Business in the Cloud: NuoDB and the Evolution of Data Storage

The world of modern business is driven by online data. Information lives in the cloud, and companies that can adapt to this new standard of accessibility will find themselves at the forefront of the market. But making this technological leap can seem an impossible task for many businesses who may have fallen behind in the era of online pioneering. Fortunately getting a step ahead is made intuitive with NuoDB.

NuoDB is essentially an application database that exists online in the cloud. Whether a company seeks to migrate their application to the cloud, modernize an existing cloud application, or even build a new one, the system makes it simple and accessible.

This database is “elastically scalable,” meaning new servers are always being added to support the growing amounts of stored information without sharding or bottlenecking data. In this capacity, NuoDB’s cloud based system proves more reliable and less problematic than the traditional relational database.

Technological advancement perpetuates a constant forward momentum in business, which helps make products faster, safer, and more reliable. But it also forces companies to stay ahead of the curve and keep their business up to date. NuoDB provides a medium in which to do just that.

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