry to be enjoyed.

The Napa Valley wine producing region of California is one of the most popular portions of the U.S. that allows a visitor to enjoy many different activities, such as a trip to the Round Pond Estates where some of the world’s best olive oil is produced. Tasting olive oil is an activity that offers a different, but often similar experience to the wine tastings offered by The Traveling Vineyard.

There is much more that can be enjoyed in Napa than just the wine tasting opportunities on offer across this portion of California; one activity that can be enjoyed with ease is to take part in the options developed by the Napa Valley Historical Society, who provide tours and talks that give some background to the reasons for the rise of Napa Valley as one of the top wine producers in the world.

Taking a role as a Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard brings with it a career choice that can make a major difference to the quality of life of an individual and their family, which is made possible by the lack of monthly targets required to be met by Wine Guides working with The Traveling Vineyard. In fact, the only monthly fee payable is a small Website maintenance fee paid to keep the profile of each Wine Guide active and up to date on The Traveling Vineyard Website.

Understanding the work of The Traveling Vineyard is easy as the work of every individual is based around securing orders from those attending wine tastings hosted by their friends and guided by a Wine Guide from The Traveling Vineyard; Wine Guides are not even required to purchase stock and instead simply place the orders based on the small number of bottles taken to each tasting for customers to enjoy.

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